Saturday, January 28, 2017

So Goff

Today is a pretty calm day. I'm just sitting reading Anne Rice (just finished Interview With The Vampire, and now reading The Vampire Lestat - this is the first time I'm reading them, I've only read those ''new tales'' before) while listening to The Cure. Yesterday I mostly did the same, but I was listening to my WGT Warm-Up playlist, so I danced until I was sweating! Today I'm not moving. Some saturday, huh. But it is terribly gothy of me! I'm also easing back on to being active on Gothic Amino again. If you didn't know, I'm a curator in the Gothic community on the app Amino. Lately things have been pretty dramatic there, members accusing the team of crazy, untrue things. I didn't want to see all the fighting, so the past week or so I've been on the down low. I watched Netflix anyway, so that kept me busy! *** I was just distracted by carbonara, and my boyfriend left for work again. I'm just gonna keep on doing what I was doing. Hope you have a nice weekend!

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Jeans - JAG

Okay so you remember the other day when my doll jumped off the shelf? My boyfriend told me she did it again last night! She really IS an attention-seeking dare devil. Why can't you be like your sister?! She's well behaved! Ish. LOL I'm not crazy - OMFG SHE JUST JUMPED OFF THE SHELF AGAIN! Oh my god, my heart. I managed to catch her though! What is up with these dolls? Fine, I'll fucking keep her off the shelf for the evening. I was saying I'm not crazy, cause these things really are alive! Sorry if I'm freaking you out, hahahah. People don't even want to visit me because of them.

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