Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TheBelfry.RIP - A Network Of Gothy Podcasts & More!

Today I'm going to talk about TheBelfry.RIP - A cool network with goth podcasts and other things!
If you're like me, you're a pretty lonely goth in a small place. What do we do? We turn to the internet to connect with like-minded people! When I discovered Wave Gotik Treffen I felt at home for the very first time. Sadly it's only a few days once a year. So I itch after connecting to other goths for the rest of the year! This summer I found something that scratched that itch, and that was the Cemetery Confessions podcast.

Cemetery Confessions is a monthly podcast that talks about goth related topics. Each month they take on a large philosophical topic, and discuss that, usually with guests. It's very insightful! It's also very fun, it's not all serious. For example the Gothquisition episodes, which they have two of now. They gather a bunch of people, and basically piss people off! I find it hilarious. I wouldn't really call myself an elitist, I don't take all this too seriously - It's important to laugh at ourselves!
They also talk about news related to goth, do reviews, interviews and more! I highly recommend checking it out. There should be a new episode coming out in a couple of days! They're also on Patreon! I give them a dollar a month. It's not much, but I like supporting them! If you give more they also have some cool perks.

GothCast is another podcast, and they mostly talk about music. They have tons of episodes dedicated to bands (often multiple), where they review every album and such. I find it really fun, as weirdly enough goths rarely discuss music. It's usually just ''I like this - Oh me too!'' or something. Boring. These guys will even come with some unpopular opinions! They also have a website where they post more than the podcasts - they do some videos too!

The Requiem is a podcast that consists of setlists by different DJs! Every week there's a new podcast. It's a great resource for discovering new music! There's a lot of these bands that I've never heard before (as far as I know). GothCast mostly talks about classics, and I know basically every single band they talk about, so The Requiem can be pretty refreshing! Probably great for parties too!

There are also other podcasts, but I haven't checked them out yet. I've heard every single Cemetery Confessions and GothCast podcast, and I'm still casually going through The Requiem. Head over to TheBelfry.Rip and check it out! They also have a facebook page, as do all the podcasts, where they post news, memes and other interesting stuff! You can download the podcasts on iTunes or their Belfry Network App in the Google Play Store.

Now I'm gonna head on back to curating in the Gothic community on Amino! I found that community through Caligo Bastet a short while after I found The Belfry. It's not a perfect community, and there's a lot of young people there, but as a team member I'm trying my best to make it a good place to connect with goths. Amino has communities for everything, I'm also a member of Trad Goth and Black Metal. So if you want, download the app and check it out! That's it from me today, have a nice day! By the way thank you for all of the views I've gotten the past few days! I have no idea where you guys are coming from (I can only see that you're from the USA), but awesome! Hope you enjoy.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Leather Leather Leather Leather

Heyhey! Today is a Sisters Of Mercy day. When I got up today, that was what was calling me (Marian...)! I've done a little adulting today, paying bills and writing up a shopping list. I also looked into some latex clothing and updated my ModelMayhem page. We took a quick drive to the mall (my boyfriend had to scrape his car, we had no idea it was THAT cold outside), and after buying some food I noticed that H&M is selling some pretty goth-friendly stuff nowadays! Or, well they have been doing that for ages, but it's nice to see that they keep doing it! At least here in Norway H&M is considered a cheap basic store (I know in other places it's considered a little bit more fancy). Now as I'm typing I'm eating a burger and fries that my boyfriend just made!

Collar - WGT Black Market
Lace sleeve crop top - Ambiance Apparel
Leather skirt (with pockets!!!) - Forever 21

Leather jacket - Poizen Industries
Lace-up and buckled boots - Demonia

Yesterday me and Peter did our first livestream! We had to do it twice since it didn't work out the first time, so I'm not so happy with how this turned out, but oh well. Check it out if you're interested!

My make-up for the show

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Wicca 4: Different Paths

One of the biggest reasons I'm drawn to Wicca is because it's so diverse. You can believe in different traditions, be in a coven, be a solitary witch, believe in different Gods and so on. It's all-inclusive! Paganism has different paths within itself, and one of them is Wicca, which also has different paths. Today I'm going to tell you about some of them, and some that are more pagan. I can't help but compare this to goth and its many subgenres. Just like within goth there are ''elitists'' who think that ''oh things should be so and so'', but most people are eclectic witches. It's very open-minded!
What is common for everyone (like goths and the big goth bands), is that it's based on ancient pagan traditions. Wicca itself didn't come about until the 1950's, thanks to Gerald Gardner. I highly recommend reading his books, as well as Doreen Valiente's (his high priestess).

Gardnerian Wicca
Obviously named after Gerald Gardner. Based on ancient traditions and English paganism. They celebrate the elements (though have different colors to symbolize them), but not Spirit. They worship both the God and Goddess. They celebrate sky-clad (naked). They have a high priest and priestess of each coven, but the priestess is more important. They are very focused on male and female rites.

Alexandrian Wicca
Named after Alex Sanders, who in the 1960's with his partner Maxine founded this tradition. They incorporated Judaeo-Christian, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic elements. They worship the triple Goddess (maiden, mother and crone) and the dual God (dark and light). Many other deities are also worshipped. Alexandrian Wicca is mainly based on Gardnerian Wicca, but they honor five elements in the colors I mentioned in my last post.

Saxon Wicca
Founded by Raymond Buckland in the 1970's, who also brought Wicca to the USA. It's based on Gardnerian Wicca, English Saxon and Scottish Pictish traditions.

Hedgewitches / Solitaries
While the paths above are practiced in groups, there are tons of witches that practice alone. Mostly because of living in places where there are no other Wiccans. We are called solitary witches. We can be practicing any kind of path, but we do it alone. Some also use the word hedgewitch, but technically that is someone who serves their community (like a healer and such) - though many modern witches use it anyway.

This is the word used for someone who has ''inherited'' witchcraft from their family. What path they follow doesn't matter (like solitary witches). I guess it's something to be proud of!

Radical Faery (LGBT)
I said earlier that Wicca is like goth; the people are open-minded and are unique! So of course there are paths for LGBT people! The Radical Faery tradition is for gay men, Dianic groups are for lesbians / females. There's also Reclaiming Tradition, who are political and works with social discrimination. Isn't that great?

The word for the ''pick-and-choosers'' of Wiccan traditions. The ones who take some things from one path, and other things from another path. This is quite normal. We can't help what we believe in and feel comfortable doing!

All Wiccans are pagans, but not all pagans are witches. Describing paganism is hard. It can be anything! It's not like they had much ''order'' back in the day all over the world. Some believe in a God or Goddess, some regard nature as their God. But most follow the wheel of the year and the Moon's cycle.

Druids are the close Celtic pagan relatives of witches. They worship nature, celebrate the solar festivals, and honor a God or Goddess. This one is also a little hard to define, but is similar to Wicca in its different ways of being practiced.

Ahh, the belief of the Æsir! Since my last name is Åsgård, I've always been interested in the Norse gods. It's based on what the ancient northern heathens / pagans believed in. The past few decades it has grown a lot! Now technically this isn't Wiccan, but it is similar in many ways. And come on, I HAD to include it!

Now, since I mentioned belief in Norse gods, let's talk about other gods that have fascinated me since childhood! Ancient mythologies have gods and goddesses that symbolize different things, and we Wiccans use those a lot in our work. Celtic gods like Brighid, Belenos, Herne, Rhiannon and Arhianrhod. Norse gods like Odin, Tor, Frøya, Loke and Frigg. Greek and Roman deities are very popular. Egyptian gods are also looked highly upon, especially Isis. There's tons of deities to explore!
There is no shame in believing in different gods from different mythologies. As long as you respect them and do research, you should be fine! My next blog post will go into more detail about gods.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

So Goff

Today is a pretty calm day. I'm just sitting reading Anne Rice (just finished Interview With The Vampire, and now reading The Vampire Lestat - this is the first time I'm reading them, I've only read those ''new tales'' before) while listening to The Cure. Yesterday I mostly did the same, but I was listening to my WGT Warm-Up playlist, so I danced until I was sweating! Today I'm not moving. Some saturday, huh. But it is terribly gothy of me! I'm also easing back on to being active on Gothic Amino again. If you didn't know, I'm a curator in the Gothic community on the app Amino. Lately things have been pretty dramatic there, members accusing the team of crazy, untrue things. I didn't want to see all the fighting, so the past week or so I've been on the down low. I watched Netflix anyway, so that kept me busy! *** I was just distracted by carbonara, and my boyfriend left for work again. I'm just gonna keep on doing what I was doing. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Mayhem girlie- CD Pre-order
Jeans - JAG

Okay so you remember the other day when my doll jumped off the shelf? My boyfriend told me she did it again last night! She really IS an attention-seeking dare devil. Why can't you be like your sister?! She's well behaved! Ish. LOL I'm not crazy - OMFG SHE JUST JUMPED OFF THE SHELF AGAIN! Oh my god, my heart. I managed to catch her though! What is up with these dolls? Fine, I'll fucking keep her off the shelf for the evening. I was saying I'm not crazy, cause these things really are alive! Sorry if I'm freaking you out, hahahah. People don't even want to visit me because of them.

Friday, January 27, 2017

My Body Modifications

So to blog about something more interesting as well as letting you getting to know me better, I decided to compile a post where I list all of my body modifications! Piercings and tattoos to be specific. I stalked myself on facebook to find photos of my tattoos from when they were fresh (as those are usually the best photos of them). I won't bother to find photos of my piercings, as I find that unnecessary. My very first piercings were a couple in my lobes when I was a kid, but they were done in the Philippines with a gun and really bad aftercare instructions, so they only lasted for a couple of weeks. They seriously told me to clean with alcohol, constantly twist the earrings (didn't tell me to wash my hands) and change jewelry after two weeks. Pretty sure they were nickel too.
Edit: I forgot to mention that at 16 I got my lip pierced twice by friends! Done with fucking pharmacy needles. They didn't last long, hahah. For one of them the blood squirted and I almost fainted!
Another edit: I had my eyebrow pierced, but only kept it for a little over 6 months.


  • Belly button (age 15)
  • Septum (age 15)
  • Nostril (age 16)
  • Nostril (age 18)
  • Both nipples (age 20)
  • Earlobes (age 23)
  • Right earlobe (age 24)

People will probably ask ''Did it hurt?'', so I'll answer it briefly; no. Getting a piercing done takes less than a second, so you barely have time to react. I think it feels like a pinch. Some might find getting the jewelry put in uncomfortable, but I didn't. I think the worst ones were my nostrils.
As for plans for more? I plan to fill up my ears, but I'm taking it slow and casual. I've also wanted dermals in my sternum and hips, but since they reject so easily I don't really think it will be worth it. We'll see.


Nemi dragon by Marielle Røyseth

While holding my friend's hand when she was getting her first tattoo done, I booked the appointment for my first one, which was on my 18th birthday. I didn't have the idea for very long, honestly, but I felt it was a fitting first one. I had loved the comic character Nemi since I was a little girl, and wanted to be just like her - at 17 or 16 I realized I had become just like her! So I got this to symbolize that even though I've changed and come a long way in life, I am still the same person.

Burning grenade heart by Wendell Yap

As everyone knows, after you start getting tattoos, you want more. I got this one a short while before turning 19, but I had the idea since I was 14. I bought a book in the Philippines called Heavy Metal And You, and if you google it, you'll see how similar the book cover is to this tattoo. That book got me into metal, pretty much. I had listened to metal before that, but after that book I was obsessed. I'm pretty sure the grenade texture to it came from Green Day's American Idiot.

Strength tarot card by Tomas Brudvik

I got this the day before Samhain when I was 19. I was born on august 8th (08.08), so 8 is a special number to me I guess. The 8th tarot card is Strength, which depicts a woman empowering a lion. My zodiac sign happens to be a lion! I love felines. Coincidence? I think not. I believe myself to be a strong woman - mentally, I mean. If you've met me, you know that I'm the smallest person you have met! So I think this was a great idea. It's mostly inspired by the art of Luis Royo, but we brought in some elements of other dark depictions of the card.

Elsa by Johnny Flash

In the summer of 2014, right before I turned 20, I had randomly gotten a job at Walt Disney World, so I moved across the world to a continent I had never set foot on before. That's what teenagers do, right? Ok maybe not. Anyway, the movie Frozen was HUGE at the time, and my coworkers hated it, but I loved it. I could relate so much to Elsa. This lonely depressed girl that pushed away people who loved her cause she felt she was a burden to them. What a nice role model to have! So in love of her, a memory of working at Disney and to cover self harm scars (you can still see them if you look closely), I got this. I searched 6 pages on google to find this Orlando artist, which is amazing! It took two sessions, the first one in december, and the second in january of 2015. I love it so much. Now I can look in awe of the beauty on my arm instead of seeing ugly scars that won't go away.

Filipino by Clington Espinosa

Which brings me to my newest one, done in summer of 2016. This idea I've had since I was 14 or 15. There is a place called Waterfront in Cebu in the Philippines (where my mother is from) which has these wall paintings of beautiful women in filipino national costumes. I combined them into this tattoo to represent my pinoy pride! The artist did a great job in doing that, as I probably had about seven different paintings I liked. I think it turned out pretty good, and it gives that authentic filipino feel - it's obviously done by a filipino artist. It took about 5 or 6 hours and was painful - and the aftercare was horrible, as Cebu city is so polluted and dirty, and the shower water at the hotel had chlorine in it - so I wore plastic on top the first few days when I knew I would be out around traffic, and washed it with bottled water. Did you by the way know that thick creams in the Philippines are sold in the tiniest packaging? My tattoo and eczema skin were not happy about that.

I got these two done by my friend Marthe in September 2019. She also did my partner's first tattoo. Forget-me-nots are my favorite flower, and I really love bats. Not any super deep reasons for these. I wanted to fill out the spot around my Nemi dragon a bit, but without ruining how iconic it is. Really satisfied with the result! We're definitely going back to her, she's getting better and better every day!

Like with piercings, you are probably wondering if these hurt. Yes and no. The thing is, tattoos are like childbirth (not that I have kids yet). Some hurt and some don't, they're expensive, but they're worth the process and pain - you forget the pain and you'll have it for life. Don't cheap out. If you're like me and your tattoos mean something to you, it's worth it. To be more specific, I thought the ribs and thigh were the worst - so both the ones I got in the Philippines, hahah. My arms didn't hurt, the worst one there was my Elsa on my lower arm, which really wasn't bad.
As for plans, my next will be my other thigh: the painting Åsgårdsreien with Frøya as the valkyrie in her cat wagon in the front. This will represent my norwegian side, and my last name is Åsgård - plus I'm a Wiccan / Pagan. I don't know when that will be, as the artist I want has a long waiting time and I have no idea when I will have the money. You can probably tell that I'm pretty picky about artists. I spent years planning my tattoos, and I have quite a few ideas that are many years old that will get done in the course of my life. There's no rush, I have my whole life ahead of me! Plus I don't wanna fill up my tiny body too fast, so I think around one tattoo (and one piercing) a year on average is plenty enough.

Those are my body mods and thoughts! Hope you enjoyed this, and let me know what you think! Feel free to tell me some of your views and such as well.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cuts You Up

Good afternoon! I just had dinner and have started watching Bones again. I will probably finish season 11 today, since I managed to watch half of it yesterday. Earlier I had my weekly psychologist appointment, which was enlightening and gave me something to think about and work on. She complimented my outfit too!

Blazer - Wow (tween store)
Singlet - XtraX (now EMP)
Slashed top - Random store in the Philippines
Denim pencil skirt - DarXity (Leipzig)
Stockings - Gifted

Business at first glance, party at the second glance I guess. The red top USED to fit me when I was 15 and didn't have boobs, but I like it so much that I won't let it go, hahah. It's hard for me to find clothes that are even close to tight-fitting! So it's no surprise I bought it in the Philippines. The skirt I bought for €5 cause the zipper in the front was broken - I just use safety pins to shut it. The stockings is one of the three pairs my friend gave me after she dressed up as a bloody clown for halloween. If anyone else wants to give me parts of their previous halloween costumes, I'm open!

Yesterday my ''sister-in-law'' (our boyfriends are brothers) uploaded her first youtube video! It's her ungoth confessions. I think that tag is useful to those younger people who think that you have to ''become'' a goth and check off all the things from some list. The truth is that we all are in no way 100% goth 24/7. So get over yourselves, people! Trying to be a stereotype is boring and not cool.
Please give her some love and stay tuned for more videos from her! She will be vlogging during our WGT trip, so you'll probably see me in those videos! I'm not really interested in doing gothy videos, so she can be the goth vlogger in this family, and I can be the blogger haha. Can't wait to see more!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


''Darkthrone'' logo top - MTWTFSS WEEKDAY
(use code ''carnivorous'' for $3 off!)

Speaking of skeletons, after being on Netflix all day, I noticed there's a season of Bones I haven't seen yet; season 11! Bones is probably one of my favorite shows in the entire world. I love murder mysteries, it's intelligent, funny and I actually empathize with the characters! I never do that. I can't tell you how many times I've cried for both sadness and joy while watching and re-watching it. I'm thinking that I might have to re-watch it again. I rarely re-watch things! That just shows you how much I love it. So if you'll excuse me, already this first episode is pretty exciting.
Sorry my blogs are so boring, I just have no life (especially after rediscovering Netflix). I will try to work on some interesting for the weekend. Hope you guys are having more eventful lives than I am!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Black Devil

Saturday I was at a party. Met some old friends, and some new people. It was nice. Left early, since I have finally managed to get a normal sleep schedule. Though the party started at 18, so I guess we were there for a while. I was wearing the outfit below, but sadly I had to immediately get it off as there were tons of cats where we were (which I recently found out I am allergic to, sadly).

Make-up - Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar
Jewelry - The Pumpkin Coven
Dress - Queen Of Darkness

Gorgoroth shirt - Helvete / Neseblod
Belt - Witchy Bitchy (local store)
Pre-ripped pants that ripped even more - Charlotte Russe

While I was lintrolling myself before taking the photo above my boyfriend noticed something; one doll was missing from my shelf. I immediately looked under the table, and there was Sin! My dolls tend to jump really far randomly. I guess they just want attention! So here you go, little one.

I'm going to return to Elementary now - I've almost finished catching up! See you soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Wicca 3: The Five Elements

My incense has been lit, so let's delve into this week's topic; the five elements. They've been with us since the dawn of time, and before religion, they were with us. These elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. There are many words and interpretations of the last one. The Celts held Earth, Fire and Water sacred, that's why you see that three swirls symbol on their sites.
All the elements are separate beings, but all come together in some way. They work together to create the world we live in. That's why we regard the fifth element; Spirit, to be the one that binds them all together.

Symbolizing each of these elements is very important in witchwork. In our sacred circle we place a physical thing to symbolize them in a compass around it. We thank and honor them, so they can give us energy. This is often symbolized by the pentacle, the five-pointed star.

Air - East - Yellow - Rational thought
Fire - South - Red - Willpower, courage
Water - West - Blue - Emotions
Earth - North - Green - Physicality
Spirit - Centre - Purple or white

Working with Air
Air is represented by the color yellow, wind-chimes, feathers, birds, airborne seeds, scented herbs (lavender or mint), and wands. Sometimes Gods like Athena and Hermes (Mercury) are associated with it. Air is in the east of the circle, so this is where we burn our incense. Symbolic functions Air has are reason, learning, intellectual knowledge, communication, the law, movement, expedition and language. While the physical ones are breath, wind, sound, scent and memory. Focus on some of these when you meditate and work with air.

  • Focus on your breath, relax and slow your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth three times.
  • Take a breath and imagine that it's your last and hold it. How does that feel? Remember the last time you had a clogged nose or something. What did that feel like?
  • Take deep breaths and make different sounds as you breathe out. Now try to make sounds / words without breathing. What happens?
  • Take a walk on a windy day. Look at how the speed and power affects everything around you. Concentrate on everything you feel.
In the east, the element of Air; communication, reason and memory, our first breath and our last, you are honored in this circle. Be present at our rites and bring to this circle your gifts of clarity, teaching, learning and understanding. Hail and welcome!

Working with Fire
Fire is represented by the color red, candles, lamps, carved dragons or salamanders, flowers, herbs, spices, gums (frankincense, cinnamon, cactus, coriander), and athames (a type of knife we use for rituals). Sometimes Gods like Brighid and Belenos are associated with it. Symbolic functions Fire has are inspiration, willpower, courage, activity, energy and empowerment. The physical ones are flame, combustion, electricity, warmth, light, body heat and Sun rays. Remember this throughout your everyday life and pick your symbols for your meditation and work.

  • Take a walk on a sunny day, and feel the warmth and light, even when your eyes are closed.
  • Think about how everything in the world is affected by the Sun.
  • Take an evening where you shut off all electricity and spend the night by candlelight or a bonfire outside.
  • How does no electricity affect you? Think about how it helps you in your everyday life.
In the south, the element of Fire; inspiration, passion and courage, the spark that ignited our existence, you are honored in this circle. Be present at our rites and bring to this circle your gifts of willpower, daring and creativity. Hail and welcome!

Working with Water
Water is represented by the color blue, glass pebbles, depictions of sea creatures, herbs, flowers (roses, hyacinths, myrtle, lovage) and a chalice. Sometimes Gods like Rhiannon and Yemana are associated with it. The symbolic functions Water has are balance, healing, love, emotions, mystery, birth, women's cycles and knowledge. The physical ones are cleansing, moisture, cooling, quenching and bodily fluids. Remember how important water is to us, and focus on that and symbols.
  • Find a place in nature with a body of water and look at it. See how it moves.
  • How has the water affected the landscape around you? And the humans? How do they use it?
  • Do some research on tides in your area.
  • Meditate while feeling your pulse. Feel your internal rivers and concentrate on it.
In the west, the element of Water; intuition, dreams and emotions, seas, rain, rivers and the primordial waters of birth, you are honored in this circle. Be present at our rites and bring to this circle your gifts of love, balance and healing. Hail and welcome!

Working with Earth
Earth is represented by the color green, living plants, wood, crystals, stones, fallen branches, images of forest creatures, herbs, gums, oils (patchouli, cypress, yew, mandrake), and a pentacle. Sometimes Gods like Demeter and the Green Man are associated with it. The symbolic functions Earth has are manifestation, fruition, fertility, embodiment and solidity. The physical ones are sensation, physicality, food, shelter and protection. Acknowledge the significance of matter in this world.
  • Go out into nature and discover the shape and texture, as well as animals living there.
  • Meditate and imagine you are one with the ground, rooted far beneath you.
  • When you rise, imagine you are a moving mountain. How does that feel?
  • Touch the grooves of your body, and compare yourself to a mountain. Have you thought of this before? How you are a part of nature, and at one with the earth?
In the north, the element of Earth; fertility, stability and practicality, rock, crystal, soil, bones and body, you are honored in this circle. Be present at our rites and bring to this circle your gifts of sheltered protection and manifestation. Hail and welcome!

Working with Spirit
Spirit is represented by the colors purple and white, spiderweb symbols, quartz crystals, threads and distaffs. Sometimes Gods like Hecate and Changing Woman are associated with it. Spirit is connection, change, transformation. It's not physical, but we know it's there, like with love and courage. It connects everything in the universe. When you are ready to become a Wiccan, Spirit will show you a connection, truth and a way forward. The answers will come to you in time. Meditate and nurture your own Spirit, and it will reveal itself to you.
  • Think about how many people you come into contact with in a week. Then how many they come into contact week. You will see that we all are connected somehow.
  • Keep going with that thought and think about it in a larger state. Will you somehow affect other people far into your web of outer contacts?
  • Think about the air we breathe, the heat we create, the water cycle and human genetics. Are these connected in a similar way, you think?
  • World Wide Web - how I'm connecting to you right now. How has it affected you, and how do you affect others with this tool? Think about the consequences of your actions.
In the center, the element of Spirit; connection and magic, water and web, you are honored in this circle. Be present at our rites and bring to us your gifts of transformation. Hail and welcome!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Favorite Music From American Horror Story: Hotel

After I left you yesterday, I started watching AHS Hotel. I believe I saw the previous four seasons around a year ago, but at least at the time Hotel wasn't available on norwegian Netflix. I had a friend visit me a little over a year ago, and she was watching the season - I remember I was freaking out because the music was delightfully gothy! And now that I've watched the entire season, I need to share with you some of the best songs they played on this season of the show.

While the swedish girls (I needed no subtitles there lol) checked in.
There are also a couple of New Order songs throughout the season!

I can never get enough of Sisters Of Mercy! <3
Lucretia My Reflection is also played in a killing scene!

The all-time classic! The ''first'' goth song!
I have a feeling they got a lot of inspiration from The Hunger for this season. I like it!

An honorable mention to Love & Rockets!

 The beloved Siouxsie And The Banshees! <3 One of my favorite Siouxsie songs.

Another good one! Look how cute they are!

Ahh, The Cure! <3 They also play Lullaby during a wedding scene!

Just like The Cure's Friday I'm In Love, a song that EVERYONE knows!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fit really well!
In the show Peaky Blinders they use Red Right Hand ALL the time.

Couldn't help myself! I love this song.

I love this song so fucking much! My god. <3

And with that I'm ending this post. So as you can see (and hear), if you like goth music, you will enjoy this season of AHS! If lots of blood and sex (and Lady Gaga) doesn't scare you, give it a go! Hope you have a nice weekend, and maybe I gave you something new to listen to or watch!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew

Some music to get you started!

A7x shirt I cut up - Gig
Pants - Mango
Skelly socks - H&M

Pants detail

So the past days me and my boyfriend have been watching some shows!
First we watched the 4th season of Sherlock - THAT was intense. We stayed up until 9 in the morning, we couldn't handle the suspense after the second episode! It was completely jam-packed with action, I almost ripped my hair out. Now 1-3 years until we get more Sherlock... Now it DID seem like they could have ended the series here, but I doubt it.
Yesterday we watched A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I re-read the books not too long ago, and I still love them as much as when I was a child! Maybe even more. There is so many hidden jokes and stuff you might only get if you're an adult, and the dark humor is so great. The series is basically gothic literature for children, and it's strongly recommended for all ages! Already in the first episode they are foreshadowing SO many things that will happen WAY later in the series, it's crazy! I had to explain so many things to my boyfriend and I yelled out so many times when they referenced things we will know about later. I was 10 years old when the movie came out, and I loved the aesthetics of it, but like with this series, it irks me a little bit that Count Olaf is played by a comedian - but both are pretty funny. There are some changes in the show that made me go ''why?'', but I can't wait for more!

An hour ago I went for a walk! I know, crazy, right. Listened to some music and took some pictures.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jewelry Tree - Literally!

So for a good while now I've been looking for a DIY way to store my jewelry, as they were just lying around in a box on our messy nightstand, making me not noticing them - and I'd never wear them. I've never been a person who accessorized much, but I want to! So this is really helping me: We got a little baby Yule tree from my boyfriend's mother, and since we don't own any decorations it was just sitting in the corner of our living room. I looked at it and got a brilliant idea:

I turned it into a literal jewelry tree!

Sorry the pictures are bad.
But doesn't it look cool?!

Here is the original full-size at my boyfriend's parent's house 

 I love it, it looks so great!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two Videos AND Outfits!

Our first episode of our new web series came out on thursday, so if you haven't seen it, check it out!

I also uploaded the other video for my make-up channel that I had filmed in october. It's a funny experience of me depotting eyeshadows into a palette! We'll see if there will be more videos soon.

I've been a little gone from the blogging world because of my terrible sleeping schedule. I basically slept the entire weekend! So weird. But I did go out on saturday night! An old friend was visiting, so I had to see her. Other than that I've been sleeping. Crazy life, huh?

Saturday night look, with red and black cut-crease.
Shirt I cut up - Bodymap
Tights - Topshop
Boots - New Rock (not recommended for ice)
Added a hoodie, leather jacket, gloves and legwarmers.

Violet dream outfit! <3
T-shirt I cut up - Outfitter's Nation
Belt - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)
Skirt - Lip Service
Tutu - Poizen Industries
Stockings - Walmart (around halloween)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Wicca 2: The Eight Sabbats & Wheel Of The Year

Hello and welcome! This week I will talk about the eight sabbats Wiccans celebrate - AKA holidays. Some of them might surprise you! We celebrate them at certain times when the earth's turning, the sun and seasons change around us. The dates in this photo are for the northern hemisphere - if you are in the southern hemisphere they are reversed (Samhain and Beltane switch, for example).We put these together in the wheel of the year.

Four of these are solar festivals; Yule (winter solstice), Ostara (spring equinox), Litha (summer solstice) and Mabon / Modron (fall equinox). That probably tells you what and why we celebrate. Humans in different religions have celebrated these for ages, and many still do. In Norway there is usually still some kind of celebration around these dates. Fun fact: We still call christmas ''jul'' here! That shows you that we used to be pagan many years ago. It comes from ''hjul'', which means ''wheel''. This probably means that the old nordic pagans believed this to be their new year. Ostara is named after the goddess of fertility (Eostre), which people might recognize as easter. Litha is the longest day of the year, and Mabon / Modron is a day where the night and day are equal, and we celebrate the fruits of the harvest.

The other four are known as celtic fire festivals, and aren't necessarily celebrated on the date shown above, but usually when certain things in nature happen, or the closest full moon. Like Imbolc, in which we celebrate the first drops of snow. Some might know this as the festival of Brighid, where one celebrates the first thaw, birth of the lambs and the coming of spring. Beltane means ''bright fire'', and celebrates basically all the green in nature. Some countries still celebrates this as ''may day''. Lugnasadh / Lammas celebrates the first harvest. Last but not least we have Samhain, which many knows as halloween. It celebrates the first frost, but also where we celebrate our ancestors (day of the dead). Samhain was considered to be the Celtic new year.
You might see a different date of these other places, but usually the festivities begin at sundown the day before.

Samhain - The Festival Of The Dead
Even though it is considered the beginning of winter, most people regard this as the day of the dead. Many believe the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinner on this night. We don't celebrate this because we LOVE death or anything, but we regard it as a part of life and try to be positive before we go into the dark winter. The Celtics looked upon this as a new year beginning.
The crone / hag / witch is a popular image this season, with good reason. We Wiccans celebrate the old woman aspect of the Goddess, she is wise and is our midwife throughout life. She is represented by Goddesses like Hecate, Ceridwen and Rhiannon.
In our celebrations we remember the ones who have died in the past year (and later on talk to the ones who have died in previous years), but we also celebrate those born in the past year. Death is a natural part of life, and we accept that, and try to stay positive.

Yule - The Winter Solstice
Known by many names, this is an important day to many. It's the shortest day of the year.
This is the day when the Goddess gives birth to the Star child, a holiday many religions share.
We decorate our homes with greens to remind ourselves that the earth will be green again.
The dark and cold winter is a time many feel down (winter depression is a thing), and that's why people spend lots of time with friends and family around this time.
We light candles to find the sun again.

Imbolc - The Feast Of Brighid
Now the days are longer, and winter loses it's grip. The lambs are born, and lambs drinking milk is a common image associated with this festival. St. Bridget protects newborn animals, women and children. She is said to have been Mary's midwife in Christian mythology. But in Wicca, she is the midwife to nature, and this is why many plant seeds around this time, so she will bring life to them. This is an important festival for women, and sometimes part of the festivities are held separate for the genders before they join together later. This is the time we draw energy from Brighid and get inspiration for creativity and get ready again to make the world a better place.

Ostara - The Spring Equinox
Sometimes called the vernal equinox, which means youthful, is the time right before the day is longer than the night. The Goddess who inspired this festival has the hare as her symbol, which fits very well with this time of year, as the grass is still short enough for hares to be easily seen. Hares symbolize fertility, which is something later religions have taken inspiration from (Easter - bunny). We decorate eggs and hang them from a branch (one found on the ground), and wish for things to come in the summer - I think it's a great way to symbolize that!

Beltane - The Time Of The Green Man
In which we celebrate the coming of summer, and the green man, who is the consort of the Goddess. This is the time when both animals and the Goddess and God mate, and she becomes pregnant with the Star child who will be born in Yule. This is often why many get married / handfasted during this time. Many believe that this is when the veil between the mortals and faery is thin (this festival is opposite of Samhain). The Celtics used to light to sacred fires and make the cattle walk between them to protect them. ''Bel'' means ''bright'', so this might be where the festival has its name from, but it can also be certain Gods / Goddesses. Many light a small bonfire and jump over them to be blessed and make promises to the coming year, but a broomstick can also be used (probably safer anyway). Many do this during their handfasting, and that's because the broomstick united the male (handle) and the female (brush). This also symbolizes going from spring to summer.

Litha - The Summer Solstice
The longest day of the year, where we gather strength from the sun to carry us through the darker days to come. Litha MIGHT mean ''wheel'' (as well as Yule does), as 2000 years ago people used to set wheels on fire and send them down a hill towards the crops to symbolize the sun and hopefully make it warm the crops. Bonfires on this day have been very common for several centuries. There is one on this day in walking distance from where I live to celebrate St. Hans, so it's still going on today and in different religions. Most people celebrate this festival outside, and many stay up during the shortest night of the year. Drumming during sundown and sunrise is also very common.

Lugnasadh / Lammas - The Harvest Festival
Now the days are equally long. It gets its name from the sun God Lugh, or ''loaf mass''. This is when we celebrate the harvest of the corn. While this might not be relevant for most of us in this modern city-living day, we still make corn-dollies in spirit. Many believe that one of the Gods sacrifice themselves to feed us. This is the time we are thankful and give back - our thanksgiving, if you will.

Modron / Mabon - The Fall Equinox
While the days are still about the same length, Modron reminds us that it will get darker soon. We harvest the fruits, which represents the Goddess now being in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Many also believe that the God and the Crone aspect of the Goddess will soon die and go to the land of the dead. As many other religions have believed in the past, the Goddess is three (maiden, mother and crone), and the God will be reborn. That's why some believe that when we die we go to the ''summerlands'', where everyone is eternally young - it's all a cycle.
Apples are a big symbol for this festival, and many believe that the five-pointed star (that represents all the elements) is inside when you slice it open. It's eaten to remind us that we stand between reality and the otherworld, and that we now stand between light and darkness. We remember the Goddesses associated with the underworld (Freya, Persephone, Inanna, Ishtar). We prepare to grow and regenerate during the winter.

Now we have come around the wheel of the year. I hope I explained these festivals enough for you, that you have learned something new and realized the connections we all share. Next time I will talk about the five elements, how much they mean to us and how to connect with them.

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