Thursday, May 25, 2017

Murder Ballads - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Review

Today I have another album review for you! It's almost as old as me, but before this post I had never listened to it before in its entirety! I have known Where The Wild Roses Grow since I was very young, and I have heard some of the others before as well. So let's see how this album is as a whole!

Song Of Joy
His voice is so beautiful. The lyrics are so sad! I feel that it ends with a very good climax.

Stagger Lee
I guess you could describe this song as sexy and cool? Hahah, that's so weird to say. But Stagger Lee is one badass motherfucker! The last minute of it hurts my ears though; so high-pitched!

Henry Lee
Oh, how I love this song. It's so beautiful! I love the sound of their duet, it's chilling. It has those certain notes that give me goosebumps! Though the highest one at the end is a slightly uncomfortable one. But other than that it's such a beautiful song.

Lovely Creature
The female vocals are so cute in this! Very pleasant to listen to.

Where The Wild Roses Grow
The song that EVERYONE and their mother has heard! Probably thanks to Kylie. When I was old enough to read into the lyrics, I became fascinated at once. Elisa Day is kind of stupid though. One day I will have the Living Dead Doll of her! Anyway, it's a very beautiful song that could almost bring you to tears. It has really gotten the fame it deserves!

The Curse Of Millhaven
Ok wow, disturbing start of this one - Especially right after WTWRG! I have heard this several times before, but I totally forgot about that - And was way too deep into the last song, haha. Does anyone else think that this pretty much just sounds like a faster version of Henry Lee?
The lyrics to this are 1,5 page in the booklet, so it's pretty long - and I really like the story of it! I think it's a pretty fun song for being so.. morbid, haha.

The Kindness of Strangers
I had to do a double take - This wasn't Stranger Than Kindness! I haven't heard this one before. This one is slow, and starts off sad right at the start. I really like the illustration beside this in the booklet! Well most of them are nice (the first ones remind me of the illustrations in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland), but I liked this one the best! Oh typical Victorian-loving me. The sobbing in the background of this is interesting, I like it! And that she joins him in the last verse.

Crow Jane
Ok at first I thought this was a little boring, but at the end of the first verse it started growing on me.

O'Malley's Bar
Kind of funky. No one can sing about his hard dick as beautifully as Nick Cave, hahaha! The lyrics of this one are a little over 2 pages long in the booklet, wow! Well it's 14:28 minutes long, so. It drags on a little bit, but it's not a bad song. It definitely fits on the album. It's quite the story.

Death Is Not The End
A very nice and slow song, featuring several singers! They all have different voices, but they do sound very good together!

When I found this in a record store last week, I also found Push The Sky Away, but since I was already getting three cds, I decided to leave it for now. If anyone of you have thoughts on it, let me know what you think! They have so many albums. So far I have Let Love In, Skeleton Tree and a best of cd - and some compilation cds that have some Bad Seeds and Birthday Party songs.

I think Murder Ballads is rivaling Let Love In as my favorite album by them! I guess I'm a sucker for dark stuff. Their music is so experimental, there's so much variation, but I think the songs on this album work together pretty well. It's a good mix of slow, fast, funny and sad. For some this album might be too much, as it obviously contains a lot of murder, violence and swearing. But if you don't mind that, you should definitely check out this album if you haven't already! It's great.

The band is actually coming to Norway closer to the end of the year! But it's in Oslo, so that would make it a little tricky. I also checked last night, there are very few tickets left (same for Sisters Of Mercy in Stockholm). Oh well, I guess I'll survive! This is going to be a good concert year anyway. Are you going to see them on this year's tour? And what do you think about this album?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Arctic Thunder - Darkthrone Review

Welcome to another album review! This time it will be black metal. Darkthrone is one of my favorite bands, and this is their newest album that came out in october. I kept forgetting to go buy it, and the times I looked for it, they didn't have it. So now I finally have it! I haven't listened to it before writing this review, so these are my very first thoughts of it! Like I probably said in my last review, I like to try and not listen to albums before I own them if I can help it. The listening experience just becomes so much better - and I'm old school who likes to listen along with the cd booklet in my hand.

Tundra Leech
Really great guitar in this! Really funky and dancy, haha. Pretty good lyrics!

Burial Bliss
Ahh, classic Darkthrone; black N roll! I really love Ted's vocals. The lyrics are also very beautiful.

Boreal Fiends
Oh, this one starts slow. That's different. But as the vocals come in, it's back to heavy! The contrast works really well. Oh wow, almost operatic vocals at the end of the chorus there! I really like it. The instrumental is really good, it changes a lot throughout the song, but it really works!
IS THAT A COW BELL I HEAR?! Oh my god I love it. Even a solo! Wow, they're trying out a lot of things in this song. Darkthrone is one of the few bands that can do so many different things but still stay true to themselves and sound good. This song has pretty nice lyrics too.

Inbred Vermin
More classic Darkthrone black N roll riffs! I'm kind of headbanging and bouncing at the same time, haha. I really like it! It's kind of empowering. The groaning and the slow part makes it sound kind of sad, but when I look at the lyrics it's pretty much a very angry song. The echo on the vocals is kind of annoying though. Did he have that on other songs? He might have, I'm not sure. I didn't notice.

Arctic Thunder
Now for the title track! It sounds very.. I don't know if I want to say grand from the start, but the pace is good and you just want to dance! Pretty cool lyrics. It makes me sad that I will never hear this live. Darkthrone doesn't play live shows, but I just have this feeling that this would've been great live! I guess it's fitting that this is the title track then. It even fades out with a cute solo!

Throw Me Through The Marshes
I like the lyrics, the guitar is also very good. It's slightly slow-pace and different, but still very Darkthrone. It picks up at the chorus / about halfway through, and slows down again as the first lines are repeated. It ends like every song that gets played live ever, haha.

Deep Lake Trespass
I like the riff! It starts off fast, and straight to the point. I like the drums as well. This also has that classic Darkthrone black N roll pace. It sounds really great! I like the little guitar part towards the end. It was too short for a solo, but it gave the song that little extra oomph.

The Wyoming Distance
I'm getting a very classic heavy metal vibe from this. I feel the lyrics are a little silly. Or is it just me?
This one also ends just like any live song would. This would probably be my least favorite on this album, which is kind of a shame, cause I like it when albums end and you sit with a good feeling.

I think Ted is very shy about his lyrics, cause his aren't in the booklet - Only pictures, like I've shown above. DarkLyrics (my favorite lyric site) has the lyrics, but not for Deep Lake Tresspass - and I can't seem to find it anywhere else either. Anyway, the album is very short as well, only 39 minutes. But that's completely normal for Darkthrone, most of their albums are 30-something minutes, with only a few peaking slight over 40 minutes. Darkthrone doesn't really need long albums. They manage to get out whatever they want to get out efficiently - They pack it all in there, and manage to come out with albums pretty often. They have 16 studio albums now (I went to my shelf and counted), and just that in itself is pretty good for 1991-2016! And I like them all.

By the time I'm writing this bit, I'm listening to it for the third time. So I'd say the fact that I CAN listen to it three times in a row and still enjoy it is pretty good! Most of these songs give me the Darkthrone that I love, who I can happily headbang/dance/bounce to. If you are familiar with Darkthrone, you probably know what I mean with ''black N roll riffs'', and this album is full of those. So if you're a fan of that, you'll definitely like this album. If you only like the ''TNBM'' albums you might not. But go ahead and be that close minded! If you're not familiar with Darkthrone at all, then I'm not sure. I'd probably start with the earlier albums from the early to mid-nineties.

So yes, those were my thoughts!
Hope you liked it, and if you have listened to this, let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


It's sunday, why not blog? I haven't really done anything since last, I think. Nowadays I'm just excited for WGT! I just saw on facebook that She Past Away, Gene Loves Jezebel, The 69 Eyes, The Mission AND Skinny Puppy are the sunday line-up at Agra! I can't believe it. So I'll be spending most of that day there! It's gonna be so great! Everything is pretty much ready for the trip now, even though we don't fly down until the 1st. Now I'm just waiting for the full schedule so I can make day schedules! It should be published next week, unless they're complete bastards. I have also finished the german course on duolingo now! It took me exactly two months to complete. I'm a little bummed cause I missed ONE DAY and lost my 63 day streak. But oh well. I thought it would be useful to actually learn german since we're traveling there soon. I have been able to understand a little in the past, but not super much. Now I at least can say I have basic knowledge of german! Go me.

Simen just made us a wonderful dinner of steak and.. cream-gratinated potatoes with cheese? Is that a thing in other places in the world? So I'm really full. Other than that today I'm doing laundry, and earlier I exercised, and pampered myself with Lush products afterwards. I've also packed clothes I don't want anymore to give to Christine (Simen's brother's girlfriend - they're coming with us to WGT). Nobody else is even close to my size! So it's nice that I can give clothes from alternative brands to someone who will appreciate them.
Oh and I have also updated my WGT albums with more photos and videos I found! Click here to look through them - I have made those albums public.
Speaking about facebook, I also have a question for you guys on my facebook page - and another one on my make-up facebook page if you would like to help me out with that.
Now let's toss in some outfits! A nice one and a really boring one.

Lace collar - Ebay
Halterneck top - Mango, I think
High-low skirt - Darxity (Burleska)

 Necklace - Gift from Simen (Alchemy Gothic)
Neseblod shirt - Neseblod / Helvete in Oslo
Skirt - Pull & Bear

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you next time (the question on my facebook page is about that, by the way). Until next time, take care!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Norway's National Day!

Hello hello! I am now home from celebrating our national day here in Norway. I've got lots to show and explain to you! I think we norwegians are really special when it comes to our national day.
But first, I'll tell you about yesterday, just to be annoying like that.

My new hair dye came in the mail! I haven't done my roots since the end of september, so it was finally time. I do them every time I finish a tub of color, but my pink lasted for a REALLY long time. I'm not sure how I like the color just yet, I think I need to do a second coat before I'm completely satisfied. Simen wanted new shoes, so we went to three different malls - and we found none. The closest we came to was a store where the sales lady was crazy (worse than filipino ones)! She gave him the wrong pair when he asked to try a pair in a bigger size, and instead said that ''they were nice too''. They looked okay, but the thing was they had a thick lining inside, so it would be to warm. She insisted they wouldn't be, and babbled a lot of nonsense (she barely spoke norwegian). So we literally ran out of there when she looked away. We were really spooked!
Other than that we bought some stuff and had pizza for lunch. So it wasn't a completely wasted trip!
Usually the 16th of may is a HUGE party day here, but I'm old and boring - and dyed my hair instead.

Leather jacket - Poizen Industries
Modded A7x shirt - Gig
Ripped jeans - Charlotte Russe
Striped stockings - Walmart
My everyday boots - Some cheap shoe store

17th of may make-up using Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This is a children's version of our national costume.
I wore red stockings to complete the flag colors!

I walked into the city at 10 AM - The weather was really nice! Here's a picture from the city center.

I met up with Sandra and Simon, and found ourselves a spot to watch the parade. I think we watched for about 2 hours, and we didn't even see it all! Participating in the parade were military, universities, cultural organizations, athletic organizations, schools, brass and drum bands, scouts and russ. That probably didn't describe all, but it's hard to remember and translate it to english! And this is just the two main parades. There's also a parade in the morning and at night with torches. It's crazy! Just look:

Dental students

A science center for children

Some of my friends walking with their viking market!

An animal protection organization's car

In my city, we have a lot of these drum bands for boys

Russ - Graduating high school students

Children wanting their ''business cards''

Standing there for so long really hurt our feet, and luckily we managed to get a table at Friday's. So we had some beers there. Emma and Simen also met up with us! Then we walked around looking at the silly sales booths and had hot dogs. We sat down at bar and had more drinks - and cake!
And suddenly this happened...

WHAT?! They played a couple of songs, and everyone had a good time. It was so random, but awesome! Afterwards we longed for the sun again and went to check out the little carnival. We just walked through it though, we didn't do anything, just looked at the people taking the scary rides and stuff. Then we had ice cream (I FOUND TWIX ICE CREAM - I haven't seen that since I was a russ 5 years ago, and even then it had been years since I had seen it last) and went home. After 7 hours of being out on my feet, I was pretty tired! So now I'm slouching on the couch without make-up.
Anyway, I'll get this out to you, and hope you enjoy! Have a nice day, especially norwegians!

Monday, May 15, 2017

I Shaved My Boyfriend's Head, WGT Packing & More

Hello! Since last I haven't really done much, but I thought I'd come with a small update anyway. I put up this video of me doing Simen's hair - Funny thing, I went to bed as it uploaded, and woke up to 80 views! Now it has about 650, that's crazy! I guess people like Simen better than me, hahahah.

Necklace - The Pumpkin Coven
Morticia top - EMP
Tank top - Pierre Robert
Corset - Xtrax (now EMP)
Tulle skirt - H&M

Our living room is a mess again, cause now we've BOTH started packing! I have all of my outfits fully complete now, I just need to pack clothes for the days after the festival and toiletries. We did a weight check, and my outfits only weigh 13 kg, and my shoes only weigh 10 kg. Regular luggage allowance on flights is 20 kg. Do you see why I always am overweight TO WGT?! I even only picked 4 pairs of shoes this year! I'm also for the first time going to bring my every day 1-inch ankle boots, for my poor ''Treffen feet''. It will be nice to NOT travel in my heaviest platforms this time!
Only a couple of weeks left, oh my god! We're so excited. Can't wait for the full festival schedule!

Bat halloween shirt - Walmart
Jeans - JAG

My next blog post will probably be about Norway's national day, which is on the 17th! I'll show you my cute dress and how patriotic us norwegians are! See you then!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Neil Gaiman Reading Date

On sunday me and Emma had a nice reading date in the sun! We have lent each other a Neil Gaiman book so we could expand a little, haha. So she's reading my leatherbound American Gods + Anansi Boys, and I'm reading her Neverwhere. I like it so far, it's so weird!

Before I went to meet her. It's been such nice weather lately, up to 20 Celsius! Except for the past two days, it's been raining again. I like the sun and heat! I could be without the wind, though. But I actually got a slight tan while we were sitting there for a couple of hours!

I made progress on the WGT packing! I've limited myself to 7 outfits for thursday to monday. I don't NEED two outfits EVERY day - But I definitely could, hahah. Now I just need to pick out all accessories, corsets, shoes and such. I have plenty of time, so no worries.

Blazer - Wow
Modded Christian Death shirt - Gig
Denim pencil skirt w. buckles - Darxity
Fishnets - Some lingerie store, idk.

The back

Some make-up as well

I'm so tired right now, I haven't slept all night for some reason. The past nights I've been watching a lot of vintage horror movies! Mostly starring Vincent Price, but also Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, and many more. I don't like modern films much, but when they're a little old, I love them! Often they're pretty silly as well, and I like that. It's not like they're scary anyway, haha.

We just got back from viewing an apartment, and we really liked it! So it's a chance that we'll be moving in a couple of months. We have planned that our next place is the last place we'll rent, so it's been pretty important to get that feeling of ''YES, we could live here for years!''. This one has been the closest to that out of all that we've seen lately. We haven't actively looked, but we check the listings sometimes, and my mother-in-law thinks it's fun to help look! But nothing set in stone yet.

I gotta go put Simen in his corset, so I'll talk to you later! Bye.
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