Friday, November 15, 2019

Daemon by Mayhem Review

Now this album has been out digitally since October 25th, the physical release was pushed back to November 8th, and I forgot to check my mailbox, I didn't see it was there until Monday. So that's when I heard it in its entirety for the first time, prior to that I had only heard the two singles - and they were pretty promising! Mayhem's last album Esoteric Warfare came out in 2014, but I wasn't super impressed by it. I prefer the old Mayhem! I saw them play De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas live in 2017 and it was amazing. The first time I saw them (2013) they weren't very good, so they are getting better! Now let's dive into Daemon!

The Dying False King
The album jumps right into intense black metal reminiscent of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Then it slows down a little, and it reminds me a little bit of Satyricon. A truly epic song that gets you excited for the rest of the album.

The Hungarian verse translated: The king of injustice ruled the world and now the fallen feie has fallen into the dust. He was doomed.

Agenda Ignis
Awesome guitar! A little ''calmer'' than the last song, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It's a really nice song! Ignis means ''fire'' in Latin by the way - which makes the lyrics make more sense.

Bad Blood
No, not the Taylor Swift song. Way more epic! And bloody. Taylor Swift got nothing on this! There's so many great bits in this one (even a solo!), keeping you engaged all the way through.

Kind of your typical slow, classic black metal. And like classic black metal (especially in the case of Mayhem), we got some bad Latin going on. Google Translate can't translate all of it, but some makes sense, and some.. doesn't. But it sounds all ooky-spooky!

Falsified And Hated
Ok creepy sounds in the beginning. Then we jump into the main riff, which sounds like what I call fun dancy black metal!

Aeon Daemonium
Love that cold atmosphere at the start, and they keep up a good soundscape throughout. This is the longest song on the album by one second (6:04), Daemon Spawn (6:03) being the second longest.

Worthless Abominations Destroyed
I felt this one was a little meh. Not really anything wrong with it, I guess it just isn't super creative.

Daemon Spawn
Great spooky atmosphere. The guitars are great, and I love the chanting. Like Bad Blood, we are taken on an epic adventure.

Of Worms And Ruins
Immediate De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas vibes! Fast and hard. It ending so suddenly is like coming out of a concert or club at the end of the night with your ears ringing, it kind of hurts, haha.

Invoke The Oath
Then we are eased into this one. A slow, epic riff getting louder. Some tempo changes in this one, from slower with an occult atmosphere to the ''fun dancy black metal'' I mentioned earlier. It fades out at the end, as this is supposed to be the last song on the album. But wait! I bought the mediabook CD, so I have two bonus tracks!

Everlasting Dying Flame
This one also reminds me of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. So good!

Black Glass Communion
Kinda hits you in the face after the last song fades out. More fun dancy black metal, but some tempo changes and epic vocals and chanting in (probably bad) Latin. And just like that, the album is over.

Mayhem have circled back to over 25 years ago and gotten back that old sound, and I love it! Wonderful atmosphere, it's like you've taken a trip to hell (in a good way). So if you love De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and Deathcrush, definitely check this out! Lots of epic artwork that really fit the album as you can see in the photos here, and these aren't even everything! Not sure if it's exclusive to the mediabook though. If you want it, hurry and get it, cause it's limited!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Et Rop Om Hjelp by Schnodig Review

Last month Tollef (the man behind the lyrics of Schnodig) came to Bergen, and we got to meet up. He gave me this album on CD, which was super nice of him! When I heard it, I instantly fell in love. So I thought I'd share their music with you guys! Even though the lyrics are in Norwegian, I think you'll enjoy it. I bet a bunch of you listen to German bands without knowing German, so there you go. I'll try to give you the jist of the meanings. The title of the album means ''A Cry For Help''. Oh and fun fact: Tollef was also in Anax Imperator - I happen to have their Hælvetes Dyster EP!

Schnodig on:
Facebook     Spotify     Youtube

Flagget I Bakken
The mood is immediately set. Super dancy synthpop! The lyrics are very reassuring; when you're depressed, tired, stressed, etc., take care of yourself and your life, fuck everyone who expect things of you!

En Nesten Vanlig Mann
Equally dancy. I love that the lyrics of the first verse incorporate an old norwegian christmas song. ''Nerver i en bunt'' is also used, which is the name of their first album and its title track. The lyrics are about being an almost normal man, and that it's okay to be different. The ending of the song is great.

Love the synth in this one! The title means ''the fear'', and the lyrics are about the world being.. well, nuts. A small percentage owns the majority, people don't feel safe, and people spread hate. Don't feed the fear, and be nice to each other!

Et Rop Om Hjelp
Great title track! It's about getting older. ''I can live with the fact that the body is old, looks like wax with hair, and that the wax looks like it's melting - a little more for every year that passes by'' - fantastic! And realizing that you're as old as those grumpy old guys, but you don't have to be like them.

Great soundscape in this one. ''When the miracles stay away, and everything just hurts, make sure to keep your head cool, don't do anything stupid. When the miracles stay away, and life is a bitch, grab faith by the tail and swing it like a sledge(hammer)'' - yes, bitch and sledge(hammer) rhyme in Norwegian.

Awesome synth! Kinda stereotypically for this type of music the lyrics are about the future and technology.

Drive Dank
The title means to do nothing, basically. I can't come up with a similar phrase in English. ''I just wanna dress nice and never trust anyone who's slender'' - amazing, haha. I can relate to the lyrics; I love doing nothing, and I can easily get tired, even though I haven't really done much.

Epic synth! Apparently the title is ''Geosynchronous'' in English, didn't expect that. Good thing I looked it up, or I would have written ''Geostationary''! Great synth as always, as well as the beat!

Love this! Super sexy sound. I had to look up the title, cause it's not a word used around here. It means ''the other people''. In this case basically the mainstream crowd, and that it's easy to ''howl along with the pack'', but if you're okay with joining them or not.

Siste Dans
So cute, very 8-bit sounding! Beautiful vocals on the chorus. The title means ''last dance'', so it's about the last dance at the club and wanting to go home. So it's the perfect song to finish the album with.

10 songs and 40 minutes go by fast with this album! It keeps the vibe really well throughout the whole thing. The replayability of it is great too, I definitely won't get sick of this for a good while. If you like synthpop, futurepop and stuff like that, and maybe happen to be a nerd, you'll love these guys.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Trondheim Crawling 2019

This weekend me, Simen, Mora, Tom and Cathinke drove 11 hours up to Trondheim to support the first edition of (hopefully many to come) Trondheim Crawling, a new goth festival here in Norway! Let's start with some beautiful scenery we saw along the way.

We arrived late on Thursday evening, which was definitely needed, cause on Friday we were super tired! The only thing we did before the festival was some shopping.
I bought these on sale!

And here we all are!

I apologize in advance for the shitty photos.
It was really hard to get good photos there!


Finally met Crystal in person!
I know her from Discord, and she recently moved to Norway.

I interrupt this blog post to bring you pictures of the most beautiful building in Norway (in my opinion); Nidarosdomen cathedral. I haven't seen it since I was a kid, so I had to pay it a visit now that I actually appreciate architecture!
*De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas starts playing*

We had to.

Wow, just wow.

Look at dem buttresses!

Me and Crystal with the vocalist of Grooving In Green!
Such a lovely guy.

Fangirling, lol

Bought the new album and got it signed!

Me and Floyd being elitist gatekeepers

Big thank you to this lovely girl who made this event happen! We all had so much fun, and hope this will become an annual thing. And yes, the trip was worth it! The atmosphere was great, the venue is so fucking punk! Everyone there was so nice, and the bands were hanging around too, so it was really cool. It's also a nice city! So I definitely recommend checking it out! Follow their facebook page for news about the festival and other happenings in Trondheim!

 Bonus: Me being drunk

Night to Sunday the clock went back one hour. I wanted to stay and party more, but we were driving back home in the morning. Fittingly there was snow when we got up! Which was really slippery in pikes by the way, do not recommend. So that was it! Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, you can see the full photo album here!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Body Manifest by De Press Review

Last month the Polish/Norwegian band De Press released a new album. I went to one of their release tour shows here in Norway, and I really enjoyed it, it was so much fun! I made sure to pick up a copy of the CD. It's a really unique album, so if you haven't heard it (or De Press in general), let me tell you about it!

You Never Get
The album starts with a short atmospheric intro before we get into the bassheavy main riff of the song. The lyrics are very simple and don't make much sense to me, but they sound nice and fun!
The production on the album is really good, it sounds great. There is also a short outro, to complement the intro.

Uwazuj Uwazuj
In this one we jump straight into dancing! I have no idea what the lyrics mean obviously, haha. But it's a really fun song to get your feet moving!

Puding Procesjon
Love the atmospheric intro! The instrumentals are great, very dark. The lyrics are in broken norwegian, so to me it's kinda hard to take it seriously. That's not a bad thing!

Propaganda Message
This one is more rock n roll! But very unique, it's like the music takes you on a little journey. Love the bass.

Condom Nation
Fun and punky! Love the lyrics.

Mijajom Sie Casy
A much lighter feel to this one. No idea what he's singing about, but the vocals sound really nice! The outro is adorable.

On The Plastic
This song is hilarious! The way the lyrics are spelled it seems like it's a mix of languages (it happens other places on the lyric sheet too). The instrumentals sound kinda rockabilly, I guess? Hilarious outro.

La La
This one is beautiful, and one of the songs that have gotten stuck in my head. The guitars are wonderful and atmospheric.

Body Manifest
The title track is so funky! Makes you wanna dance. The lyrics are hilarious.

Contaminated Zone
Epic bass! The rest of the instruments too. The chorus gets too highpitched for my liking though. I like the lyrics!

Kie By Nie Te
Beautiful and calm with the vocals and guitar, and the bass accompanying just right. With the percussion joining in later, the sound grows beautifully throughout. It's the second longest song on the album, and I'm glad it's longer!

Kind of folky intro, and then jumps into upbeatness. I have no idea what it's about, but I love the ''singalong'' parts, really fun.

Gift From Stalin
Really cool and unique song. I like the lyrics. This is the longest song on the album, and draws out the atmosphere to the end of the album. The last minute or so consists of ambient sounds reminiscent of how the album started. A very good ending to the album!

Despite having a whopping 13 songs, the album is only 43 minutes long. Most of the songs are pretty short, ranging from less than 2 minutes to 3 minutes. The exceptions are Kie By Nie Te (almost 5 minutes) and Gift From Stalin (about 7,5 minutes).
In those three quarters of an hour De Press has gone through a lot of different sounds. The album is very eclectic, but they somehow make it come together, even blending silly nonsense with serious political issues.

I definitely suggest giving this a listen, and if you haven't heard them before, check out their other stuff too! I really enjoy the Lars Hertervig EP and their early stuff, which sounds a lot like Joy Division. So if you like punky stuff and have a sense of humor, I think you'll like these guys.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

What We Do In The Shadows TV Series Review

Like most goths, I absolutely love the movie. I've seen it several times, and it's still funny every time. Now the same creators have come out with a spin-off show, this time set in the US, featuring different vampires. I recognize Matt Berry (Laszlo) from The IT Crowd, he's pretty funny! They use the same song as the theme song, the photos are just of course switched out with the actors in the series. I think that was a really cool touch to tie it in with the original.
Also worth mentioning, there's another spin-off series called Wellington Paranormal, featuring the police officers from the movie, but I haven't seen that yet. There's also talk of a werewolf spin-off series too. So all of this is fantastic for all of us who are still referencing the movie all the time!

I'll just take you through my thoughts as I watched the show:
The three main vampires have very elaborate outfits, they look like they could be from goth brands. Nadja's fashion corsets irk me a little though, haha. I really like the addition of the energy vampire - and the emotional vampire we see briefly.
The make-up job on the Baron was great. That must have taken quite some effort!
A fun fact for you: Nick Kroll, who plays Simon the Devious in episode 4, is the voice of Uncle Fester in the new Addams Family movie coming soon!
Episode 7; The Trial is amazing, I think that's my favorite episode of this season. It's hilarious, and I love that it's starstudded with actors who have played vampires in other movies and shows, and the ones they mention are also names of actors that have played vampires! And of course, the three vampires from the WWDITS movie. By the way, the well scene in Interview With The Vampire really stuck with me when I saw it as a child. Glad to see it referenced here! I also really liked the thing with Nadja and Gregor. Not gonna say more so I don't spoil anything.

The season flew by super quickly! Took me less than 24 hours during weekdays. The episodes were pretty short - only the first one was 30 minutes, the others came closer to only 20. Overall I think it was pretty good. I don't think it was better than the movie, though. Some of the jokes were reused (understandably, cause they're now reaching a bigger audience who might not have known about the movie), but they did get creative with new stuff as well. I feel like they kind of forget about sideplots pretty quickly though. Some of them got revisited again and resolved a little later, but still.
I think it would be better if they had fewer and make time for them in each episode, and / or introduce them later.

I am still really excited for the next season! Shame we have to wait until next year though. I'm hoping Wellington Paranormal will be available internationally soon, so I can watch that too! Have you seen the show? What did you think of it?

Friday, October 4, 2019

Oslo trip to see The Sisters Of Mercy

Hey now, hey now now! A week ago we set off to Oslo, since we had decided that we might as well spend the whole weekend over there. But our plane was delayed for THREE hours, and when we got to Oslo there was complete train chaos, so we didn't get to meet up with my friend Marthe until the evening. She's a tattoo apprentice, so we wanted to get some ink done, but that day we only had time for Simen. He got his first tattoo; The Witcher wolf medallion! He wants to fill that arm with game stuff, and he handled it well, so he's off to a good start! Check out Marthe's artist IG here.

Cute soaps she made for us!

They have some adorable cats (who are the mascots of the Goth Norway page), and we spent a lot of time snuggling with them. Here's Simen with Rydiger (named after The Little Vampire's norwegian name).

And this is Høst! Such a model.

Saturday we went to a flea market inside a barn, and I found myself this cool bag that I want to try to add corset lacing to, as well as these sick shoes! They're by El Dante's, and from what I found online they have made a lot of cool shoes in the 90's, similar to Demonias! They're a 35 and super pointy, so they're kinda tight on me, and force me to stand on my toes. But they were only €1, same as the bag, so I had to have them! 

Then it was finally my turn to get some ink! It's been 3 years since I got my last tattoo, so it was about time! I got these forget-me-nots, they're my favorite flowers, and I thought they'd be the perfect way to end my right arm - they match my Elsa tattoo really well! Super cute.

Now let's get down to business! We were super late in getting ready, but eventually made it to Vaterland for the meetup before the show. I was surprised at how many people I knew there, I'm from the other side of the country! So that was really fun. Me and Yngve here both wore goth police shirts, so of course we had to take photos! Elitist gatekeepers from different generations, haha.

Now on to the show! Now I've pretty much only heard bad things about their shows, but I heard good stuff about the shows in the week prior, so my hopes had risen a little bit. A.A. Williams warmed up for them, they were pretty okay, but not super interesting. As the smoke started to build up, we knew it was time for Sisters! Even though I was on the first row, it was pretty hard to get good photos, so here are the best ones I got.

I wasn't super impressed by the show, to be honest. Andrew Eldritch doesn't have much power left in him, he looked pretty old (sure, he's 60, but compared to his contemporaries I've seen in recent years..). He just walked back and forth mumbling most of the time. He got some screams in though. Ben Christo overshadowed him a lot, he sang louder than him and had a lot of energy, so did the other guitarist. Some of the longer songs were shortened, which is understandable. A bunch of the songs were played differently, more of a Vision Thing style, I guess. Some of them I only first recognized by the beat, which I could barely hear. So the sound wasn't super great. I liked the acoustic songs though! But it wasn't until the encore they really picked things up, playing four more hits before they finished. So in conclusion, they were better than I originally expected, but not as good as what people made me believe the week before the show. It's obvious Eldritch wants to shake off the whole goth thing, hiring more rock n roll guitarists. But The Sisters' golden times are over, and he should honestly just let it go. Quoting The Mission; Let sleeping dogs die. I am glad I got to see them, considering I'm so young, but I wouldn't see them again, and I'm glad we made a weekend trip out of it.

After the show there was an afterparty at John Dee, which is in the same building. It got filled up pretty fast, it was so hot! We went straight in and started dancing. They played a lot of Sisters, obviously, The Mission (blasphemy, as someone called it, lol), and other classic goth / post-punk, as well as some modern stuff. It was so cool to see so many goths in one place in my own country! Obviously this was a rare occurence, Oslo events don't usually have that many people in attendance. As usual I danced my ass off, but we left a while before it closed, since we had to get back to Marthe's place.

Then it was Sunday. After breakfast we headed to the tattoo studio again, and I got myself some cute little bats! I wanted to fill in the area around my Nemi dragon a little bit more, but without overpowering the dragon. And it worked out perfectly! Am I a trve goff now?

And that evening we went home. Luckily everything went smoothly on the way back! Then it was back to normal life. This weekend I'm not gonna be social at all, cause I have other stuff every weekend ahead (including Trondheim Crawling, a new norwegian goth festival!). I'm sick anyway. I tried to ignore it, but I now I need some time on the couch under blankets.
Last month I did socialize and go to events just as much as I will this month, but I just don't take as many photos anymore and just focus on having fun. I do post a little on Instagram though, so you can follow me there!
I have some reviews coming up here on the blog, so if I don't blog about the next weekends, you'll at least get that! Until next time!
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