Sunday, September 6, 2020

Punk Rave & Lip Service Haul!

I usually don't buy ''brand'' clothing, mainly cause I tend to be pretty cheap, but I also struggle with finding clothes that fit my tiny frame. Today I'll show you my first hauls from two brands that have a reputation of having pretty small clothes; Punk Rave and Lip Service. Shipping from Punk Rave was free, and was delivered with DHL. With Lip Service it was about $20 with USPS, and both packages came within a week of ordering, which is crazy fast, especially in these times!

I feel completely in love with this romantic top when I saw it. I love off-the-shoulder tops, it has such a lovely shape, sleeves like that are cool, and it has nice details. The smallest size was close to my measurements, and as you can see, it fits me really well! I wore it yesterday and wearing it right now. Now that the weather is getting colder, I definitely need more longsleeves in my life, even though this one isn't made out of very thick material. Still counts, I'm getting there!

Oh, almost forgot. The top comes with this cute detachable brooch! I need to remember to take it off before I wash the top. Now, onto something completely different!

Excuse my shiny butt LOL

This top is so unique! I've never seen anything like it. Different chains, O-rings, that ''sharkbite'' hem, and both off-the-shoulder and regular strap. There's so much going on, but it's still not too much! When I got it, I noticed that the collar was 40 cm, which is a little over 10 cm too big for my neck. So I just cut off 5 cm on each side and sewed it back together, and now it fits perfectly! So just be aware of that if you wanna get it, whether you are smaller or bigger than that. It's such a shame that it's cold now! I can definitely see myself wearing this at events in the summer (*stares longingly into space*).

Here's a detail I didn't even notice on the site! The chains in the front have these little.. skulls? aliens? babies? on them. Super cool! By the way, the hardware on the top isn't super heavy, so it doesn't weigh down on your neck or anything.

This is a top I've been eyeing for a while. It's cheap, simple and flattering. I was worried that the straps would be too long for me, but it JUST works fine without revealing too much. The length is alright, going down to about the end of my ribs.

My big splurge: these PVC leggings. My trouble with leggings is that I never fill them out. The smallest size they have has a 23'' waist, so I decided to give it a shot, even though I knew they would be a little long on me. If I stand straight, they will scrunch up, but whenever I sit and such, I'll get that nice tight look. The quality of these are great, all the other (cheap) PVC I have are nothing in comparison. I've also ordered some handmade latex pieces, so I think it's time I got myself a kit to take care of fabrics like that. So if you are eyeing these, I definitely recommend getting them! They do stretch, even though it feels hard to get into them at first. As the site recommends, oiling them is a good idea, so you don't make farting noises all the time, and your legs don't stick together.

I threw in a face mask with my order. They're not really much of a thing here in Norway, but why not. First off, it's too big for my face, so I had to tie knots in the elastic bands to make it fit (it makes my ears stick out weirdly lol). Secondly, it's very thin, I think it's only one layer (it's recommended that cloth masks have three layers). I can't blow out a candle while wearing it, but something to keep in mind.

And then there's this dress! I have a similar dress that I LOVE, and this was on sale, soo.. why not. I love that it has adjustable straps, cause that's often a problem I struggle with. The fit is alright, but it's VERY A-shaped, so you don't really get that definition of the waist, just slightly in the chest like a babydoll. I tried it with a petticoat, but the one I have was too big for it as it's meant for 50's style dresses. It looks alright on it's own though. It's a very simple dress, as is the fabric, it's thin and kind of stiff. I don't think it's worth the full price, but on sale.. maybe.

One last thing! Have to show you the best shirt ever! You might know that I am OBSESSED with What We Do In The Shadows, both the movie and show. I saw this t-shirt design in a Facebook group, and just HAD to get it. Click here for adult size t-shirts (scroll down for other products) - I'm wearing a youth size small, cause I'm tiny. Shame that the children's sizes have a smaller print than the adult ones, but that seems to be common with TeePublic shirts.

Alright, that was it! Hope you enjoyed a rare ''brand'' haul from me. I'm happy with them and had so much fun taking all the photos yesterday. Thank you to Punk Rave for providing me with a gift card! PS: Lip Service is having a labor day weekend sale, so if you see this post early, you might make it!

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