Saturday, January 7, 2017

Band Tee DIY - No Sewing Required!

This DIY is something I have done to several of my t-shirts lately. It's mostly inspired by a video I saw by LigeiaResurrected. I suck at doing DIY's, I'm not creative at all when it comes to clothes and I can't sew for shit. So I depend on others for inspiration!
My usual problem is that I'm WAY too small for most band shirts. Being a female black metal fan, I'm pretty doomed when it comes to finding a shirt that fits. If I find girlies, I buy them immediately! But for the rest I hate how they look on me. So what do I do to make them fit me and look more feminine without sewing? Well, I'm going to show you!

The before.
I usually do this when I pull a shirt out of my closet and realize it's too baggy.

Fold in half evenly and cut the collar off.
Make sure you don't cut too much!
I usually put it on and snip just a little where I want it to end.

Tada! I don't care about ragged edges.

I also cut off a significant portion of the bottom.
Make sure to check how long the print is on the front and back.

Then I cut off a small piece off the sleeves.
Usually band tee sleeves reach me to the elbows.
To cut evenly, simply put the piece from the last sleeve on top of the other!

This is the hardest part, that I learned from LigeiaResurrected.
Lie down the sleeve evenly, and cut triangles into the edge.
The longer they are, the tighter the fit.
Then snip them apart as shown.

Sorry for bad photo, but it's black, so...
What you do now is tie those back together!
This will give your t-shirt a tighter fit.
I cut all the way into the neckline.

Finished result!

Sleeve detail.

Hope this was helpful to some of you, and understandable! I'm sure other female metalheads will feel my pain with too big shirts. So here's a way to make them look more feminine and fit better!
I might do what I did to the sleeves here to the sides of a shirt one day, and I'll probably take pictures of that and let you know how it goes. If you are inexperienced with DIY, don't experiment with your favorite shirt!!! If everything fails, you might be able to salvage the print and sew it on your bag or a jacket or something. Maybe even a pillow! I've seen several people make pillows out of band tees.

Collar - Black Market @ WGT
Top - Poizen Industries
Leather skirt - Peekaboo
Fishnets - How should I know?


Kind of a fetish goth outfit today. Sorry for the outrageously image-heavy post! But I hope you enjoyed and all have a nice weekend. Remember to come back tomorrow for the first post in my Wicca series!

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