Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Goodbye Family And The Great Mountain by Lorin Morgan-Richards Review

I received an email from the author who wanted to send me a copy of this book, and once I read what it was about, I immediately said yes! This is definitely up my alley, as I love spooky children's books.

This book is about a family of undertakers; the mother Pyridine is a mortician and a witch, the father Otis drives the hearse and their daughter Orphie is a grave digger.
Their neighbors are turning into zombies, and since there are no bodies to bury, they're out of business. They decide to travel to the underworld through the cemetery in their backyard, and discover an evil plot they have to stop.

It reminds me of  The Addams Family and A Series Of Unfortunate Events, with sprinkles of Roald Dahl and a wild west setting. There's plenty of illustrations, the text is semi-big with lots of space, and it's around 250 pages. There are funny quotes like “Dreary afternoon, my progeny”, ''Oh my goth'' and ''For goth's sake''. There are some words that could be difficult for younger children to understand, and of course dark humor and spooky themes. So it really depends on the child, but I think it would be best for older children, and of course anyone who loves stuff like this.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Gothest haul ever

Lame title, I know. But I've gotten myself a bunch of things the past month or so, and thought I'd compile it all in one post and show it to you! I'll also include some party photos from this weekend at the end.

I'll show one book I've gotten. There are more, but this is the one I'm most excited about! It's a HUGE book about deathrock and it's origins. It's at least A4 sized and over 600 pages. I've made it our featured book in the book club I run on Gothy Discord, but I have no idea how long it'll take to read. I haven't read much in the past two weeks, but I've read a few chapters already. I will probably be posting a review when I finish it! You can buy it here.

I ordered two CDs from 13th Chime's Bandcamp page, and they kindly sent me Senex IV's debut album as well! The latter is a new band which features two members from 13th Chime. It's not exactly a goth band, but it's really interesting.

I bought all of these from a seller on Discogs. Lots of old goodies! While I prefer to support artists as much as I can, it can get hard when you HAVE TO order online to do so. Shipping, taxes and customs to Norway piles up to a lot, so it's rarely worth it to order unless you can get many from the same place. But at the same time I don't think there's anything wrong with thrifting music! It's fun to hunt, and a great way to grow your collection. When you do it online you can find specific albums you've been wanting for a long time but can't get where you live.

Note: With the situation around the world right now, I highly recommend supporting artists, especially smaller ones. They're losing a lot of money from having to cancel shows and tours, so buy their merch if possible, and digital music if you're into that!

KVD Beauty just launched here in Norway, so I stopped by a make-up store and got myself a brow pomade. Lately I've just used eyeshadow, and even though that has worked fine for me, why not try something that might be even better. I've tried it once so far, and MAN, it's so smooth and pigmented! There are photos where I have it on further down in this post.
Also bought the first black nail polish I've owned in.. almost 3 years. I bought a purple one recently too, but it was super cheap, so it flakes off instantly, haha. This black one is so pigmented you only need one layer! It's not the best when it comes to flaking, but when I have every other nail black and purple, the black is definitely looking good in comparison.

Just have to gush over these ADORABLE shoes! Got them second hand, I was SUPER excited to find a pair of shoes in size 35! I need at least that to wear dainty shoes like this. They fit me perfectly, and now I'm constantly wearing them around the house. Can't wait for summer so I can wear them out!

Also; I got cyberlox! A teenage dream has been fulfilled, and just at the right time! I don't own a respirator, I'm not really a fan of that look, but now I should have one, haha. I actually think the cybergoth look suits me! I've been a cybergoth on the inside for years, and now in the time of the toiletpapocalypse she's here!

Choose your team

Our local goth night got cancelled because of the virus (Norway is very affected), so my friend decided to host the pre-party for the whole night. Thursday I was smacked in the face with so many cancellations and just Norway shutting down in general, so we wanted to have SOME fun before the entire world goes to shit! I hope everyone is doing okay out there. I'll try to get some reading done and write up some blog posts.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Spiderweb contrast sleeve DIY

So this was something that randomly happened in the middle of the night. Someone on Gothy Discord asked how you do this, and after I explained how, I remembered that one of my blazers had a bare sleeve, and I also happened to have a pair of white stockings that had started to get too ripped to wear. Let me take you through this late-night DIY journey!

I first cut off the lace tops of the stockings, which I considered to sew onto the blazer as cuffs for a second, but decided against it. I kept them, there might be something else I'd like to do that to! If I was going to be a traditional bride, I could have used them as garters.
Anyway, I threaded the stocking over the sleeve to see if it was a good fit. The length was pretty much perfect, but it was a little tight. Either way I thought it would look nicer to cut it up more, plus get rid of the tiny red hearts going along the back of the stockings.

Here's the piece after cutting off the excess, and ripping it up a little. My favorite technique for stocking ripping is a fork, and then pulling. You then get smaller holes, but more runs, which is the look I prefer. Then I fastened one edge with a couple of safety pins around the shoulder seam of the blazer. I did a lot of playing with placement, pulling it around, and I cut into it a few places so there would be more ''air'' and I could stretch it even more. Basically treat it as you would when you decorate with cotton spiderwebs for halloween, and secure with safety pins!

So there's the finished work from all angles, and a look at how the rest of the blazer looks. Those who have followed this blog since almost the beginning might remember when I made this! It's been.. 3 years now? The cool thing about garments like this is that you can update them over the years. Switch out pins / buttons and even patches, and just add whatever decor you feel like. Let them evolve with you!

Saturday, February 22, 2020


I recently made my very first ASOS purchase! My friend Teresia shops there a lot, and she always looks amazing, so I finally decided to give it a try! I mainly wanted belts, since I've really been loving them lately. I found one belt that I saw Louise had, I complimented it, but I thought it was several, turns out it was once piece! So when I saw it, I had to have it. I love it so much already!


I'm really happy with my order! Everything was relatively cheap, and I spent enough to get free shipping. Got slapped in the face with taxes and customs when I picked it up though, which added up to be half the order value. Life in Norway! I ordered in the evening, and it was shipped the next morning - I think it's the norwegian postal service's fault that it took closer to two weeks to get here.

ASOS seems to have a good range of sizes, they have petite, tall and plus size sections, often the same products for different sizes, which is pretty cool. I was a little scared the belts would be too big for me, but Teresia found a size chart, and the waist of the smallest sizes would fit me (but not the hip). The belts I bought are meant to be waist belts. The first one fits both my waist and hips, the second and third only fit my hips and waist respectively. I might be able to get the second one around my waist, if I ONLY use the O-ring part and let the chain part hang down.

Can't wait to put all of these into use along with different outfits! I think belts like this are a really good way to jazz up even the simplest of outfits. I'm definitely a fan of low effort, especially cause I suck at remembering to accessorize. But I've gotten better! And there's nothing like getting pieces you're really excited about to motivate you.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Accidental Valentine's Date

About a month ago we planned to go out to eat before this month's goth night, cause Simen had a weekend off for once, and got paid a couple of days before. A while later I saw a Valentine's meme on facebook and realized what day we had planned this on... I asked Simen if it was on purpose, and it wasn't! So we made sure to get a reservation, haha. I also pointed this out to the goth night DJs and asked them to play Friday I'm In Love, since it'd be perfect! I also pestered them with more suggestions up until the day of, haha.

So here's my look!
Decided to go with a dress, since I wear them so rarely.
This one is thrifted, it's so cool and fits pretty well!
I'm actually wearing it backwards.
Red eyeshadow and stockings cuz luuuv.

I managed to get a good photo of us!
This took many tries, haha.

We ate at Jamie Oliver's Italian, which is a relatively new restaurant here, I've wanted to go there since I saw it opened. We got there a little early, so we ordered drinks at the bar while we waited. I got a blackberry amaretto sour (really good!) and Simen got a rosemary negroni (the rosemary actually did a lot). The food was really good, and it wasn't super expensive. I'd definitely go there again! I of course had the carbonara, since that's my favorite dish, I could eat it every day. It was angel hair pasta, with A LOT of bacon - including a random thin slice of crispy bacon on top, haha. Simen liked his burger, and the fries were really good. Just after I took the photo below the server came with fresh parmesan for me, and gave Simen an aioli - which was DELICIOUS. I love aioli, but hate when they barely taste of garlic. This one tasted SO strongly of garlic, haha.

We were so full we couldn't do dessert, so we went to where goth night is held (the bar Simen works at, which he just became bar manager of) and hung out with his coworkers before goth night started. Simen got the DJs to play The Mission's Butterfly On A Wheel and we awkwardly slowdanced alone on the dancefloor. Hilarious and sweet. We probably won't even do that at our wedding, haha!

Here is the playlist for the night:

We sadly had to leave at 1, cause Simen is actually sick. He has a fever and everything! He's such a trooper for have lasted that long. He knew I had looked forward to it since we made the plans, but when I noticed he was almost falling asleep, I told him if he feels he needs to go home, we're going home. Funnily enough we left during Kælan Mikla's Sýnir, which meant we JUST missed this:

I'll listen to the rest of the playlist later. I started working on our wedding playlist this week, and I sent it to one of the DJs for inspiration, and I was sure they'd play other stuff I could put on it too. It's already super long already, probably more than we need, but that's just how it is, haha.

Today we planned to stay at home anyway. Simen wanted to drive to the store and get some stuff, but I refused to let him move and called my dad instead. So now I've gotten him a care package, and he can stay on the couch until he's better. It might be the flu, so he just has to ride it out.

Aside from typing this post out, I'm reading to Svartpunkt. magazine and listening to the CD that came with it. It's a new Swedish magazine about dark alternative music. I saw Simon (Coalcandy) post about it on facebook a week ago, and immediately wanted to support it. So I got a subscription! I'll be getting the 4 issues plus a bonus issue for subscribers and be entered for giveaways. The magazine is like your ''proper'' magazine, glossy and pretty thick. Like I mentioned it includes a compilation CD, from what I can tell by all Swedish artists. Not sure if they're including one for every issue. The magazine is written in Swedish by the way, so if you wanna get it, you should either understand Swedish, or.. not care, haha.

The magazine is only one of many things I've ordered for myself lately, so I might do a haul post soon! I've already posted some stuff on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Dracula (2020 BBC / Netflix series) Review

Ok so I'm sure most people have heard of this by now! I actually didn't know about it until I saw a review in the local paper, and just a couple of days later I got messages from several people. Oh you know me so well. So now, let me tell you what this Dracula / vampire nerd thought about it!

The series consists of three almost movie long episodes, similar to the new A Christmas Carol which came out recently (which I highly recommend, by the way! It's really dark and has interesting backstories). Dracula is played by Danish actor Claes Bang, and he's going for the more sexy (but mature) vampire. I'm really impressed by his English, I have to say.
The show has a very Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat style, they got the same composers too, which was pretty easy to hear. They kept some aspects from the book and some inspiration from other adaptions, but it's overall a very ''Sherlock goes horror'' vibe, kind of mindfuck at times, like the last Sherlock season. I know Gatiss loves horror, I remember I once stumbled over his documentary series A History Of Horror. Speaking of, they made a documentary for this as well, called In Search Of Dracula (fun fact; Jonathan Ross did one with the same name in the 90s). I couldn't find that, but if / when I do, I will watch it.

The next three paragraphs consist of my thoughts while watching each episode:

Why are there so many flies?! Disgusting. I was prepared though, I know stuff like this can feature insects, so I made sure to finish my food before I started. But good news; no spiders!
Ok looks like we're going for the ''Harker and Renfield are the same person'' angle.
The nun is super inappropriate, but through her we get flashbacks to Harker's trip to Transylvania - with some annoying interruptions when she asks questions.
Dracula is a parody of himself. Did not like our first moments of him, when he's old looking.
But the rest of the first episode was decent, there was a lot of action, and it wasn't predictable. I recognise the castle as the same one from Nosferatu (1922)!

Episode two is in the same style as the first in terms of narration, but this time, bizzarely, Dracula is playing chess with and telling van Helsing about his journey on the Demeter (the episode is fittingly titled Blood Vessel). And apparently their conversation and game turns out to be some kind of dream sequence? I'm not quite sure. Jonathan Aris plays the captain of the ship, and among the passengers are newlyweds Lord Ruthven and Dorabella. I like that in this adaption we actually get to see what happened on the Demeter, which we don't in the book or most other adaptions. The end of the episode left me a little confused. See next paragraph!

Okay I can't possibly leave this out; the third episode takes place in the present.
We meet Lucy Westenra, and I really love what they did to her character. A woman of color who gets tons of likes on Instagram and goes night clubbing - a modern party girl! The perfect way to modernize Lucy. What happens to her here is even more horrible than in the book, you actually feel bad for her, while book Lucy is more ''good riddance, you were annoying''.
Of course Jack Seward, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood make appearances, but only Jack is of importance. We barely get to see the others, really.
Also, I was wrong about one of the first things I thought when I started this; Renfield actually shows up! Played by Mark Gatiss himself. It's fun to see Dracula and Renfield actually interact.
One thing I came to think of; since Dracula is first shown looking ancient, and gets younger after feeding on Jonathan, why is he still young when he wakes up in the present? He hasn't had blood for 123 years, but doesn't seem hungry.
OMFG Dracula using Tinder, now THAT is hilarious. Nice spin on ''children of the night - what music they make'' and ''bloofer lady''.
I feel the ending was very... Sherlocky. I don't know how to feel about it. Also I didn't mention this before since it's kind of a spoiler for the first episode, but I just have to say that making van Helsing a woman and ''reincarnating'' her was a nice choice, even though that has been done before.

So in conclusion; I actually feel very similar about this as with Sherlock. It's not THAT great, but fun to watch, it can fuck with your head and frustrate you. I'd say if you enjoyed that, give this a go. And don't give up immediately, I know some people did that, and I can understand why, the first episode had quite a rocky start, but it got better. They were obviously not going for making another ''WE are finally gonna be the ones to stay true to the book!'', not at all. And I think that's a good thing. Dracula (and Sherlock) are literally the two characters that have been adapted the most in literary history, and I think they did a pretty decent job at bringing new life to and modernizing them.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Will my cat eat my eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty Review

“I'm bringing body back. Returning corpses, but they're not intact.
Kids, this is a Justin Timberlake reference.
You're fine not knowing who that is.”

I have been following Caitlin Doughty ever since she started out on youtube. Her very first sponsor was Audible, so I decided to try an audiobook for the very first time since I was.. a toddler. And of course I chose one of her books! I've been listening to her voice for years, so I thought that would be fitting (I read 700-1000 wpm, so I don't really like being read to).

Listening to it is like listening to a playlist of her videos. She's a very good narrator, in this case I think it was very fitting that she recorded her own audiobook. Nobody else could have read this like she does, and kept with her humor.

Caitlin answers 35 questions about death from kids, dedicating a chapter to each. She answers them really well, and gives a lot of facts related to the question. It's really interesting! There's science, humor, history and death customs around the world.

Now I'd say this isn't a book for ALL children. I think they'd have to have been talked to about death, and understand that what happens to bodies after death is a little icky. There are also medical terms and other words in it that might be difficult to understand for children (sex is also mentioned).
So if you're wondering about the book being suitable for your child, that really depends on the child and their knowledge, experience and state of mind.

I also think this book would be entertaining to a lot of adults! Not the squeamish ones though. But if you're interested in death, this is a great way to learn some new things. And of course Caitlin's Ask A Mortician youtube channel!

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