Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Surprise visit from Sweden!

On friday I woke up by being poked in the shoulder - I turned around, and in my bed was Qugoria, one of my best friends from Sweden! I couldn't fucking believe it, haha. I had talked to her the night before, and wondered why she was up so late, but she was really getting ready to drive all the way here. She and Simen had planned this in secret for a while! Simen had bought in some extra good food and been cleaning more last week, but I had NO idea. This is stuff that happens in movies!

That day we just chilled at home, since she was obviously pretty tired from driving across Norway plus half of Sweden. Saturday we got ready to go out, but it was raining, so we decided to stay in instead. We watched The Picture Of Dorian Gray (1973) with the Gothy Discord, and then went out to Hulen for a couple of drinks. I was really surprised to hear a Drab Majesty song there! Then we went home and ended up staying up talking until 6 AM, haha.

Our patchouli bottles - Mine is the small one, obviously lol
She makes me look so tan, hahah - This is me at my palest!
Atmospheric photo at Hulen - Love her DIY backpack!

Sunday the weather was pretty okay, so I took her sightseeing in my city. We started with my favorite cemetery, since we're so stereotypically goth, haha. As we're walking in the city centre, suddenly a woman comes VERY close to Qugoria's face and says something that can be translated to ''You look fucking stupid''. She walks on, but Qugoria turned around and said ''You should try being nice instead!'' The woman stopped and just started yelling swearwords. This came as a COMPLETE shock to us, cause we have NEVER experienced something like it before. And what's weird is that she was only talking to her, not me. Neither of us had make-up on, she was dressed pretty simply (see photo below), and I was wearing a patched blazer, a crop top, red plaid skirt, red fishnets with huge holes and docs. Our theory is that she must have been a junkie or something like that, cause this is definitely not normal behavior in Scandinavia! You just don't talk to strangers (at least in sober condition).

Anyway, we continued on walking through the city, and I showed her Torgallmenningen, Bryggen, Bergenhus Fortress, and some other stuff. I also bought her a proper Bergen cinnamon bun, which she thought had too little cinnamon, haha. She also thought other foods tasted weird / wrong the day before - Fucking swede, coming here judging our food, hahaha. She IS right in Sweden having the best meatballs though. After walking a lot, we went home and ate dinner. Later we played Gother Than Thou for the first time! I got it on ebay for only £0.99 a while back, but haven't played it, cause at least then I barely knew any goths here (you have to be 3-5 players). Now I do though! I'm actually arranging a goth café meetup tomorrow! So hopefully there will be a proper scene here soon.

Anyway, we had to play a round first to familiarize ourselves with the rules, cause there are goth points, sickness points and money / debt to keep track of - which does affect the game. To win you need to have 20 goth points at the end of your turn. Honestly the game was a little underwhelming, I feel like it's been hyped up a lot by the few people on the internet who know about it. The cards are funny, but you get over it quickly. It's a little annoying to keep track of everything, and playing a round doesn't take very long. But I guess it's just one of those collector's items!

On monday morning she drove home. A little sad, but still so amazed that she bothered to come all this way just for me. I was also pretty tired, from being social so much (#introvert) and the lack of sleep. She's probably gonna read this, so: THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU! <3 I hope we get to see each other again soon. We've only met once before, at Subkult last year. She hasn't been to WGT yet, so she definitely needs to get her ass there! There's also my wedding - but we don't have a date for that yet.

If I can snap some pics tomorrow (and get permission to post them) at the café meetup, I'll write a post about it! I'm also working on a post about Frankenstein for Obscura Undead. See you soon!


  1. It sounds like a fab weekend.

  2. It's nice to have good friends like that, and she seems awesome.

    I do find it interesting that in Scandinavia strangers don't speak to one another. I've heard of this. Although things are different in other parts of my country, here in the American South, strangers talk all the time. Sometimes this is difficult for me because there are times when I don't feel much like talking.I guess it's best to stay home on those days.

    1. Yeah, that short time I lived in Orlando was quite a culture shock! WHY ARE STRANGERS CALLING ME SWEETIE X'D Here pretty much everyone is socially awkward.

    2. And Orlando, although it's geographically south, is not exactly a place where so-called "southern culture" exists. It's even friendlier in other parts of the South. I'm not saying there aren't other problems though.


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