Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 Day 3

This day was the big concert day for me! We saw all five bands playing at Agra. We went there a little early so we could grab a bite to eat and shop, since most things were closed in the city. Bumped into nice people, and then I decided to buy the shoes I wanted! I really needed some Victorian boots. While I am a big and stompy boots kinda girl, I do wear a lot of Victorian inspired outfits, so these would fit much better. They are from Funtasma, so in the Pleaser family (Demonia, Bordello, etc).

I decided to wear them (you have to unlace them completely to get them on and off anyway), so I got a big bag for the boots I was wearing (the ones I wore during the day the day before).
THEN it was time for concerts! Oh my gosh, are you ready for this?

She Past Away

My Victorian mourning outfit

Simen's outfit

Waiting selfie!

Gene Loves Jezebel

The 69 Eyes

The Mission

''You make me happy, and I hope you feel the same
You make me feel just like a child, a child again''

During ''Tower Of Strength''

I knew I would cry when they played ''Butterfly On A Wheel''.
Right after they played ''Marian'', I was so surprised!

During the last song; ''Deliverance''
I was still crying, haha.
I couldn't have asked for a better setlist!

An hour break between The Mission and Skinny Puppy.
Between the others there was only 25 minutes.

Simen's POV.
While I was lying there I saw the vocalist of 69 Eyes walk by!

Well I didn't really SEE Skinny Puppy, but I heard them!

The Victorian dancing to Skinny Puppy.
I love being that one Victorian on Industrial, EBM etc dancefloors.

Let me see, after leaving Agra we went back to the hostel, since we were carrying my big boots around. I removed the now Alice Cooper make-up and I think I changed into my everyday boots. Then we went clubbing! We met the other Obsession Bizarr dancers outside Darkflower, and stayed there a little while. The music on the main dancefloor was shit, and on the EBM dancefloor there were a bunch of tourists, so we decided to leave after one drink.
Then we went to Moritzbastei! We met another OB dancer, and also another norwegian! We were so thrilled, haha. Sadly they closed pretty early (around 5 or 6 AM or so), so we took the others to Absintherie Sixtina, since they hadn't been there (or was it just for absinthe breakfast? Can't remember). On the way we met Mindie and Jan, who were sadly going home.

This always happens... haha

Red Tree Devil and 66 Tonka, I believe? Sehr gut!

Going home selfie sometime after 8 AM

This was definitely the best day of the festival for me. Sure WGT is a huge meet-up and cultural experience, but like goth is, music is the most important to me. I don't get to experience these things at home, so this is where I really feel like I belong and am at my happiest! Seeing bands I love that I would never have the chance to see in my own country, dressing up for once, shopping, dancing at clubs to good music, staying out late and have absinthe - and of course meet people from all around the world! I wish every day could be like this - or at least every weekend.

Check back tomorrow for the last day of the festival!

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