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Project Goth Playlist Tag

This is a new tag started by The House Of Wyvern and other people I know through the Gothy Discord. If you wanna join, feel free! Let's spread the love of goth music!

The Mission

Also known as The Mission UK, is a goth rock band that was formed in 1986 by Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams after they left The Sisters Of Mercy. They recruited Simon Hinkler and Mick Brown. Originally they called themselves The Sisterhood, but Andrew Eldritch put a stop to that. They have also performed under the name Blood Brothers, and even done glam rock covers under the name The Metal Gurus.

While the current line-up is 75% of the original members, the members have switched out quite a bit over the years, with Hussey being the only consistent member. The band has also been on hiatus a couple of times. Actually, they kind of are on one right now, since besides supporting Alice Cooper in november 2017, they haven't played a show since I saw them at Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. Wayne Hussey has been very active since then though, doing a lot of solo shows and work - including an autobiography, which I am very excited about!


  • God's Own Medicine (1986)
  • Children (1988)
  • Carved In Sand (1990)
  • Grains Of Sand (1990)
  • Masque (1992)
  • Neverland (1995)
  • Blue (1996)
  • Aura (2001)
  • God Is A Bullet (2007)
  • The Brightest Light (2013)
  • Another Fall From Grace (2016)

As much as I love facts and lists, let's go over to some talk about my experiences with the band! I most likely found them through a compilation album, which is how I discovered a lot of goth bands outside the big obvious ones. So I definitely recommend getting those if you're new to goth and want to discover more bands!

The first song I heard by them was obviously Wasteland - a specific version though, not the album version - I don't think it's the extended one either. Then I probably listened to them a lot on Spotify, cause I didn't get any of their CDs until WGT 2017. They quickly became one of my favorite (goth) bands - I actually like them more than Sisters Of Mercy! I also like Love & Rockets and Tones On Tail better than Bauhaus, and Southern Death Cult and Death Cult better than The Cult, so there. The Mission is truly a goth ROCK band, it's not as dancy as a lot of goth / post-punk / wave bands are - not that that's a bad thing, I love that too! Wayne Hussey also has a great and unique voice as far as goth goes, and his guitarwork is amazing!

I got to see them live on the first row at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2017. I consider it the greatest concert I've ever been to, as no other band has made me weep tears of joy. I KNEW I would cry when I heard Butterfly On A Wheel, and I did! Then they hit me in the face with Marian, and I continued crying until the next / last song Deliverance. It was AMAZING! SO glad I got to see them.

Before I get into sharing some songs, if you want some further reading, I have reviewed God's Own Medicine and Another Fall From Grace here on my blog, so check those out for my thoughts on those!

Hope you enjoyed that! While technically The Mission is a pretty well-known classic goth band, I don't see people talking about them much. I might be biased though, haha! This was really fun, I could do more posts like this! I want to post more about music, but nowadays I really want my posts to be of good quality, and sadly people aren't very interested. So let me know what kind of music posts you'd like to see! 


  1. Hi!
    I didn't new your blog, I came here via this tag. The Mission is the band that I have seen the most and they never disappoint. Btw, next week I'll be attending Wayne's solo concert - he has the most amazing voice ever!
    Anyway, Great blog and great choice!

  2. I like it
    I'm new to this type of music
    So am happy to learn from you

    1. That's great! :D
      Happy that I can help people out!
      If you want to learn more, check out the ''Best Of'' tab on top of the page, you might find some interesting posts there!
      And if there's anything you'd like to see or know, just let me know!

  3. I've heard a fair amount of the Mission's material, and I've always liked it. They do seem to mimic the Sisters of Mercy a little, mostly in dress.

  4. One of my favourite bands too! I've been lucky enough to see them three times. Please do more music and band-posts.

    1. Wow, awesome! Will do! I'm about to write a post about picking what bands to see at WGT! I am also doing a post about WGT bands over on Obscura Undead.


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