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Weekly Wicca 9: Deepen Your Knowledge

I think Wicca is a path that is about constant learning and new experiences. We value wisdom, and we are never fully trained. Since Wicca is a religion that incorporates so many things, in this post I will list tons of different things you can read up about if you are interested.

Meditation isn't necessarily just sitting in a lotus position and being calm. It can be drumming and dancing in rituals, working in the garden or doing crafts. Experiment!

Dreams are a mysterious thing, and I've been fascinated by what they could mean, especially as a child. Writing down your dreams and later looking up the symbolism is very fascinating!
See if your dreams are affected by the Moon cycle, and / or your own cycle if you are a woman - if you have a partner, who knows, they might be affected too!
If you are a lucid dreamer, that's awesome! See what you can do. I myself haven't been able to control my dreams, but I am often aware that I am dreaming.

While astrology shouldn't be taken as absolute gospel, it is very fascinating how some of it makes sense! It's also often used in spell-work.

Tarot cards are mostly used for divination, and I've been very fascinated by it since I was about 13 or 14. I've done some very scarily accurate predictions and readings both for me and others over the years! A deck consists of 78 cards: 22 major arcana (which most people are familiar with), and four ''suits'' with 14 cards each. All of these cards have different meanings, often multiple, depending on the spread, question, if they are upside-down or not and so on.

This means to use things like a mirror, crystal ball, a flame or a body of water to find out truth or a message. This seems to be a very hard thing to do, but if you want to try it out, go for it!

Often called ''the tree of life'', this is similar to tarot, at least people connect the two. It's basically a ''map'' of the universe and how things are connected.

Not something that most Wiccans delve into, but fascinating nonetheless. The seven key metals are linked to the seven planets the ancient greeks knew about; lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), mercury (Mercury), silver (the Moon) and gold (the Sun).

There are many symbols linked to Wicca. Here are some of them!
  • The pentacle / pentagram: Each point represent the five elements
  • The elements: Spirit is represented by a pentagram, while the rest are represented by triangles; Air (upwards, traversed), Fire (upwards), Earth (downwards, traversed) and Water (downwards)
  • The six-pointed star: Known as the Star of David, for Wiccans it can represent the elements as well as the saying ''as above, so below''
  • Spirals / webs / labyrinths / mazes: The spiral symbolizes the element Spirit, so does the web, with how everything is connected. A labyrinth symbolizes the journey through life and the right-brain functions, while a maze symbolizes the left-brain functions.
  • Celtic knots / triangles: Wiccans love the number three, as it symbolizes the Triple Goddess. The Celtic knot or triskele symbolizes the three elements they held sacred. The ancient Greek architects loved the balance of the triangle, and it also a symbol of Athena.
  • The eight-spoked wheel: Symbolizes the year and its eight Sabbats.
  • The ankh and Eye of Horus: The ankh is the key to fertility, rebirth and eternal life. It's the symbol of Isis and represents both female and male. Horus is her son, and his eye protects against evil and is a symbol of wisdom - He is also a god of health.
  • The green man: An aspect of the God and environmentalism.
  • The triple moon: Represents the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone).
  • The solar cross: The cross pre-dates Christianity, and this one in particular symbolizes the Sun.
  • Cornucopia: The Horn of Plenty represents fertility and abundance.

Colors matter a lot to Wiccans! Not just to us, but everyone, subconsciously or not. I have mentioned colors before, and colors can mean a lot, depending on the person. Feel for yourself!

Witches have always used herbs, both for magical symbolism and even medical treatments. A lot of medicines today come from herbs! So of course we Wiccans use them a lot in our work. Always ask for the plant's permission before you pick from it, and give it thanks - preferably physically in form of nourishment. Flowers, herbs and spices are used in many spells and can make you feel good! Look them up, and see what you can use them for - both in spells and more everyday use.

Scent is a powerful thing - it gives a sense of atmosphere, so no wonder we Wiccans use it a lot. Look up essential oils, woods, gums and plants and see what their benefits are, and how you can use them in spells. Make your own blends for your work!

The phrase ''knock on wood'' comes from the ancient belief in that trees are sacred. We bring them inside for Yule logs and Christmas trees. They are amazing plants! Tons of ancient beliefs involve trees. The Celts even had their own tree alphabet, which also worked as some sort of zodiac signs.

An ancient alphabet. The word ''rune'' means mystery or secret. In Norse mythology it is said that Odin hung upside down from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to gain the knowledge of them. Wiccans today use them as necklaces, divination and for meditation.

Another very interesting read; look up the ancient legends of the gods from different mythologies! Just the story of what the Goddess and the God experience throughout the wheel of the year is beautiful. It makes you understand so much more and connects you to the deities.

This ended up being shorter than I thought, as I originally thought I'd include more basic information about each subject, but in my current state of illness I don't really feel like it. It's anyway meant to encourage you to do research and branch out! Hopefully I wrote enough about each subject to intrigue you. We are almost at the end of the series. The weeks have flown by! The next and last one will be about Wiccan ceremonies, which I thought would fit well. This one could have been a great ending to the series too, but you get this one first. Hope you have learned something new! Blessed be.

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