Sunday, September 15, 2019

Gösta Review

Today I'm gonna talk to you about a Swedish TV show! At first glance it might not seem super interesting, but it actually is! I saw an ad for it on YouTube a while back and heard Synir by Kælan Mikla in it and got curious. On Tuesday I finally started watching it, finished it on Wednesday, and it's pretty great!

Ok so Gösta is a children's psychologist who is the nicest guy ever, he wants to help EVERYONE, and ends up in pretty awkward situations. Everyone he knows clings to him with their (mental) problems, and it's a little annoying, but at the same time it's funny and I feel bad for him. I guess it's kind of a tragic comedy? It just gets worse and worse, and when you think it couldn't get any worse - it gets worse. No wonder all these people have mental problems! Gösta needs to realize he can't stretch himself in a million different directions and be there for everyone. I don't think I'll tell you more than that about the plot, you'll just have to see for yourselves!

What really stood out to me about this show was the music. They play Marian by Sisters Of Mercy, The Holy Hour by The Cure (not the album version though!), Follow by In Death It Ends, Lítil Dýr and Sýnir by Kælan Mikla (the latter being the theme song), a Swedish post-punk band called Makthaverskan... I also Shazamed some other songs and found out it was Intimate by Crystal Castles, and even some Soundcloud rap or whatever it's called for those who like that, as well as other genres.
Gösta's dad also wears an Einstürzende Neubauten t-shirt in one of the episodes, and it's in his car Marian is played (in THREE episodes, no less!), so maybe he's supposed to be a goth! Whoever was in charge for the soundtrack on this must be.

Gösta's girlfriend is played by a girl I know as Amy Diamond. I didn't recognize her at first until Mindie pointed it out, and my mind was blown. In 2005 she released the song ''What's In It For Me'', which was hugely popular - I still remember it and sometimes sing it to this day! You can hear the song playing in the background in a clothing store scene in episode 5, as a little easter egg.

Oh and literally 30 seconds into the first episode you see Gösta's penis while he showers. I find it so funny that Swedish (and often other Scandinavian)  shows and movies contain so much nudity - and I mean full frontal! Especially when you compare it to other cultures. So if non-Scandinavians who aren't used to that want to see this, be warned of that! And if it wasn't obvious yet, the show is in Swedish, but it should be available with subtitles. I also wanna give you a self harm warning for the end of episode 11, but it's very quick and not very graphic.

This is by the way the first HBO Nordic show and also producer Lukas Moodysson's first show, so that's pretty cool. The first season came out between July 1st and 29th, so it's pretty new, really. There are 12 half-hour episodes, but I don't think there will be another season. I definitely recommend checking it out if it's available for you!

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?
I especially wanna hear from non-scandinavians!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite Review

I finally read this with the book club on Gothy Discord. I've heard about this for YEARS through the goth scene, so I thought I'd finally read it. Sadly it wasn't as good as people have led me to believe.

First impressions: It's very overly descriptive, but all the goth band references are cool. I think it's interesting that vampires are a different species. Also the name ''Nothing'' threw me off while reading, that was a little annoying.

The plot is very ''convenient'', all the characters easily ending up in the same places and meeting each other. Sure, everything should be there for a reason, but this was just.. lazy. It's not satisfying when characters meet each other or we find out they're connected that easy!
There are a lot of kids, sex, drugs and alcohol in this book. It's also super graphic (self harm, rape, incest, etc.) so it's very tough to read, and potentially triggering. I'm glad I read this as an adult and not an impressionable and vulnerable teen.

Overall it's not very well written, pretty juvenile. I understand the author was pretty young, but still. Also I don't appreciate the fact that the what, TWO women in it just get impregnated and die almost immediately. The ending was not satisfying, and the preview of Drawing Blood at the end seems just as bad when it comes to the horrible themes.

I don't think I'll read this again, and I don't really recommend it. I'll give this 2.5 stars, I guess. If you think you can handle it, you can buy it here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Festival Wristband Choker Tutorial

This year's M'era Luna wristbands were so pretty, especially with the Alchemy Gothic coin, so I decided I would make mine into a choker! If you wanna see how I did it, scroll on! If you're not as tiny as I am, you can use the same technique for a bracelet.

How they looked like as wristbands

Using a plier to crush the plastic and get it off

I'm free!

Meet my lovely assistant!
He's showing you the stuff you'll need:
A ruler / measuring tape, ribbon clasp, scissors and pliers.

First, measure your neck / wrist for how much you need.
Then measure the distance between the clasps and subtract that.
Now you know how much you need to trim off, if any.

Unhook the ribbon clasps, place each end into one and squeeze shut.

And there you have it! Super easy and cute!

What do you do with festival wristbands after the event?

Monday, August 19, 2019

M'era Luna 2019

This year was our very first M'era Luna. I had been hesitant to go before, because it seemed like more of a classic festival (ie. camping, few stages, tons of people in one place, etc.). But my friend Benedikt offered me and Simen to stay at his apartment, so we decided to go! The line-up wasn't super great, but we decided to do it for the social aspect, like with Subkult last year. WGT this year was also pretty social for me!
So here's how it went!

My look for the Friday, when the festival hadn't officially started yet

Super cool wristbands with Alchemy Gothic coin!
Gonna make mine into a choker. Will put up a tutorial!

A haunted house that was funny to walk past.

We found Wednesday, helped set up her tent and hung out at the campsite. She had traveled with the Goths On A Bus group, mainly brits who take buses to the festival and camp together. My friend Oliver had invited us to the group's pre-M'era Luna dinner, so we found others at the campsite who were going, and went together. There was a shuttle bus every 30 minutes to the main station, but that wasn't included in the festival ticket. The restaurant building was beautiful, it was built to look like German medieval architecture. After the dinner we went back to their campsite, hung out for a bit, then we decided to go to the festival area and check out the party. But it was PACKED and there was a line (plus it was €5), so we checked out the shopping stalls and the medieval market, which had a band playing. We went back to the camp, but everyone was asleep, so I messaged Simon, and we went to his campsite until we were tired, then took a taxi back.

Outfit for the first official day

Cue for the main festival area

We watched Deathstars, which was really fun.
I haven't listened to them for years, so I owed it to teenage me!
They're really good live.

Benedikt <3

Wednesday <3

And like at WGT with Daniel, we made sure to take our absent friends!

The rest of the day me and Simen were just chilling, exploring the festival area and stuff. We sat down outside the hangar stage and watched Agonoize and [:SITD:] on the screens. A pretty chill way to see shows, if you ask me!

See, this is why we never take selfies.
He looks fucking terrified!

Ended the day with the swede's afterparty!

Outfit for second / last day

Obligatory photo

We made sure to go into the festival area with lots of time before Fields Of The Nephilim. Me and Wednesday made it to the second row! We might have huge hair, but we're both very short, so normal people can still see above our heads, hahaha. We squealed like little girls when they came on. Carl McCoy has barely aged! I was super curious about that, since there aren't THAT many photos of him online. They were pretty good, but oh my gosh, there was so much fog. At some points you couldn't see the band AT ALL! Luckily the wind was blowing, but the fog machines were working hard throughout the entire show. But we still saw them right in front of us, now we can die happy! No wait, I'm seeing Sisters Of Mercy next month.

We moved further back for VNV Nation, so we could actually BREATHE and I could dance. Somehow we had never seen them before, so it was about time! Man, what an amazing show. The dancy songs were great of course, but the slow songs were remarkable. Such a great atmosphere! Though during those songs you could hear Suicide Commando from the hangar stage, which was pretty funny. So with that the official part of the festival was over!

''Unicorn'' churros with melted white chocolate and vanilla ice cream!

We went back to the british camp with Wednesday, and hung out in their gazebo for a few hours. It was really fun! Someone kept running in and throwing glowsticks everywhere, so I started sticking some in my hair, and suddenly everyone was using my hair as a ring toss game! It was hilarious. I think the photo below is shortly before it toppled under the weight, but it popped straight back up again after I removed a bunch of the rings! We took a bunch with us over to the swedish afterparty, and Simen gave almost every person there one to wear! He even took the ones in my hair, so I ended up with none at the end. When security was getting mad, they packed down the party tent and took the equipment away (they were also going to drive all the way back to Sweden afterwards). Then we got a taxi back. The driver took photos of us to send to his wife, hahaha. By the way, almost nobody speaks English, but I know enough German to get by.

Hair still up at 04:30!

The next day we slept a little later than we had the previous days, and just chilled at home. We had a little barbecue party, yumyum! Me helping myself to a bunch of garlic butter made me invent #KnoblauchGrufti (garlic goth). So that's a thing now! The rest of the evening we listened to music and talked. We saw a tiny bat flying outside too! So goth. We went to bed pretty early since we were taking our first train at 06:55.
Der Grillmeister

Excuse me Germany, what?

The journey home was pretty damn smooth! Everything was on time, and we didn't even have to change platform at Berlin Hauptbahnhof between the train from Wolfsburg to Schönefeld. So that was really nice, considering I had only slept 4 hours (which made me sleep for 16.5 hours when we got home!).

A proper goodbye to Germany, I guess?

That was it! I know this is getting very long, but I wanted to put some reflections over M'era Luna at the end. Me and Simen are pretty spoiled with having gone to WGT a bunch of times, so we knew that this wouldn't be as great. We don't like camping, and there weren't many bands we wanted to see. But we found out that camping IS part of the experience, so if / when we go back, we'll consider that. Definitely not the Gothic Garden though, that's just insanely expensive for glamping, even though it's convenient. Regular camping is included in the ticket, which is nice. Also you get a plastic trashbag with your wristband, if you return it with trash (I heard it didn't need to be full), you'll get €5, which you already paid as a deposit with the ticket. The toilets were pretty good, they had waterstations and showers, and even a styling tent. The food is good, but expensive. The drinks were fine, but also expensive, and you couldn't return the cup anywhere on the area (each cup comes with a €2 deposit). 
The medieval market was really nice, similar to Heidnisches Dorf at WGT, just smaller. The shopping on the rest of the area I wasn't impressed with, nothing I hadn't really seen before, and most of it was pretty expensive. They had other stuff too like readings, fashion shows and stuff, but we didn't attend those. Not their official afterparty (€5) either, and it was only on Friday and Saturday, plus inside the festival area so you had to adhere to their weird rules. Only bumbags or a clear gymbag, no drinks, no pro cameras, etc. So I think it's best to party outside, so you can have your own drinks! They have small lockers you can rent if you don't wanna go all the way back to your tent. Wednesday's had a charger inside too, which was a nice touch!

I was actually surprised that the large crowd of people didn't bother me. It wasn't THAT hard to get to the front of the main stage, and there wasn't long lines at stuff all of the time. I also thought M'era Luna would be with more ''fabulous'' people, but I only saw a few. Most people were very casually dressed, and of course most of them weren't goths. It's a pretty diverse festival, people brought their kids, there were older people, you had people in wheelchairs and even blind people! It wasn't diverse when it comes to skin color though, most people where super white and some looked like lobsters cause they were so sunburnt, haha.
We did have a good time, it was pretty chill, but it's not really comparable to WGT. It's not a goth festival (there was literally ONE goth band playing), and it's mostly the same bands playing. If you like industrial, EBM and metal, and the classic festival experience, I'd say you should try it out. I don't really recommend staying outside the festival area, since you have to walk for a bit to get to a taxi or bus, and then you have to pay for that. I'm at least glad we have checked it out, but unless there will be a really good line-up (so not next year lol), we probably won't return. We'd rather check out other festivals, like Amphi or Infest!
If you have any questions, I can try to answer them! Hope you enjoyed my report and reflections over it, and helped you decide if it's a festival for you or not.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Cure @ Øyafestivalen 2019

On the 7th I flew across the country to Oslo to see The Cure for the first time! I did myself up before I left, and only traveled with my everyday bag. This is what I wore! Tutorial on the dress / how to take in band shirts here.

I met some people with a mutual friend at Rock In bar who were also going, so we went to the festival area together. The area looked really nice, it reminded me of my local festival Bergenfest, only much bigger. We decided to go over to the stage where they were playing while the previous band was still playing, and got to the front pretty easily. Then it started raining, and I put on a poncho! It looked so ridiculous, and didn't save my hair at all, hahaha.

With Eveghost
I met up with Eveghost (who is about my height, omg), and we stood at the front row relatively center together. I think we waited for 1,5 hour, and luckily The Cure were perfectly on time!

There they are!

Probably my favorite photo from the show

Guess the song!

Omg, he's so cute!

Look how happy they are

Simon still looking good - And those impossibly tight jeans...
Aaahh, they were so great! The entire band were super happy and smiling - Robert was adorable dancing around. They looked like they had a blast. The set was 2 hours and 15 minutes long, which included 27 songs, a bunch of them from Disintegration. See the whole setlist here. They stuck to the rules of Øya and finished at 23:00. I've heard they like to play even longer sets (Robert looked like he didn't want to walk off stage after the encore), but I was still really happy with this one. I couldn't believe they were standing there right in front of me! Even though I might be biased because of my starry-eyed first time seeing them, people who had seen them (even multiple times) before could vouch for that they were great. Even after all these years, they've still got it! Go see them if you can, while you still can! They've been around for a long time, but they won't have this stage energy and fan appreciation forever (and I suspect they will stop when they don't anymore). So for me this was definitely worth the trip!

Me and Niara
After the show we went to Rock In again, where I met up with a bunch of people. The clock struck midnight, which meant it was my 25th birthday! One of my friends got them to play Temple Of Love (the original version) for me. But I soon had to go catch the last train, since I was spending the night at Marthe's place. The next day I was off again! I met Simen at the airport, and while we waited for our flight to Berlin we had some cheesy fries and a beer.

We got to Berlin, and three trains later it was midnight yet again, and we arrived in Hildesheim. Benedikt picked us up and drove us to his apartment, where this welcome package waited for us:

He is insane, haha! We stayed up pretty late having some beers. Then to bed, cause the next day was pre-M'era Luna day! My next post(s?) will be about the festival, so make sure to check back soon!
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