Monday, August 12, 2019

My Very Own Gotikatur!

Some of you might have seen this already, but I felt it deserved its own blog post! I just needed to get around to it, my blog has had quite the queue the past month! M'era Luna is over already. I will post about that and The Cure at Øyafestivalen soon! In the meantime take a gander at my very own Gotikatur!

When I saw the thumbnails of these I instantly recognized my face, he really captured my likeness! The shape of my face and slight asian look, my huge eyes and upper lip, how my front teeth often peek through.. and of course the hair! Even the tattoo on my right arm! I also own that collar, and I LOVE square necklines, I feel they're very flattering on me. So I couldn't be any more happy with it!

Jan is such a talented guy. I've admired his work for a few years now, he has drawn a bunch of our friends as well as musicians, but I never felt I had the perfect selfie for him to draw! But he based the drawing on more than one photo of me, which was really cool of him! I will treasure this forever. And even better; it will be in the Wir Kellerkinder book! So if any of you get it, see if you can spot me!

If you want your own Gotikatur, contact him! You can find him on:

If you also want to be in the Wir Kellerkinder book, get the book for yourself, and / or just support it, there's still time! The kickstarter is open until August 17th, so head over there and pledge! Here is my blog post about it. 

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