Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cuts You Up

Good afternoon! I just had dinner and have started watching Bones again. I will probably finish season 11 today, since I managed to watch half of it yesterday. Earlier I had my weekly psychologist appointment, which was enlightening and gave me something to think about and work on. She complimented my outfit too!

Blazer - Wow (tween store)
Singlet - XtraX (now EMP)
Slashed top - Random store in the Philippines
Denim pencil skirt - DarXity (Leipzig)
Stockings - Gifted

Business at first glance, party at the second glance I guess. The red top USED to fit me when I was 15 and didn't have boobs, but I like it so much that I won't let it go, hahah. It's hard for me to find clothes that are even close to tight-fitting! So it's no surprise I bought it in the Philippines. The skirt I bought for €5 cause the zipper in the front was broken - I just use safety pins to shut it. The stockings is one of the three pairs my friend gave me after she dressed up as a bloody clown for halloween. If anyone else wants to give me parts of their previous halloween costumes, I'm open!

Yesterday my ''sister-in-law'' (our boyfriends are brothers) uploaded her first youtube video! It's her ungoth confessions. I think that tag is useful to those younger people who think that you have to ''become'' a goth and check off all the things from some list. The truth is that we all are in no way 100% goth 24/7. So get over yourselves, people! Trying to be a stereotype is boring and not cool.
Please give her some love and stay tuned for more videos from her! She will be vlogging during our WGT trip, so you'll probably see me in those videos! I'm not really interested in doing gothy videos, so she can be the goth vlogger in this family, and I can be the blogger haha. Can't wait to see more!

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