Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bloody Victorian & Gothic Graveyard Interviews Jossie Ayame!

Cameo necklace - GoodGoth
White blouse - WOW
Corset - XtraX (now EMP)
Skirt - RQBL
Bustle - GoodGoth
Bloody stockings - Top Toy

Not sure if the corset has a brand, but I'm pretty sure I got it while XtraX still existed - it's my go-to corset! It just works with everything. Today is a good day, I could almost close it completely with ease! It's a size 20''. The skirt I got at Outland, this geek store chain here in Norway, but Dracula Clothing sells it too, in different colors. The tulle bustle gives it that extra oomph! And the stockings I got from my friend Sandra who bought them for a halloween costume. Gimme ALL the halloween things! I've added this pretty lace tailcoat-style blazer I found at a thrift store, since it's so fucking cold right now.

We just released a new episode of The Gothic Graveyard Show! We interview the awesome Jossie Ayame. We will do a live show on sunday, noon Massachusetts time and 18:00 norwegian time. So if you want to see us live, ask questions and stuff, make sure you tune in to our youtube channel then!

We'll see if I blog tomorrow. I was looking over my idea list, and nothing really jumped out at me. So if you have suggestions for blog posts you want to see, send them my way! I want my blog to be fun to read, but I also want to tackle more serious topics as I go along. I'd say I've gotten a long way already since I started, I already have over 5000 views! So I must be doing SOMETHING right. This is really fun, so don't worry, I will keep doing this for a good while! But I would love to hear feedback. I'm gonna go do.. things. See you soon!

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