Monday, May 7, 2018

Cartes Postales From Greece by Victoria Hislop Review

I read an advance reader copy of the norwegian version, which was really good quality. Shame that all the photos were in black and white, though!

This is one first times I've read a book of this genre, and I really liked it! I'm a little surprised.

Ellie receives tons of postcards from Greece, but they suddenly stop coming. Though they were never meant for her, they still inspire her to take a break from her grey life in London, and run away to Greece to see the wonderful places she's seen and heard about from the postcards.
As she is about to leave, a notebook arrives in the mail - From the same person who sent the postcards.

Most of the book consists of what is written in that notebook. We get to know the man who has sent the postcards, and through his own grecian journey of self discovery, we get to know the people of Greece through stories.

The stories in the book are touching, and a great insight into greek culture.
The book is not confusing at all, the notebook part is shown as if you're reading it, and the stories are regular pages. Ellie isn't mentioned much throughout, but I was happy to see her back at the end, and it all was tied together nicely.

So yes, I really liked this! I don't know if you would call this chick-lit or a romance novel. But maybe if you are unfamiliar with that type of stuff like I am, maybe this could be a stepping stone for you too? I definitely recommend giving this a shot. I'll give Hislop's other books a chance if I come across them!

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