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Weekly Wicca 8: Magic

We witches do magic. Though probably not the magic you think of. It might be compared to when other religions pray. Often we just ask for the strength and the web of the universe to help us achieve a goal. Usually we use physical items to symbolize this. We draw energy from within ourselves and direct it out, so hopefully what we want will happen. Wiccans do not do ''evil'' spells. The main rule we have in our belief is to harm none! We believe in the law that says that whatever you do, will return to you in threefold. Basically karma. We don't meddle with people's free will.
With that out of the way, here are some spells you can do! I recommend that you have read most of the posts prior to this, since they contain ways to draw energy from within yourself, how to create a circle and tips for what times are best to do certain spells and what to use for them.

We don't seek to cure serious disease or perform miracles with this, but we can help send out calm energy and strength. Some things can't be changed, but we can at least try to help.

This will work best during a waxing or Full Moon. The best day is Sunday, but the Moon phase is most important.

You will need:
  • A blue candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • A paintbrush
  • A square of paper
  • Red watercolor paint
  • A bowl of water
  1. Light the candle and say ''Welcome, element of Water, patron of healing and cleansing. Witness and empower the changes I weave in your name''.
  2. Paint a red X on the paper and say ''I name thee *name*'s pain / fear / anxiety''.
  3. Hold the paper in both hands and focus on the X. Imagine the person's problem inside it.
  4. Place it in the bowl of water and move it around so the paint dissolves and say ''I wash away this paint's offence. Be ye gone and get ye hence!''
  5. When the paint is basically gone, take it out, crumple the paper and throw it away.
  6. Pour the water into the Earth after you close the circle and say ''So mote it be!''

This is a spell for someone who are ready for love to come to them. Preferably you have to do this yourself, but you can do this for others as long as they understand how this type of magic works and that they supply the crystals.

This will work best on a waxing Moon, preferably on a Friday (ruled by lovely Venus).

You will need:
  • A red candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • Rose quartz
  • Clear quartz
  • A chalice
  • Water
  • A square of red cloth
  • A length of cord
  1. Light the candle and say ''Passion burn bright like the Moon above me that I will meet with one who will love me''.
  2. Hold one quartz in each hand and visualize yourself walking on a sea-shore. A new love walks out of the waves towards you. As you walk towards each other, bring your hands together and transfer the clear stone to the other hand.
  3. Place the stones in the chalice, add water and say ''May the light of the Moon bring the gift I desire. Washed in by the tide and blessed by the fire''.
  4. This fire is the candle which should be allowed to burn down completely.
  5. Leave the stones in the chalice for three days, then place them in the red cloth and tie it into a pouch to be worn around your neck for one moon cycle.

Wealth does not only mean money. It can also mean having enough to survive, Just make sure that you aren't greedy when you cast this spell. Try to focus only on what you are asking for, and not how it will come about.

This will work best during a waxing Moon (for gain) and on a Thursday (ruled by generous Jupiter).

You will need:
  • A green candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • A breadcrumb
  • A few drops of milk
  • 1 ts sugar
  • A discarded spiderweb
  • A saucer
  1. Light the candle and say ''Goddess of the Earth, Goddess of the Hearth, I plant this spell to bring forth Wealth''.
  2. Soak up the milk with the bread, roll it in sugar and place it in the web.
  3. Holding it in your hands, visualize the desired outcome while saying ''Silver of Moon, Gold of Sun, cast the spell and be it done''.
  4. When you feel you've said it enough and brought your desire into the bread, place it in the saucer.
  5. Let the candle burn down completely (and safely), then bury it into the Earth.

This can also work for applying for schools and volunteer work. This is also assuming you are qualified.

This will work best on a waxing Moon, on a Wednesday.

You will need:
  • A yellow candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • A charcoal disc
  • A fireproof dish
  • 1/2 ts benzoin gum
  • 1/2 ts lavender seeds
  • 3 sycamore keys
  1. Light the candle and say ''Mercury, fleet and swift, witness and empower my wish''.
  2. Light the charcoal disc in the fireproof dish, and when it's red-hot, place the benzoin gum on it, and say ''Bring success an it harm none''.
  3. Sprinkle the lavender onto the dish and say ''Carry my wish an it harm none''.
  4. Press the sycamore keys between your palms and visualize your desired outcome. Take a deep breath, summon your will into it and exhale completely onto the keys.
  5. Place the keys on the disc and let them burn completely.
  6. Before dawn, bury the ashes under a tree or a potted plant.

For ages wise women have been asked to carry out fertility spells. Why not do it today? This will of course not help if there's a physical reason the couple aren't conceiving. You can also do this to bless crops / garden or a project.

This will work best on the waxing or Full Moon, and on a Monday. The Moon rules pregnancy and childbirth. You'll want to do this outside right after dawn.

You will need:
  • A tea-light (white or green)
  • A needle
  • Matches / lighter
  • A clean jar
  • 9 ears of ripe corn
  • 3 drops patchouli essential oil
  • A square of green cloth
  • A length of black cord
  1. Use the needle to carve a downward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line in the middle of it into the tea-light and say ''Goddess of Earth, hold seeds of a birth''.
  2. Carve a waxing crescent moon and say ''Goddess of the Moon, swell the grain soon''. Light the candle and place it in the jar.
  3. Face the Sun, hold the corn and say ''Goddess of Fire, warm this desire''.
  4. Place the corn in the cloth and put the patchouli oil on it. Tie it into a pouch with the cord, place it in the center of your circle and dance around it nine times deosil.
  5. Give the pouch to the women who wants to get pregnant. She has to wear it every night for the next three moons.

Since we witches open up our chakras so much, we might feel very sensitive to negative energy. This spell is to protect ourselves from that kind of energy.

This will work best on a Dark Moon on a Saturday.

You will need:
  • A charcoal disc
  • A fireproof dish
  • 1 ts carrier oil
  • 3 drops cypress essential oil
  • A black candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • 8 dried juniper berries
  • Salt in a single-holed dispenser
  1. Before you cast the circle, make sure that the charcoal is lit in the fireproof dish, and blend the carrier and cypress oils.
    Rub the candle with the oils (bottom to top, top to bottom, bottom to halfway up).
  2. Light the candle and say ''Lilith of the Dark Moon, Hecate at the crossroads, Kali at the threshold''.
  3. Place the berries on the charcoal. Pour a ring of salt on the floor around yourself and say ''I stand within protection of the Triple Goddess''.
  4. Place your dominant hand on your heart and say ''The protection of the Triple Goddess resides within me''.
  5. Sit down, concentrate on the flame and visualize a shield of protection in and around you until you feel safe. Then blow away the salt circle and let the candle burn down completely.

This is not about making bad people go away, but rather bad behavior. Keep in mind that the bad will be replaced, it won't just disappear, so be aware of what the outcome might be.

This will work best on a waning Moon on a Saturday.

You will need:
  • A black candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • Hair or signature of the person
  • A square of paper
  • 1 ts pure alcohol
  • 1 ts epsom salts
  • A fireproof dish
  • A heatproof mat
  • A flower bulb, compost and pot
  1. Light the candle and say ''Old One, Wise One, Slow but sure One, Guide my spell and be it done''.
  2. Hold up the hair and say ''I name thee *name's* power.'' Wrap it in the paper and fold it three times.
  3. Place the epsom salts and alcohol in the fireproof dish (on the heatproof mat) and light it. Hold the paper and say ''As this Moon shrinks to bone, this spell shall burn your power down''. Throw the paper into the flame.
  4. Hold the flower bulb in front of the flame and say ''Out of the ashes I name thee *a quality you want them to learn to replace their behavior*.'' Plant the bulb in the compost, and when the ashes have cooled, add it in there.
  5. Tend to the plant.
Hope you enjoyed the examples! It's as easy as that. Find times and items that symbolize what you want, and concentrate your energy on it. Send it into the world, and it will come back to you threefold! Hope that helps you out and you can come up with your own spells.

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