Saturday, February 18, 2017

Candy Is The Cure

Hello! Just thought I'd catch up with you, since it's been a few days. Not much has happened, but yesterday we were invited over to dinner with another couple, and had norwegian yule food, pretty much (ribbe). Mmmm meat. We also played through Cards Against Humanity - It's probably been 6 months since the last time I played it. I lost though, hahah. We all had bad cards constantly for the most part. But it was fun! Today I somehow managed to get sick, so I went back to bed. Probably gonna write up tomorrow's post later.

Iron Maiden tee - Some bootleg booth at local market
Leggings - XtraX (now EMP)
Mickey Mouse socks - H&M

Another band tee DIY I just did! I cut the neck rectangular and tightened both the sleeves and sides with my usual technique. It turned out really well! I BARELY managed to not ruin the print. Not a big deal anyway, since it's not official merch. Cool that my leggings kind of match! They have these asian style ties on the sides - Pretty much all frayed or / and loose now, since I've had it for a few years. And of course the socks since I'm that fucking cool.

Fun fact: I'm making a mess right now by eating a chocolate croissant in bed. Speaking of chocolate! Remember how I talked in my last post about surprising your love with chocolates and shit on OTHER days than valentine's day? WELL. The day after my boyfriend surprised me with Lindt chocolate - and he hadn't even read the part in the post where I mention that I think that's one of the best chocolate brands. Today he got me some candies I really like, though it's usually just jelly beans in a small box - He found a small bag with jelly beans, jelly + foam candies and little chocolate beans. I devoured the whole thing immediately. I am really spoiled, I know. I just really love unhealthy things.

Do you like my lovely Instagram art? Follow me @CarnivorousMakeup! I've mostly been kidnapped by Pinterest the past couple of days, so if you're on there, follow me! I need to explore more.

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