Friday, March 3, 2017

H&M Goes Goth? Haul & Try-On

Hello everyone! I am overwhelmed by the thousands of people who read my WGT guide - thank you so much! Glad to hear that it actually helped a lot of people out. The past few days I've been sick (again), but this afternoon I said ''no more''! This haul has been on our living room table for days now, it's finally time for me to try it all out. But let me first show you what I've been wearing:

Shirt - H&M
Jack Skellington necklace - VampireFreaks
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Skirt - Burleska
Bustle - GoodGoth
Fishnet stockings - Leg Avenue

Shirt - Mango
Skirt - Actual filipino school uniform

Now for the haul! I've been walking past H&M lately and noticed they were actually selling clothes that looked like something I would wear. Then I heard H&M had a Siouxsie & The Banshees shirt! So I took a peek at their website, and noticed TONS of gothy stuff. Mostly things that would go well with that nu goth trend, which I personally don't like, cause I'm just not that modern (it's mostly 90's inspired, so that and grunge and stuff is just not my thing). I ended up finding 5 items I liked! So I finally got them at the start of the week (shipping wasn't as fast as expected). Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry, but my boyfriend kind of sucks at taking photos. But I might take more pictures when I actually wear them soon.

The Siouxsie & The Banshees shirt, already with holes

...and what I did to it.

This fishnet top
Not stretchy, but good size and seems sturdy

This lovely lace top and tulle skirt
I got the skirt in 34 since they were out of 32, but it fits nicely!
My boyfriend really loved these, and so do I! Very me.

This Iron Maiden Killers shirt from the men's section.
Had to hold the CD cause I'm that lame.
I love their early albums!
I've kind of wanted to tattoo this design.
Either that or The Number Of The Beast.

That was it! What do you think? I really recommend H&M, they are very cheap, have pretty sturdy clothes and are great for basics (and childish socks). Now that they actually have cooler stuff, I've been buying more! The past few years they've had tons of awesome stuff around halloween times. If you are into this grunge and nu goth trends, you'd probably love most of what they're selling. It's kind of stupid / weird that they're selling band shirts, cause people will probably mindlessly buy them probably without even knowing it's a band (*cough* Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures *cough*). But I guess it can be a good way for us who actually likes these bands to get them easily! I usually only buy band shirts at gigs. That probably means I'll never be able to get a Siouxsie shirt, hahah. Though I've seen Iron Maiden twice, plus they were my favorite band when I was 14, so this is probably the 4th Maiden shirt I own. CAN you have too many band shirts?


  1. I love H&M asthey always seen to do some amazing clothing at the moment I'm boycotting them recent allegations of the manufacturing. So, I'm waiting till they filter into the charity shops. Some lovely funds.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed by H&M now! I was in there not too long ago and they didn't have any things that was even close to goth or grunge-like but maybe the one in Sandvika is just a little slow.. also I'm glad to hear so many people are reading all the Wicca-posts, they are very interesting :)

    1. Kids these days really like these trends, so no wonder the mainstream is embracing it! I just ordered this online, cause I hate physical shopping xD
      Yeah, they seem to help a bunch of people! I had no idea so many were interested but kind of lost, hahah.


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