Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yule In Bergen

Hello, everyone! I know you haven't heard from me in a while. The time before yule has been REALLY busy for me! I haven't even had time to play with my new laptop that Simen randomly gave me! Not even as a yule present, he's crazy! I was almost mad, I couldn't believe it. But now everything from my old one is uploaded into a cloud (I am assured that I can trust technology), and I have almost downloaded everything I wanted onto this new one. It's an Asus Zenbook... something.
I took some extra shifts and ended up working 8 days in a row. My workplace looks nice and just festive enough though! 

My city is very beautifully decorated.
We even have a new yule market!

A big delivery order

Our little friend Speorge! c:

The world's smallest gingerbread town!
We also have the world's largest.
Bergen rocks!

Baby bodies with local humor

Cute public toilets!

Forced Simen to be a toilet guard LOL

A delicious cupcake!

Awesome yule beers from a local brewery.

Found this at the yule market!

My family's tree! We helped decorate it.

I'll cut this off here, so the post won't be too long. So this is PRE Yule, and my next post will be from when we arrived at Simen's parents' house, and we'll see how many posts I have to do to cover the holidays. I'll make up for my absense with several posts! Love you guys, hope you've had a nice yule!


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