Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Queen Of The Damned Book + Movie Review

Lately I've been reading Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles for the first time (I know, right? TAKE AWAY MY GOTH POINTS). I've liked the books better and better!
Interview With The Vampire was good, and added more to the movie in which the imagery has stuck with me since childhood.
The Vampire Lestat was great, it added so much more to the character, cause the first book just made him seem like an asshole. Every story has two sides, people! So in that one you follow him from early life to fledgling, and get some stories from other vampires as well. I liked the ties to mythology in it, and the mystery that will be revealed in the next book. This next part is mostly copied from my Goodreads review.

I loved The Queen Of The Damned! It kept me excited and emotional basically throughout the entire book. There's a fun twist to this one: This book tells you that the past books are real, that the books were actually published. Now Lestat has his own band, and tells everyone that he's a vampire.
In the beginning of the book we meet several characters that plan to go to Lestat's concert, and there is a lot of suspense and action. All the different point of views might slow it down a little bit, but it didn't really bother me. But I can see it might bother some!
I think the best part of the entire thing was learning the history of the mysterious ancients. I really thought Akasha and Enkil were positive ''things''! I was wrong. Akasha angers me a lot towards the end, I'm happy she's dead. Lestat's point of view later in the book isn't very exciting though.

I'm going to give the movie a shot, just because I'm curious about how they made it. I KNOW I'm going to complain, but oh well.

The following is being written while we're watching the film.
Within the first few minutes, it was already cringe-y as fuck. Just the voice of Lestat annoyed me. They are portraying Jesse and her research about vampires completely wrong, WTF! She was TOLD to investigate it. Even worse, why is Magnus teaching Lestat?! Oh wait, this is Marius! Why do they say HE turned Lestat? Ok I get that Magnus did basically nothing for him, but I thought that was kind of the whole point. The whole Akasha thing is just.. why. And with 20 minutes left of the movie, Maharet is introduced for the first time. I was thinking they weren't going to include her and Mekare at all, that Jesse was just some random character. And Mekare wasn't even it it. Stupid death scene.

This whole movie is fucking ridiculous! I thought I was going to be biased because of what I've heard and the fact that Anne Rice hates it, but my god it's bad. If I hadn't read the book, I wouldn't understand shit! Things and characters are barely even connected, most characters aren't even named! I don't even know what to say. Even my boyfriend is pretty pissed about this movie, and he hasn't even read the books (I did explain the major things from the book while we saw it). He also couldn't get over how little emotion the actress that plays Jesse has. And why was there a love story between her and Lestat? I know Hollywood likes that shit, but they already did it between Lestat and Akasha, and just completely ignored the fact that he was against her plans (which aren't in the movie of course). Just nopenopenope. Do yourself a favor, and never watch this movie.

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