Friday, June 22, 2018

Subkult Festivalen 2018 in Trollhättan, Sweden

Omg, did I even tell you that we went to Subkult? Let me fix that!
The Nick Cave show was last wednesday, so we immediately went home after since we were going to drive to Sweden the next morning. I don't think I even slept at all that night, so when Simen woke up, we started driving. We drove across the entire country with rain following us.

This is where we spent the night, a very beautiful place! Luckily the next day it was beautiful weather, and really hot sitting in the car with the skirt I'm wearing in the photo above! From where we stayed to Trollhättan it was a little over 2 hours to drive. We were super excited the entire way! We listened to The Mission and Extize (hilarious) while I texted with those who were already there.

We stayed at this cute little place called Spirans. We got there before check-in time, but they were really nice and let us check in by phone. We got ready, went into the city centre, grabbed some food, and then off to the festival!
When we got in, I saw Qugoria and we gave each other a big hug. We met on Amino (and FIY, I just uninstalled that, so I'm not there anymore), and when she saw that I was going to Subkult, she messaged me, and we've been talking basically every day since. Now we finally got to meet in person! Sadly for her I was wearing super tall shoes, so I was taller than her, hahahah. We also met Robin, who's also short, so we took off our shoes to measure heights, and that's how that photo at the top happened. Oh, and a photographer jumped in too, so he took these:

Photos by Krichan

Photo borrowed from Xilmordas
After that I think we sat down and had a few drinks. We met so many nice people, even some that we had seen before at WGT and even Instagram, who I had no idea were swedish, hahahah. What is really nice is that since we're norwegian, we can communicate with swedes without a problem. Me and Simen do speak regional dialects, that might confuse swedes sometimes, but I can understand most swedes without a problem - even people from Skåne (Scania), who are reputed to have an unintelligible dialect. Robin for example speaks like that. But he agreed with me that Skåne dialect is basically just the swedish version of my own Bergen dialect, haha! They by the way speak like that because Skåne used to be a part of Denmark (you might have heard of the underwater tunnel + Öresund bridge between Copenhagen / København and Malmö). So there, some fun facts for you! And back to the scheduled program!


Coalcandy and Adora having fun!


Suicide Commando!

Johnny doing a great fireshow!

Here, have a good photo by Krichan


And with that, the first day of the festival was over. We only bought a daypass for friday, cause we weren't really interested in the bands on the saturday, plus.. money, haha. But it wasn't over yet!

We went to Qugoria's hotel room and picked up her and James, then went to an art exhibit that was happening at the same time as the festival. Malin actually had some art there! There were so many amazing artists featured. Click here to go to the website! After that we grabbed some food - Me and Simen got a little obsessed with Max, a swedish burger chain. While we ordered I got hug-attacked from Adora, who had screamed so much the day before that she had lost her voice! Hilarious.
Then it was off to the victorian picnic!

The sweetest welcome gift.
People also got melon slices later on!

The only selfie I took. So let's borrow other people's photos!

Photos by Darklark
 Cuties Robin, Louise and Qugoria

Hey, I don't look too shabby! By Krichan

The rest of the photos are borrowed from Qugoria!

This is the best photo ever taken.
I don't remember what Robin said!

Another great photo Qugoria snapped of me.

Love you! <3

Took a little group photo before me and Simen left.
James, Simen, me, Qugoria, Ofelia Nightshade, Malin and Xilmordas

It was so nice meeting everyone! Swedes are the sweetest. Hope I get to see everyone again!
Then me and Simen undressed a little, got in the car, and headed towards the border. But first, shopping! At the shopping centers close to the border TONS of norwegians shop, cause Sweden is often A LOT cheaper than Norway. So we bought some food, drinks and tobacco before we crossed the border. We spent the night at Simen's half sister's, and I fell asleep straight after dinner. And the morning after we drove home again. So sad! But the memories will keep me going.

Check out Simon's video from the festival!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bring some cuteness into your kitchen!

Hey! Today I have something exciting to share with you! has been so kind to give me a few products to review, so in this post I'll show you a couple of them! Lillemie is an online shop based here in Norway (but ships worldwide) that sells official Pusheen merchandise, as well as DIY hobby products. There's so much cute stuff! Currently they're having a 20-60% off sale on the entire Pusheen collection PLUS 20% off with the code SUMMERPUSH until july 15th, so it's the perfect time to get yourself some goodies!

First off are these adorable fridge magnets. It's a pack of 8, each featuring Pusheen enjoying different foods - adorable! They're very thick, so very sturdy and good quality - and stick on well.
Before this we didn't have any fridge magnets, so now we can stick lots of different things to the fridge! Simen loves them, he thinks it looks good and ''home-y''. We're very satisfied!

Then we have these cute snack boxes! Each features Pusheen with a different emotion - and why she's feeling that way (hint; they're all food related). Hilarious and cute! They're made of plastic, and are pretty decent quality. I think they are good for storing smaller amounts of snacks and candy, but I can't say if they will be able to keep them fresh for a long time - cause I eat it all before it gets a chance to get bad! I filled them with candy that we bought during our Sweden trip this weekend. I think these are really great to bring along with you anywhere! Roadtrips, picnics, to the cinema, for work, or anytime you're out and about. They also fit inside of each other, so they don't take up much space when they're not in use. Keep in mind that these are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

  • 1 - 12 x 12 x 5.5 cm (4.72'' x 4.72'' x 2.16'')
  • 2 - 10.5 x 10.5 x 5 cm (4.13'' x 4.13'' x 1.96'')
  • 3 - 9 x 9 x 4.5 cm (3.54'' x 3.54'' x 1.77'')
  • 4 -  6.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm (2.5'' x 2.5'' x 1.37'')

Click here to get your own!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Bergenfest 2018

Hey! Today I wanna share with you the Nick Cave show we went to last week! He played at Bergenfest, a local festival I've never been to. We got tickets immediately, even though the day pass was pretty pricey. Nick Cave had played in Oslo in october, and we missed that, so it would be stupid to not go to this. Wednesday was finally the day! Time has gone by so fast lately.

Pretty simple outfit

Same with make-up and hair

We prepartied at Isak's place since he lives nearby the venue. We ended up sitting there for a good while! When we got to the venue we saw a little bit of a band I forgot the name of. Then we had to go try to get a good spot for the big show! Which is hard for me, I'm 5 foot WITH the boots.

Omg, there he is!

Ahhh, can't believe it!

Handy screen

He stagedived and somehow ended up way over there

He brought up so many people on stage!

What a wonderful man.

Man, that was a great show. I ACTUALLY DIDN'T CRY. I was pretty close a couple of times, but I held it in. I managed to get to the second row after a while, by the way! I could almost touch him when he walked across the thin catwalk in front of me. But my god, that man can still put on a show! He's 60, but still jumps, rolls around, leans into the audience and even stagedives. It was amazing. I definitely want to see him again if I have the chance! And best part; He played my favorite song! Which is Weeping Song - and he dragged it out for quite a bit too.
I think Nick Cave was one of the more popular bands at this festival, but I was surprised he played on a wednesday - I guess he's touring a lot nowadays. The crowd was a good mix of all ages, but I can't say there were many alternative people, haha. It fascinates me to see how popular he is in the mainstream. He does have nice ballads, but I feel a lot of his stuff would be ''too rough'' for most people, hahah. But overall I think he has something for everyone! I don't even know what genres could apply to him. If you haven't checked out his music yet, YOU NEED TO!

Have you seen Nick Cave live before? How was it?
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