Sunday, January 5, 2020

Will my cat eat my eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty Review

“I'm bringing body back. Returning corpses, but they're not intact.
Kids, this is a Justin Timberlake reference.
You're fine not knowing who that is.”

I have been following Caitlin Doughty ever since she started out on youtube. Her very first sponsor was Audible, so I decided to try an audiobook for the very first time since I was.. a toddler. And of course I chose one of her books! I've been listening to her voice for years, so I thought that would be fitting (I read 700-1000 wpm, so I don't really like being read to).

Listening to it is like listening to a playlist of her videos. She's a very good narrator, in this case I think it was very fitting that she recorded her own audiobook. Nobody else could have read this like she does, and kept with her humor.

Caitlin answers 35 questions about death from kids, dedicating a chapter to each. She answers them really well, and gives a lot of facts related to the question. It's really interesting! There's science, humor, history and death customs around the world.

Now I'd say this isn't a book for ALL children. I think they'd have to have been talked to about death, and understand that what happens to bodies after death is a little icky. There are also medical terms and other words in it that might be difficult to understand for children (sex is also mentioned).
So if you're wondering about the book being suitable for your child, that really depends on the child and their knowledge, experience and state of mind.

I also think this book would be entertaining to a lot of adults! Not the squeamish ones though. But if you're interested in death, this is a great way to learn some new things. And of course Caitlin's Ask A Mortician youtube channel!

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