Monday, February 6, 2017

Fvck your ego. Fvck your scene. Fvck your fashion. Fvck your lies. Fvck your trend. Fvck your style.

Saturday evening I did a Gothic Graveyard live stream, with Peter and Alanna. We discuss the internet (in regards to goth culture), answer viewer questions, nu / pastel goth and more! So much fun, check it out!

Yesterday we interviewed Jossie Ayame, that was fun! She talks about the goth culture in South Africa as well as around the world, her modeling and jewelry designing and more! She's awesome. That episode isn't out yet, but it will be soon! So stay tuned for that.
Alice Cooper shirt - Gig
Pants - ONLY
Hello Kitty socks - H&M

Awww, I look so cute. I don't look 4'9'' in this photo though! Anyway, eugh, today wasn't exactly a good day. I couldn't sleep all night, and I had a check-up at the doctor's at 9 AM. The nurse didn't dare to prick me, since my veins are so tiny (they wanted 5 vials of blood) - so I had to go to the hospital! I've heard people have had to do this, but I surprisingly never have, even though I've been told drawing my blood is like taking an exam, hahah. I went home and ate a little first, and then headed up there. It's a huge building, so it was a little confusing, but I found my way.
This nice lady gave me a glove filled with hot water so I could warm up my veins - interesting! Then she stuck a kiddie needle in me and pulled out 5 vials of blood pretty quickly, it actually wasn't difficult. Usually getting 1 or 2 vials is hard, and they have to fucking wiggle the needle. Not comfortable. I felt a little light-headed, but not as much as I have felt before, but by the time I had walked the couple of meters to where my boyfriend was sitting, I was REALLY dizzy and I almost fainted. Apparently my lips went almost white. People freaked out a bit and I had to lie down and a doctor was called and bla bla. I felt better after some minutes, and I could get out of there. I'm also having my period, so that probably didn't help the fact that my body doesn't want to lose blood, haha. So that was my unexpected adventure of the day! I needed to go sleep afterwards to re-gain strength.
I just woke up and am awaiting dinner. Oh, today I downloaded a cross-stitching app! Bubble Witch 3 is REALLY pissing me off now, so I needed something relaxing. Hopefully this won't piss me off. Playing games is really not my thing... Sounds like my food is coming! Btw in case you're confused the title is from the song Fvck Indvstrial by Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist - I've seen them both live! They make awesome party music.

Oh and one more thing! All goths who read this, read this article by Aytakk over at TheBelfry.RIP! It's about dressing goth, discrimination and image. I think it's a really important read, especially for the younger ones! I see people with these problems basically every day. GET OVER YOURSELVES, PEOPLE.

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