Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gothic Valentine's Day

Top - Jsfn
Corset - XtraX (now EMP)
Skirt - Gaisano Metro department store
Stockings with lace top - Probably a lingerie store

Jewelry - Alchemy Gothic

I accidentally dressed for the occasion! The jewelry was given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend. I rarely take the ring off, so you can probably see it in every outfit post - So here's finally a close-up!

Now, we don't celebrate Valentine's day. We show each other love and tell each other that we love one another every single day, so what's the point? I honestly think it's stupid that a mostly commercial holiday has to remind you to show your partner love - and I'm not even talking about gifts. Like a meme my boyfriend found today said; ''Every day is Valentine's day if you're in the right relationship''. For us it is! Now, we have lived together officially for over 6 months now, so I understand that domestic life can make your romantic love a little boring. If you find that happening, try to do small things for your partner to light up their life! Do household chores for them, cook for them, leave them little notes. Text them while they're at work - If you have lunch at the same time why not make it a date? Just little things mean a lot. To us it does! My boyfriend makes me so happy when he surprises me with chocolates or snacks, or buys me nicotine if he notices I'm running out.

We goths are pretty romantic people. If you want to give your gothically inclined loved one some gifts, I actually have a couple of suggestions! Fuck it if Valentine's is over. It's way better to surprise them any other day! It shows them that you think of them.

Chocolate / Foods
Everyone loves food! My boyfriend actually doesn't like chocolate or wine. But I sure LOVE chocolate (wine not so much, I prefer sour liquors). The chocolates above my parents got me while on vacation, probably around halloween. I believe the brand was Hotel Chocolat, but I have to admit the taste wasn't that amazing. But they were super cute though! The best chocolate is probably Guylian, Lindt and brands like that. I've seen this heart-shaped box of spooky-shaped vegan chocolate on social media, so if your love is vegan, google that.
The chips are from a cheap store here in Norway, and they sell them all year round. I've always loved these! So cute and delicious.
If you're a baker you could make some spooky shaped cookies! I got some halloween cookie cutters, but I haven't used them yet. I also have a halloween cupcake stand. Extra points if you bake for your love!

Like shown above, Alchemy Gothic has tons of gorgeous jewelry! My boyfriend got me this necklace from The Pumpkin Coven and it's the nicest necklace I have - I immediately bought the matching bracelet.

Smell is a very strong sense we have - especially mine. I usually don't like the high-end perfumes you find in stores, I think they just all ''smell like a duty free''. But don't fret, there are tons of gothy brands that sell gothy perfumes! Lush actually has a couple. The one pictured above is called Death & Decay, and is the one I use now. I immediately fell for the name when it was released, and when I smelled it I had to have it - It smells like white lilies. Karma is also a gothy smell they have, it smells like the classic patchouli and sitrus. I have that one too, and I used to have it in soap form.
Other companies are Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Parfume Noire and.. I'm not sure of what brand, but it's just called Patchouli Perfume. I've only seen it in person at Darxity in Leipzig, Germany.
BPAL makes TONS of incredible sounding scents, often centered around gothic and geeky themes. I've drooled over their site for years, but have never ordered anything.
Parfume Noire has a HUGE selection of perfumes, and even though I've visited WGT four times I've never been able to decide on which one I want. I swear I'll buy one this year.
The Patchouli Perfume is pretty cheap, and a must for goths. If you didn't know, patchouli is THE smell of goths. I don't know why. But often during WGT a flock of goths can walk past and a waft of patchouli will hit you. I love the smell! So I'm gonna have to get a bottle of that on my next visit.

Those were my suggestions! I personally don't want flowers, I'd rather want a potted plant, as I want them to live. I LOVE the idea of planting a tree, so that's an environmental / witchy idea!
Other than that, take your loved one out. Picnics or walks in a cemetery are a classic. Even a candle-lit dinner at home would be lovely! There's tons of things you can do with your loved one. Think of what your mutual interests are, or even do something you know they'll like, even if you personally don't care for it. That would mean the world to them, and shows them that you love them.

What are your opinions of Valentine's day, and do you celebrate it?

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