Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Relaxing Sunday

Hello! Hope you've had a nice weekend. I haven't done much, but I'm good. I'm learning german very easily (it's SO similar to norwegian!), and I've downloaded Subway Surfers. Remember that? I don't think I've played it since I was 18! So I'm doing that in addition to reading Blood And Gold by Anne Rice and talking to people online. Here's some photos from the past few days!

My skin has healed enough for me to do make-up for fun!

2-in-1 top - Spiral
Skirt - Pull & Bear
Stockings - Forever 21

Our beloved blueberry energy drink has been on sale!

On friday my boyfriend had his best friend over and they made this.
1 kg ground beef with a packet of ham and cheese inside, and bacon wrapped.
It was ok, but eating THAT much ground beef.. oh god.

BlekkMetal shirt - Bought at the event, the brand is Norwegian Rat
Tights - Topshop
Minnie Mouse socks (cause I'm awesome) - H&M

Sundays to me are cleaning and self care days. So I've been doing the laundry, used my homemade scrub, made myself a hair mask (my hair is so full of oil that it won't dry now, but oh well, it's good for it. I'm going to bleach it soon, so.), and had a foot bath.

We just bought a waffle iron, so I made waffles!

My little bubbly citrusy foot bath.

What have you done this weekend? And what do you usually do on sundays?

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