Friday, March 17, 2017

Serial Killer Party!

The bar I used to work at where me and my boyfriend met is called Hulen - The Cave, cause it is a cave. He still works there as a janitor, and it was their turn to arrange this month's staff party. They picked an excellent theme: serial killers! I immediately thought I would go as Elizabeth Bathory (on the day I found out I was wearing a similar outfit). I haven't been to a staff party there in AGES, so finally a fun one I could go to! Here are some pictures I took:

The crime scene

A board of clues to find out which janitor committed the murder!

Blood everywhere!

My boyfriend's best friend Isak was the DJ - and a great one at that! He played TONS of goth music, so I found myself on the dancefloor for most of the night, even though I was the only one there at times. It's rare for me to hear music I like at clubs, so I didn't care, I had to enjoy it!

As well as a murder to solve, there was a quiz about serial killers. My team (the people with the red right hands) won! Even though we sucked, but the others sucked more, so HAH. Thanks guys! So we won a bag of chips and some candy.
My boyfriend was announcing the winners on stage, and I couldn't believe he meant me when he said my name for who had guessed the right killer. I won a movie ticket! I think I only won because I'm obsessed with Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. I immediately asked Isak if he was going to play it when I came. One of the clues on the board said ''He did it with his red right hand'', and one of the janitors, Ørjan, DID have a red right hand! He touched my face with it. And it was right! Apparently another clue was that in the crime scene, there's a cup on the sink, and if you look in the mirror, you can see his name on the cup. But I'm blind, so I couldn't possibly have seen that. Anyway I'M DA MAN.

They had also set up a little crime scene (though I said: it looks like a normal day at work for you janitors) where you could take photos! They didn't have a photographer for the evening, but one of the janitors (dressed as leatherface) had a polaroid camera. Here's the pictures I took with my phone!

My Elizabeth Bathory outfit consists of:
Hair ribbon
Bolero with a evil queen collar that won't stand up
White shirt with big sleeves
Cameo necklace
Red overbust corset
White apron
Red skirt
White lace and red heart stockings
Platform boots
The ax was random. I passed it on to the guy dressed as Patrick Bateman.

My boyfriend in his killer costume!

He's sane I swear.

I promise.

Didrik being his normal viking self.

I had an awesome time! I love it when people make an effort with parties. Great theme, great decorations, great activities and of course; great music! I am going to a couple of parties on saturday, so my next post will probably be about that! See you soon.

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  1. Look like a fun night, and interesting choice going as Elizbeth Bathory.


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