Saturday, April 15, 2017

Heaven Or Las Vegas

I just realized I took so many photos yesterday and today that I had to blog! I DID STUFF, OKAY.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so me and Simen took a selfie without being able to see what I was doing. It looks nice though! I was wearing the outfit in my last post, and I noticed it was ripped so my tattoo peeked out - But she was blindfolded. Thought that was funny, so I took a photo of that.


My friend Emma had a party yesterday, so I decided to doll up! I teased my hair all super big and put it halfway up. I love Taft's level 6 strength hairspray (Ultimate Haarlack, I believe), it held all night! And that's in my stubborn asian-straight longer than my ass hair with no layers. SO THERE.


If I receive photos from the party, I'll post them! I saw some of them, they were pretty funny. We all had a great time! It's that gang of friends I have that have much fun together, but we just rarely actually meet up. Is that the secret to being friends for years, maybe? Hahah I don't know.
Anyway, on to today! We decided to take my outfit photo in our ''garden'', and I met a cat!

Wool cape - Mini Gothics (bought at their booth at Heidnisches Dorf during WGT)
Unique shirt - Second hand from my mother-in-law
Crystal necklace - Shop in witch town Cassadaga, Florida
Many textured skirt - Sparkjøp
Slip - Thrifted
My everyday boots - Idk, some cheap shoe store

So I felt like baking, and before the shops closed for easter we bought a lot of stuff, including ingredients for a lemon lava cake I found on Pinterest! If you want to follow me there, click here.
Pictured is one of the ones made in my muffin tin, and it was too small, so it didn't turn lava. But it was still incredibly moist! Delicious with vanilla and lemon ice cream (or froyo, I don't know the difference anyway)! I made some bigger ones in big cupcake liners, and they really became lava cakes! Except that we couldn't get them out of the liners without them erupting. Delicious though!

Whoops, just got distracted by ebay. I've ordered SO many things lately! Can't wait to share.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and until next time, take care!


  1. I love your outfits and the blog I'm definitely gonna keep up

  2. Oooo, i love good bake sounds like good weekend. Cute outfit I love anything thrifted.


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