Monday, April 17, 2017

Party Pictures & Social Life

The pictures from Emma's party on friday are out! So I thought I might share some here. Some are pretty good shots, and some are just hilarious. Most were pretty dark, but hopefully I edited them ok.

Me and Mari being asocial bastards

Another drink!

Simen is getting comfortable

I have no idea what Mari is talking about.

Nina and Simen!

Best shot. Simen and Julie are cute, but me..

Naww, so happy.

I don't even know.

Yesterday me and Emma decided to be social once more! WHAT IS THIS. We're the least social people ever. We deserve some gold medals here. We went to BarBarista, and then ate at Egon. I think we were out for like 6 hours or something, wow. It was really nice, I had a good time!

My make-up.
I hate my unpredictable, crooked hooded lids.
And for some reason I look REALLY yellow!

This is beautiful Emma!

She showed me Instagram's boomerang feature, hahah.

I think we ate at a dungeon.

I'll throw in what I'm wearing!
Modded Halloween 2014 shirt - Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
Black jeans - Freego

Hope you enjoyed! It's looking like I'll be more social in the near future, so I'll probably have more to share soon! Also I have 8 (soon 9) items on the way in the mail, so excited for that! See you soon!

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