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4:13 Dream by The Cure Review

Here we are, The Cure's last album! Released almost 11 years ago. But this year (hopefully) we'll finally get another one, so I'm excited about that! I'm wondering about what 4:13 means. 4... the four decades the band has existed in (70s, 80s, 90s and 00s)? Four members in the band? There were four singles off this too. But 13 was definitely a significant number for this; It is their 13th album, has 13 tracks, it was originally going to be released on September 13th, then on October 13th (but was released on October 27th instead), and on every 13th (June-September) they released a single (for September it was an EP).

Underneath The Stars
This sounds so dreamy! Takes you back to The Cure we all know and love. Great album opener. The echo effects on the vocals really add to the ethereal vibe. While it SOUNDS a little melancholic, the lyrics are very happy. About love, as usual! This is also the longest song on the album; over 6 minutes. But it definitely doesn't feel like it!

The Only One
This one is very upbeat, kind of typical of their earlier pop hits. Like a lot of those it has simple and repetitive lyrics, but instead of being very lovey-dovey it's very sexual! I think it's a great song.

The Reasons Why
Love the bass in this! Slightly different vocals in this one, not sure if I like it, haha. Sadly the lyrics to this song are from a suicide note Robert Smith received many years ago.

A little funk! We've heard that from them before (Hot Hot Hot), and I really like this song. The lyrics are so weird though, haha.

The guitar is nice, I'm kind of thinking luau, haha. The piano is nice too. The vocals are a little more unique. The lyrics are repetitive like many of their love songs, and he sings about a beautiful woman who wants him, but he doesn't seem to be sure if he wants to be with her.

The Real Snow White
To me this song is kind of meh. It's not memorable, and it drags on a little. The lyrics seem to be about sex and / or drugs, and the Snow White references are kind of weird.

The Hungry Ghost
This one has such memorable vocals! I don't really like the guitar with effect though, I think it would have been fine without it. The lyrics will probably be relevant for years to come; consumerism, and how some think money can buy happiness - but it doesn't. We just end up with shit we don't need.

A pretty different sound to this! That almost screeching guitar and fast drums, and kind of messy. There is some keyboards in there, but it's kind of hard to hear, same with the bass. Really sad lyrics.

The Perfect Boy
They already had The Perfect Girl, now they have The Perfect Boy too! It's a really nice song. The lyrics seem to be about a couple who don't have the same expectations for the relationship.

This. Here And Now. With You
Cool guitar, great bass. Love the vocals! Overall great song. On the surface it seems like a very ''live in the moment'' song, but there seems to be something deeper than that. Maybe there is something in the past of these two?

Sleep When I'm Dead
Pretty cool song! Love the bass. Everything is mixed very nicely. I think Robert wanted to send the world a message with this one; that he will do whatever he wants! He's not done with (musician) life yet, and he doesn't believe in a life after death.

The Scream
Kind of an eerie atmosphere to this one. It's so emotional. The (actual) scream (lol) in it is epic!

It's Over
Almost metal-sounding, it's pretty heavy! It drowns out Robert's voice though. He sings the lyrics so fast, I can't keep up! I think they're about someone who's a drug addict, and things are not going well in their life and relationship. It's pretty sad. I don't think this was a good album closer, really. It's not very them, and technically the last song we've gotten from them since then! Maybe it was put at the end because of the title. This could possibly have been their last album, they have left us hanging for quite a few years since then.

I had actually forgotten how much I like this album. But.. I only really enjoy about half of it. It has many songs, but it's 52 minutes, so it's kind of short in that sense. I think most people aren't big fans of this album, I don't know if it's because it's still ''new'', or just dismiss everything they put out after the 80s. But if you like Wish, you probably like this one too. So I don't think it's as bad as some people say! And I hope the next album will be even better. I will definitely review that when it's out!

So that's it guys, I'm done! Which means I am off to see them for the first time in just two days! Then straight to M'era Luna. I'm so excited! It's by the way my 25th birthday on the 8th. I will of course come back with posts about the show and the festival. There will also be a recap of these reviews plus the show over on Obscura Undead! But in the meantime I have a couple of posts for you I hopefully have time to put up while I'm gone. Bye for now!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of these reviews. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about The Cure's new album when it comes out. For that matter, I'm looking forward to hearing the album too. It's been a while!


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