Friday, February 10, 2017

The Right To One's Identity

Today I want to bring your attention to Rätten Til Sin Identitet (RTSI), a swedish project that works against discrimination of subcultures. I found out about it through CoalCandy on youtube. Other notable supporters of the project is Adora Batbrat and Aurelio Voltaire - all people I have met, haha! Here are their videos.

CoalCandy talks about how goth subculture is a culture. I completely agree! It's much more than subcultures like metal. I love metal, but it's mostly about the music. Goth is a music-based culture, but have developed to be so much more, cause us goths tend to have many more similar interests! I think it's amazing that people from all over the world can gather at Wave Gotik Treffen every year and act in the same way, regardless of where we come from! It's the highlight of my year, cause I've never felt so much at home.
Speaking of WGT, CoalCandy also has a couple of vlogs from the festival! I've been watching a lot of videos from the festival lately, cause I'm so excited. And I'm actually in his 2015 vlog! I'm at the very end of it, dancing with the rest of the swedes. I have challenged him to a norwegian VS swedish dance-off this year, since I'm bringing people this year! Can't wait. I also found myself in DocumentARI of DjARI's videos! He's a WGT regular, and in his ''Stalking Adora BatBrat'' video I suddenly popped up to hug her and take a selfie, hahah! I'll shut up now.

I had to hold back tears while watching this video. Voltaire's story was so moving and sad, so are all the signs everyone is holding up - But in the end it made me smile! Everyone in this video are so beautiful and creative! If anyone is experiencing any of this, please take his advice.

Can I just say I love the name Asperger Synthdrome? On the RTSI website Adora states that she chose the name because of the lack of diagnosis of females. I am actually going through a screening for Aspergers Syndrome myself at the moment, at 22 years old. That just shows you that it goes unnoticed in females!
Anyway, the song is about how ''normal'' people can't be as unique as we alternative people are, but we could easily transform ourself to look ''normal''. If we wanted to, we could! But we're special, and we should celebrate that, not be treated like shit for it.

There are tons more on RTSI's youtube channel (the bottom two videos are from their channel), songs and other videos about people's experiences with discrimination. Some of them are really awful and sad! I can't believe this is still happening. In the past I haven't been treated well for just being who I am, but I have very thick skin, so I've rarely let it get to me. Mostly I get compliments for my appearance, and people tell me that I'm so brave for doing what I want. That is so weird to me, cause what do the people who tell me this do? Do they do things they DON'T like? That must be a terrible life. For me happiness is probably the most important thing in my life - I will do ANYTHING to make sure I am happy. If you know me, I have turned my life upside-down several times just to do that. If you're not happy with your life, DO something! Don't sit around and whine about it - Then you kind of deserve it. It sounds harsh, but only YOU can do it. Like Voltaire said in the video above! Do whatever it takes if you are in a situation that's not making you happy. Be yourself and be proud of it!

If you understand swedish, go check out and download the book! I have and will read it when I can. You can probably also have the site translated if you want to read more about the project. I hope to see more of these movements in the future around the world. Sadly we need it!
To everyone reading this; stay true to yourself and stand up for yourself and others! Love yourselves and give others compliments - It might make a huge difference.

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