Saturday, February 24, 2018

Throwback To Modeling For Dracula Clothing & My First WGT!

Hey! Hope you're having a nice weekend. Thought I'd pop in with some memories from when I was 18! Today I saw on facebook memories that it's 5 years since I modeled for Dracula Clothing! I had a nice time meeting the owner Truls in Oslo. Last time I saw him was at WGT last year, and we're planning to go to Prague this summer, where he lives, so we'll finally see that beautiful city!

God I feel I looked awful, hahaha.
What was he thinking?!

I also have another 2013 memory to share! A couple of days ago I was looking at WGT videos on youtube cause I missed it. Then I stumbled over this video, which was actually uploaded only 8 months ago. I didn't notice THAT I'M IN THE FUCKING THUMBNAIL. All the way to the right, with the light pink hair, holding a hot dog or something. The girl with red hair walking in front of me is my friend Ragnhild, who joined me as a WGT virgin. See us in a split second at about 6:09!

And then a photo of me taken yesterday.
I did my hair without hair products!
I'm pretty impressed.
Have a nice rest of the weekend!
See you soon.

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