Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Head On The Door by The Cure Review

Again just a year after the last album (1985), The Cure came back with an even pop-ier sound than we got a taste of with the last album. For this album they got Simon Gallup back, plus Boris Williams and Porl Thompson (officially) joined.

In Between Days
We get right into it with this classic hit! Everything about it is so lovely. I get this happy, summery and dancy feeling from it! And I hope Robert Smith isn't talking about himself getting old, cause he would have been 26 when this came out!

Kyoto Song
This one is a little darker and mysterious, with a touch of oriental to it.

The Blood
We go from oriental to Spanish! We even get a solo, haha. The keyboards are a nice touch.

Six Different Ways
So many unique sounds in this, I love it! Such a cute song.

God, I love the guitar riff in this one! This song takes you back to fun summer memories, the guitars create that kind of atmosphere.

The Baby Screams
I absolutely love the bass, piano and guitar in this! There is a lot going on, but it's layered well. It has a really unique sound!

Close To Me
Another classic hit! Such cute keyboards, and I really like Robert's different vocal tracks. This is also where the title of the album is referenced in the lyrics, since there isn't a title track for once.
''Oh, if only I was sure - that my head on the door was a dream''

A Night Like This
Most of the other tracks on this album sound very unique when it comes to the use of intruments, this one sounds more ''normal''. But we got some saxophone (played by Ron Howe) and piano in the background. It's still a very memorable and popular song though! Very romantic lyrics too.

That bass! Despite that making the song a little heavier, it's still a very catchy song.

Again, great bass. So glad to have Simon Gallup back! Together with the keyboards, piano, guitar and the effect on the vocals it creates a very nice and dreamy almost underwater atmosphere. A pretty good album closer, but it still leaves you wanting more!

This album wasn't very long, since the songs weren't, so it clocks in at about 38 minutes. We got a lot more radio friendly songs, unique sounds and the music sounds very happy - even though the lyrics might not necessarily be. But I don't think those are bad things! I think it's a great album, especially great for summer. Come back on Monday, and I will tackle the huge thing that is Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me!

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