Friday, March 6, 2020

Spiderweb contrast sleeve DIY

So this was something that randomly happened in the middle of the night. Someone on Gothy Discord asked how you do this, and after I explained how, I remembered that one of my blazers had a bare sleeve, and I also happened to have a pair of white stockings that had started to get too ripped to wear. Let me take you through this late-night DIY journey!

I first cut off the lace tops of the stockings, which I considered to sew onto the blazer as cuffs for a second, but decided against it. I kept them, there might be something else I'd like to do that to! If I was going to be a traditional bride, I could have used them as garters.
Anyway, I threaded the stocking over the sleeve to see if it was a good fit. The length was pretty much perfect, but it was a little tight. Either way I thought it would look nicer to cut it up more, plus get rid of the tiny red hearts going along the back of the stockings.

Here's the piece after cutting off the excess, and ripping it up a little. My favorite technique for stocking ripping is a fork, and then pulling. You then get smaller holes, but more runs, which is the look I prefer. Then I fastened one edge with a couple of safety pins around the shoulder seam of the blazer. I did a lot of playing with placement, pulling it around, and I cut into it a few places so there would be more ''air'' and I could stretch it even more. Basically treat it as you would when you decorate with cotton spiderwebs for halloween, and secure with safety pins!

So there's the finished work from all angles, and a look at how the rest of the blazer looks. Those who have followed this blog since almost the beginning might remember when I made this! It's been.. 3 years now? The cool thing about garments like this is that you can update them over the years. Switch out pins / buttons and even patches, and just add whatever decor you feel like. Let them evolve with you!


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