Saturday, September 15, 2018

Meeting Lise Myhre, creator of Nemi!

Everyone in Norway is familiar with the comic Nemi, which has been around for 21 years now. It has also gotten known internationally, especially in alternative culture! I have been a fan since probably before I could even read, and I didn't even realize she was kind of weird until I was 17, and that I pretty much had become her. So I booked myself a tattoo appointment for my 18th birthday, and got the Nemi dragon, the tattoo Nemi famously has. And today I finally got to show it to Lise Myhre, the creator of Nemi! Before I even said hi she noticed it and loved it. She took a photo of it too!

(Edited and put in monday morning after I saw this on her fb page!)

I loved Qugoria's response to the photo: You're wearing platforms, right?
I was, but Lise Myhre is short too! Shorties unite.

She signed my copy of the first Nemi book!

And sprinkled some confetti in it xD

Afterwards me, Marie and Embla went to the thriftstore nearby, and I found myself some good stuff!
H&R London dress, 9.5$
I already have a similar dress from them, but I just had to!

Another 9.5$ dress, which I'm gonna take in.

And look what I found in the kid's section for 3.5$!
I've been looking for a boy's vest to keep plain.

And it's actually the SAME vest I already have!
Just a size smaller. I've had that vest for over 10 years!

First selfie with my new phone!
Turned out facial recognition fails when I have make-up on LOL

So that was my saturday! Probably just gonna read and listen to music the rest of the evening.
Hope you have a good weekend too! How are you spending your weekend?

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