Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ayame Designs Jewelry!

Today I'm excited to show you a little haul from Ayame Designs! It's actually my friend Jossie, who I will be meeting for the first time in 2 weeks after knowing each other for almost 3 years! We're staying at an AirBnB together for WGT, I'm so excited! She was super kind and sent me some of her stuff. I've really become jewelry obsessed lately, so picking what to wear for WGT is gonna be hard!

Jossie made custom stamps with her face on it, how cool is that?!
I've kept it, cause how many people do you know who has their face on a stamp? Hahaha.

A personal note and the tissue paper was sealed with wax, with the wolf from the logo!
I very carefully opened it, and managed to save the seal too.

Inside the tissue paper they came in this little bag! Very handy to have.

And here they are, plus a sticker!

Click here or here for the earrings!

Click here or here for the necklace!

Click here or here for the nose chain!

Zomg, a photo of me without make-up?! I didn't wear it yesterday since I felt it would be a little too much with all at once! But then I forgot to take a photo with it before I removed my make-up, so you'll just have to deal with the ''morning after'' look, hahah.

Anyway, I'm totally in love with this stuff! So they will most likely be coming with me for WGT (I haven't really started with outfit details yet)! One thing I found really unique is that for most products, you have different options for color, fastenings, etc. She can also make earrings to work for people with stretched ears! She is also willing to do completely custom stuff, I've seen she's made some amazing things in the past, so don't limit yourself to whatever's on her website or Etsy! Check her social media for her past work. She ships free within Europe, and for 7€ worldwide (tracking included). And her jewelry is pretty cheap too for what you get! This is why I love independent designers, they're the complete opposite of bigger brands where you get overpriced cheap shit. Plus the care and love small businesses put into their customers is so amazing! I've probably said all of this before, but I will never stop saying it!

Festival season is coming up, so if you want something new and shiny to wear, check out Ayame Designs! It took a week to get to me (Belgium to Norway), so even if you need something for WGT, you can still order and get it before you go!

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