Saturday, February 25, 2017

Natural Eczema Remedies

Hi! I know I said my next post would be a clothing haul, but the post fucked up AGAIN, so it'll probably arrive on monday. I also ordered even more clothes for both me and my boyfriend!
Yesterday my parents came for a brief visit, and Ørjan came over for the evening. One weird thing... We live in a place where there are a lot of junkies around, and we found this in our mailbox:

Selvmord - Suicide in norwegian.

Anyway, since I've had some pretty boring outfits the past few days, I decided to wear some more nicer stuff the next week or so! Today I went for kind of an ''evil queen'' look. Funny, I got the shirt from a guy who ordered it in size L from an asian site - it's even too tight on MY shoulders!

Bolero - Thrifted
Anatomical heart with scissors necklace - VampireFreaks
Black and red shirt - Gifted
Red overbust satin corset - Dracula Clothing
Petticoat skirt - XtraX (now EMP)
Boots - Demonia

Now, on to the most exciting thing here! A friend recommended me this homemade facial scrub recipe. She's used it for two days and she's already noticed a difference! My skin has been AWFUL for many months (hence why I never show my face in outfit photos), and the strongest available prescription stuff for atopic eczema is just not working as well. So me and my boyfriend set off to the mall to gather the ingredients!

 I got some coconut oil as well, since I hear it's AMAZING.

Now, here's how I made it, based off of what she told me:
Start with 100 grams of sugar

Saturate with olive oil (I might have added too much)

Add a tablespoon of honey

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice

Add a little bit of finely chopped parsley.
Also mix in some of your favorite body soap in, but not too much.
I added a dash of unperfumed body soap (Dr. Greve).

And there you have it! I scooped the mixture into this cute little jar that we had. I guess I'll be using this up to three times a week. I honestly have been pretty scared of face scrubs, since my face is SO sensitive, that I'm scared I'll just rub my face raw (or all of my skin off lol). But my friend said it wasn't harsh at all! I immediately agreed once I added the olive oil, then it kind of got this ''slushie'' consistency.
I put a glob of it on my face and massaged it all over my face for probably a few minutes. It didn't feel harsh. When I washed it off my hands, my hands felt like silk. I screamed MY HANDS ARE SO SOFT to my boyfriend. Then I washed it off of my face. OH MY FUCKING GOD. I screamed a little more, and after I dried my face, I ran to my boyfriend and made him touch my skin. I don't think I've EVER had this soft skin! Just a few minutes prior my skin felt like leather in some areas. If I got THIS result after just ONE use.. Oh my gosh. You need to try this NOW!
I'm sure this works well for all skin types, and all of the ingredients have multiple benefits for skin.

Ahh, the beloved coconut oil. I've been hearing for a good while online that this is the shit. I've just never thought about it when I was at the grocery store, and this time I finally found it. Compared to what a moisturizer costs for me at the pharmacy, this was nothing - And you can probably get it for super cheap on Amazon or Ebay. Already it's been giving my skin a soft feel, and it doesn't absorb immediately like everything else does. I'll be sure to rub my entire body in at least once a day!
Coconut oil has ENDLESS possibilities of uses, so I'm probably gonna look up more and more in the future. A few minutes ago I googled if it works for beards, and immediately handed the tub to my boyfriend, who is growing his beard really long right now, but not taking care of it.

If you haven't tried coconut oil yet, DO IT. Be sure to make the scrub too, cause most people have these ingredients just lying around in the kitchen (we didn't, but it was worth the trip, and didn't cost much). If you try it, let me know how it went in the comments!

We might go out tonight (I'm not sure, the weather is rainy and snowy, and I've been going to bed early lately). Tomorrow there will most likely be another Gothic Graveyard show, probably live and around the usual time (18:00 Norway time and noon Massachusetts time), so check that out! And as usual, my Weekly Wicca post here on the blog. Have a nice weekend, guys!

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  1. Thank so much! I've tried my fair share of medication but it only seemed to make my eczema worse my skin is just too sensitive! The homemade facial scrub recipe is divine.


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