Saturday, March 31, 2018

Our Second Anniversary!

Hello! I know I've been very inactive lately. Life is pretty boring lately, just spending time indoors since it's still pretty cold outside. My eczema has also gotten worse - so much for cutting out dairy...
I do have a couple of blog ideas though; A tutorial on how I style my hair now, and album reviews. Just need the motivation, haha. I'm always open to suggestions!

But today, let's get in touch with our feelings. On the 21st me and Simen had been together for 2 years already! Man, time flies fast. At the same time I feel that 2 years isn't that much, but I guess that's just the perspective I've gotten from getting older. So here's what we did and some memories!

My look for going out to dinner.
Some products used:
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Rockereque red glitter
NYX Transylvania
Earrings from Darkling Beloved
This was actually my first time wearing dangly earrings!
Necklace from Alchemy Gothic (birthday gift from Simen)

Awkward height difference selfie

Dressed up so nicely

We went to a restaurant that only serves entrecôte as the main course. We've wanted to go there for ages, but it just never happened - so the day before we decided to reserve a table! I ordered the smallest size (150 grams), but I still couldn't finish it. It was really delicious though! Definitely going back. Surprisingly Simen knew the chef, and he gave us free crème brûlée! Nomnom. We ended the meal with a glass of cava and rum. It was a pretty nice evening! We usually don't go out much, we prefer to just stay inside - that's introverts for ya. But it was nice to have a proper date for once!

Now, let's look at some memories from the past year! So the past year I took him to WGT for the first time, been to several concerts together, I've met his entire extended family, we've moved into a new apartment together, gotten piercings together (his first!), and much more. Overall a pretty good year! I realize now that we don't take many photos together, haha.

Polaroid photo taken of us at a barbecue almost a year ago

May 17th, Norway's national day!
I look like a child, haha.

I said yes! That is the wrong hand (for norwegians).

WGT pre-party!

WGT Victorian picnic

During The Mission at WGT
We both love them, I guess a lot of their songs are ''our songs''

Going home from the absinthe bar in the morning

We did one of those photos, since he finally has cool boots!

With his little brother before seeing Peter Hook & The Light

Oh, I forgot! We randomly were models for a fashion show!
Simen has gained a lot of confidence during our relationship.
I think that's great, cause he should be confident in himself!

He also gets along well with my friends..

..and my family! And I with his.

Our second Yule together


He really supported my decision to cut my hair!
Now he's the one growing long hair.

I'm teaching him to shave my head!
The first two times he missed a lot of spots.
But hopefully he'll get the hang of it!
It's only fair, I do his, he should do mine.

After we got our earlobes pierced!

Being naughty in bed; beer and pizza.

We've had lots of good experiences together the past year! And there will be plenty more to come. One thing I think I want to address is that we hear this whole #CoupleGoals thing a lot. I don't really get that thing. I don't think there is such a thing as the perfect couple or the perfect relationship. We're all different, with different personalities and needs - which is great! Sure, me and Simen have a good relationship - but that doesn't mean that what we do would work for anyone else. Honestly, we're pretty boring. Most of the time all we do is sit in our living room, behind our own screens. Now as an introvert, that is important to me; being able to be alone - ''together''. To others that could maybe be terrible! I'm also not a romantic person. Simen is more romantic than me, so he does some romantic gestures from time to time - sometimes he surprises me, in a good way! I don't really like surprises, but he knows me well enough. I am honestly happy if he does stuff around the house without me asking - and even more so since he acknowledges my OCD. I'm sure some people would have gotten super pissed dealing with that. He's also an incredibly patient, supportive and strong person - He helped me through depression (I guess that was more than a year ago now though), and when my eczema has flared up so bad that I cried and could barely move. So I am incredibly lucky to have him. I wouldn't say he's a perfect man, I don't think that exists. But perfect for me? Probably.

I know he's gonna read this (he actually reads my blog, listens to drafts and is kind of my consultant in general), so; Thank you for everything, I love you so much!

And to everyone else, thank you for your attention! Thank you for all your sweet comments.


  1. Oh you guys make such a cute couple. Reletionship are never easy but it's worth it at the end. I loved reading how your not romantic I thought I was the only who wasn't lol. My partner tend to affectionate and romantic.

    1. Thank you! Very true. Haha, definitely not everyone is (even goths)!

  2. Congratulations! You look very happy together and it's always fun to read about the both of you, Simen sounds like a very nice and caring person =)

    I'm extremely unromantic too but my boyfriend is super sweet and thanks to him, I have become a bit softer over the years. It's like romance is contagious.

    1. Thank you! :D
      That's nice, though! I wonder if Simen is having that effect on me, haha.

    2. Yeah, I think it's nice too. I have always been kind of weird and rough around the edges so it's a good thing my boyfriend's soft side has rubbed off on me. I'm more comfortable in being cute and sweet than I was before =)

      You'll have to ask him and see what he says^^


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