Monday, April 3, 2017

Make Your Own Tricorn Hat!

My boyfriend is almost ready for his first Victorian picnic at WGT! Well, a tricorn isn't exactly Victorian, but it looks really cool! It's surprisingly easy to make, and super cheap! Here's how:

Go to ebay and search ''felt summer hat'' or something like that. I ordered two for about 11$ from China (free shipping) - Click here for the one I bought. It took a little over two weeks to get here, but I guess that's not too bad. Our friend Didrik who is good at sewing basically made it for us, so thank you! The ribbon around it was removed, as well as the lining that you could tighten the hat with.

Fold the hat like a tricorn, and pin it in place, making sure the edges are somewhat even. We decided that it could only be worn ''one way'', so the back fold is a little longer than the sides. Sew where you have placed the needles. Then we wanted the front to be especially pointy, and Didrik sewed it together completely - it kind of looks like a raven's beak! The other ''points'' were left alone.

And there you have it! An awesome tricorn hat that's easy and cheap to make. You can also add feathers, hatpins, ribbons, a small ship, whatever you feel like! Fits well with any 1700's or pirate inspired outfit. Fancy with almost no effort!

We got the idea when Didrik showed me this video by Lindybeige, which will give you TONS of ideas for even more historical hats you can make with this same boring floppy summer hat.

Hope you got inspired! I would love to know / see if you decide to make some hats yourselves.

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