Wednesday, December 27, 2017

It's Yuletide!

On the 21st we drove down to Simen's parents, Isak riding along with us. Greeting us was the wonderful tree! This is probably the best yule tree I have ever seen. We have a baby version, but for now I just use it as a jewelry tree.

Sheer off-the-shoulder top - Second hand
Haunted Mansion tights - Dysfunctional Doll
Fluffy kitty socks - Second hand (from my sister)

Now it's yule!
This beer is called ''more yule than jesus''.
It's a milk and cookies brown ale! Delicious.

Fluffy feet!
The next day we drove and then walked through the terrain to Simen's aunt and uncle's cabin.
Really cozy!

Put a blanket on the cat, hahah.

Simen uncleing

Every year Simen's family has this gift game.
You roll dice; 6 = take a present, 1 = give away if you have more than one.
Round 1 you just take from the presents on the table.
Round 2 you steal / give presents around the table.
Round 3 we unwrap, and then go again!
And of course at the end we trade the stuff we don't really need.
So this was our haul!

In Norway it's tradition to watch ''Dinner For One'' on ''little yule eve'' (the 23rd).
Fittingly, a brewery in Bergen made beers based on it!
Sophie a blonde yule ale and James a brown yule ale.
So we had those while laughing ourselves to tears.
Same procedure as every year!

I've never seen so many presents!
We were 10 people celebrating this year.
This included two young children.

Heart necklace - Alchemy Gothic
Red plaid sweater dress - Forever 21
Minnie socks - H&M

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