Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sophie Lancaster

If you're a goth, you probably know about Sophie Lancaster. She was beaten to death in 2007, just for the way she looked. It broke my heart then, and it still does. You might remember my post about RTSI - Alternative people are STILL being treated badly to this day. You'd think society would have evolved a little, but not really. So we still need to fight for this cause.

This video really got to me when I was 13 years old. I even wrote a story in school based on Sophie, and my teachers actually thought it had happened to my girlfriend. So I guess I felt it so much that it was that convincing. The video also got me into Portishead. If you like the song, check our their album Dummy.

This year marks the 10th anniverary of her death, and because of that, there has been a calendar made to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It features ReeRee Phillips, Caligo Bastet, and many other goth models, youtubers and notable people. Click here to pledge! I have pledged $20, and even if you can only pledge $1, do it!

Us weird people need to stick together and fight, so we can make a change. One thing you can do completely free is to educate people around you about what being alternative really is about. Hate comes from fear of the unknown, and there are many nasty misconceptions about us out there. If people actually bother to listen to you, tell them what it means to you, and let them ask questions, no matter how ''stupid''. Be nice and polite to everyone, and that might make people change their minds about us! Of course there will always be people who already have made up their mind and cannot be convinced of otherwise, but let them be and let them have that sad life view.

If you are being harassed or treated differently just because of your interests or looks, please do something about it. If you can't stand up for yourself, at least tell someone you trust. Even the police! There is no shame in that, and it probably won't hurt your reputation. Best case scenario justice will be served! People need to know that this is not okay, whether it's your lifestyle, gender, sexuality, race, religion or anything else. Be sure to check out my blog post about RTSI that I linked in the beginning of this post, as I wrote more about this there.

Support S.O.P.H.I.E., RTSI or any other foundation if you can and help spread awareness.

Hatred and

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Evening Sun Is Brightening My Life

Hello! I haven't blogged in almost a week now, because my life is so boring. But I thought I'd just update you, and let you know that I have two more interesting posts planned!
The past two days we've been visiting my parents. First to go get my suitcase, cause I really want to start packing for WGT soon (I know, it's a little over a month away, but I have so many clothes that it's really no problem). I also wanted to find some old clothing I could sell - I even found some I still wanted to wear! I also found some books I had forgotten about.
Yesterday my dad and my boyfriend were doing work on his car. And as always, when you visit your parents, you get spoiled! It's nice to be able to eat a lot sometimes.
Oh, and we're planning a trip to Prague later this year! So excited for that. I'll tell you more once we've actually planned further.
I haven't slept well lately (lots of roadwork outside all night), but last night I couldn't sleep cause I discovered a new mobile game; The Rats. It looked to weird! It's a german game, and it's about rats in dungeons that steal cheese and kill each other. I'm addicted.
Right now I'm eating some vanilla muffins I spontaneously made! Pictures below!

Lace blazer - Thrifted
Cameo necklace - GoodGoth
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Skirt - Filipino department store
Pocket watch - Dracula Clothing
Stockings - Dracula Clothing

I love Dracula Clothing, can you tell?
Oh and the (fellow norwegian) owner lives in Prague!

Turned this old staff shirt into a top.
Gonna turn the excess fabric into a skirt.

Lisbeth's Kiss necklace - Alchemy Gothic
Crop tank - Hulen 2013 staff shirt
Plaid skirt - Lindex, I think
Spiked belt - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)
Boots - Demonia

Knot wrap - Lush
Pocket watch - Dracula Clothing
Denim vest - Dickies
White longsleeve - H&M
Blue plaid skirt - Forever 21
I feel so colorful these days!

So here are the muffins I just made!
I put lots of vanilla extract in them, mmm...

Oh, and look at my cool halloween muffin stand!
I'm gonna go play more The Rats now, see you soon!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Chill & Simple

Thought I would share another playlist I made with you. I made this after I had been to the doctor for a checkup, and had a failed blood test. My body hates getting blood drawn, so I wasn't very energetic. So this is some pretty chill post-punky songs, that you can just zone out to and have in the background. If you want a more upbeat, sing-along friendly playlist, go here.

The 15th - Wire

Dream Baby Dream - Suicide

Whip It - DEVO

Damaged Goods - Gang Of Four

Rise - Public Image Ltd.

Shot By Both Sides - Magazine

Swamp Thing - The Chameleons

Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2 - The Damned

Neat Neat Neat - The Damned

The Death & Resurrection Show - Killing Joke

Androgynous - The Replacements

Requiem - Killing Joke

Yesterday was my little sister's 18th birthday! My god, it's so weird to think about. That means.. I'm old! So we had a small gathering at our parents' house yesterday. Food, and ALCOHOL! That was even weirder. Oh and funny thing, my little sister has been taller than me for several years already. She's the norwegian one out of us, and I'm the filipina. Now that she's actually an adult, people are even MORE so going to think that I'm the younger sibling! I guess I can live with that, haha.

Me on the left in both photos, taken about 2004 and 2015.
She's wearing the shoes I'm wearing below, which are 14 cm / 5.5''.

Signature me.
Iron Maiden shirt - Gig
Ripped jeans (WHICH GAVE ME CROTCH CHAFING.) - Blue Asphalt
Hello Kitty socks (best socks ever) - H&M

Jewelry - The Pumpkin Coven
Dress - Rose Mortem
Boots - Demonia

Monday, April 17, 2017

Party Pictures & Social Life

The pictures from Emma's party on friday are out! So I thought I might share some here. Some are pretty good shots, and some are just hilarious. Most were pretty dark, but hopefully I edited them ok.

Me and Mari being asocial bastards

Another drink!

Simen is getting comfortable

I have no idea what Mari is talking about.

Nina and Simen!

Best shot. Simen and Julie are cute, but me..

Naww, so happy.

I don't even know.

Yesterday me and Emma decided to be social once more! WHAT IS THIS. We're the least social people ever. We deserve some gold medals here. We went to BarBarista, and then ate at Egon. I think we were out for like 6 hours or something, wow. It was really nice, I had a good time!

My make-up.
I hate my unpredictable, crooked hooded lids.
And for some reason I look REALLY yellow!

This is beautiful Emma!

She showed me Instagram's boomerang feature, hahah.

I think we ate at a dungeon.

I'll throw in what I'm wearing!
Modded Halloween 2014 shirt - Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
Black jeans - Freego

Hope you enjoyed! It's looking like I'll be more social in the near future, so I'll probably have more to share soon! Also I have 8 (soon 9) items on the way in the mail, so excited for that! See you soon!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Heaven Or Las Vegas

I just realized I took so many photos yesterday and today that I had to blog! I DID STUFF, OKAY.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so me and Simen took a selfie without being able to see what I was doing. It looks nice though! I was wearing the outfit in my last post, and I noticed it was ripped so my tattoo peeked out - But she was blindfolded. Thought that was funny, so I took a photo of that.


My friend Emma had a party yesterday, so I decided to doll up! I teased my hair all super big and put it halfway up. I love Taft's level 6 strength hairspray (Ultimate Haarlack, I believe), it held all night! And that's in my stubborn asian-straight longer than my ass hair with no layers. SO THERE.


If I receive photos from the party, I'll post them! I saw some of them, they were pretty funny. We all had a great time! It's that gang of friends I have that have much fun together, but we just rarely actually meet up. Is that the secret to being friends for years, maybe? Hahah I don't know.
Anyway, on to today! We decided to take my outfit photo in our ''garden'', and I met a cat!

Wool cape - Mini Gothics (bought at their booth at Heidnisches Dorf during WGT)
Unique shirt - Second hand from my mother-in-law
Crystal necklace - Shop in witch town Cassadaga, Florida
Many textured skirt - Sparkjøp
Slip - Thrifted
My everyday boots - Idk, some cheap shoe store

So I felt like baking, and before the shops closed for easter we bought a lot of stuff, including ingredients for a lemon lava cake I found on Pinterest! If you want to follow me there, click here.
Pictured is one of the ones made in my muffin tin, and it was too small, so it didn't turn lava. But it was still incredibly moist! Delicious with vanilla and lemon ice cream (or froyo, I don't know the difference anyway)! I made some bigger ones in big cupcake liners, and they really became lava cakes! Except that we couldn't get them out of the liners without them erupting. Delicious though!

Whoops, just got distracted by ebay. I've ordered SO many things lately! Can't wait to share.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and until next time, take care!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy House - A Post-Punk Playlist

I've spent a lot of time on Spotify lately, and thought I would share some of the songs I love nowadays! If you would like me to blog more about music, let me know, cause I would love to!
So I made this playlist I called Happy House, since there is a lot of Siouxsie in there, and it's a very happy feelgood sing along playlist. Check out the entire playlist on Spotify!

To those of you that don't use Spotify and don't bother to listen to the entire thing (it has over 50 songs and is almost 4 hours long), here are some of my best picks you should check out!

The Passenger - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Pretty in Pink - The Psychedelic Furs

The Lovecats - The Cure

Blue Monday - New Order

Cars - Gary Numan

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

Cherry-coloured Funk - Cocteau Twins

I Melt With You - Modern English

Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy

Lips Like Sugar - Echo & the Bunnymen

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus

Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain

So Alive - Love and Rockets

New Rose - The Damned

Rise - Public Image Ltd.

So these were some of my most played songs nowadays! I've been annoying the shit out of my boyfriend by singing some of these a lot - Especially the last song! Hope you enjoy them.
I'll leave you with what I'm wearing today. I modded it so it fit much better. It used to be a baggy t-shirt with a slashed back. Now it's much more flattering and has two cool necklines!

Modded Bride Of Frankenstein t-shirt - Vampirefreaks
Layered lace mini skirt - Second hand

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Female Goth / Metalhead Simple Lookbook

Hey! It's been kind of quiet on the blog the past week, because I haven't done anything, so I haven't had anything to blog about. I didn't even do something when my boyfriend hasn't been home!
But I have been feeling kind of down. On the 8th it was a year since the drummer in my band died. That is the closest death I have experienced. I put on all the music I connect to him, and spent hours crying, letting it all out. That helped a lot. The coffin necklace I'm wearing below actually contains a petal from the rose I put on his coffin. But let's not talk more about sad things.

Yesterday we had a spring cleaning in our apartment, it felt so good! We even got rid of a bunch of clothes. Most of it we donated, but some of the more alternative stuff I've put up for sale in this norwegian buy / sell group for alternative clothing, if anyone is interested.
Afterwards my boyfriend surprised me with a chocolate chicken full of smarties, hahahah. Oh and by the way, he is now officially a fully certified security guard! No surprise there, he's a workaholic.

I thought with this post I'd just update you that I'm still alive, and show you what I've been wearing. The past days I've been listening to a lot of music, so I'm going to make a playlist to post on here.
I'll probably post that in a couple of days, but for now enjoy these casual but still alternative outfits!

Lace blouse with buttons - EMP
Corset - Xtrax (now EMP)
Mermaid skirt - Thrifted

Red and black top - Secondhand from my mother
Industrial detailed skirt - Hell Bunny
Red tutu as underskirt - Poizen Industries

Coffin locket - Vampirefreaks
Taake anniversary girlie - Gig
Zipped pants - Darkside

Coffin locket - Vampirefreaks
Modded Hulen 2015 shirt - Staff shirt
Pants with corseted back - Mango
Spongebob socks - Walmart

Aeternus girlie - Gig
Simple jeans - JAG

Oh, and I actually made a make-up video on my neglected channel! I was really bored, and it went to shit because my skin is stupid, but oh well, maybe you guys will enjoy it anyway! Purple <3
For more information about the look, pictures and all products used, go to my make-up blog!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Joy Division Books Review: Touching From A Distance & Joy Devotion

I couldn't believe it when I found these two books at the record store! They were really cheap too, so I had to buy them. Joy Division isn't something I put on often or recommend to baby bats, as you have to be in the right mood, and are really hard to get into. But as I listen to them now, singing along, I do love them. There's lots of bands that I love, but rarely am in the mood to listen to.


This book is written by Ian Curtis' wife, and she has interviewed several people who were close to him and included their quotes in her writings. She tells his entire life story, mostly from her own point of view. Even though she has asked other people, the story still is very short and seems incomplete. For obvious reasons though, as nobody really knew what was going on inside his head. All we have are his lyrics.
While she tells what she can of the band's career, she was excluded, so this book doesn't really tell you much about the music or the band members and stuff like that you might expect. You get to read plenty about Ian and Deborah on a personal level, a lot of it is pretty shocking. Everyone looks upon him as a god, a tortured soul and all that. Even though the movie Control (2007) shows some of the ugly sides, this book gives you a lot of it. I knew I would be sad when reading this book, but not shocked and angry! I feel really bad for Deborah (and Natalie).
Almost immediately after his suicide the story ends.
But we're not finished yet! The end of the book lists Joy Division's entire discography, lyrics (Warsaw, Joy Division, unfinished and unseen), a list of all the gigs they did.
Bonus, the middle has a glossy insert with 16 nice photos! The rest of the book feels like the typical 90's paperback, you know, when the paper is kind of rough and dark?
The edition I have is the 2014 reprint (this book was originally published in 1995) with forewords by both John Savage and Stephen Morris.

I read it pretty much in one sitting. It's only a little over 200 pages, but I wouldn't say it's the lightest read. Therefore I would only recommend it for big fans, and of course, if you can take the sadness of it all. That and it's not so much about the music and band itself. So if you are a Joy Division fan, I definitely recommend picking this up! Great to have in your music book collection. Click here to buy it.

The title of the book is taken from this song.


This book is written by many people; fans, lecturers, etc., but is edited by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike. We hear tons of stories about how Joy Division has affected people's lives all around the world. Since several of the contributors are academics, their contributions are pretty much small essays, and can get dry to read. But there are some parts written in a very casual way as well, so be aware of that. You will find writings about how the scene in Manchester and around there was at the time, both musically and society in general, and why the scene pretty much died later on.
There is lots of talk about Ian Curtis' grave, how it is treated, and the tourism in Macclesfield after his death. There are also interviews with some people who went to the legendary Joy Division concert on april 8th 1980! You'll read about a graphic novel and play about the band, a beer called Unknown Pleasures, the movies where Ian Curtis is revived, tribute bands and much more.
It also includes a very in-depth discography, and an insert in the middle with tons of color photographs from Ian Curtis' grave. The book has lots of photos, but in black and white.
Preface by Stephen Morris and foreword by Kevin Cummings, published in 2016 in various formats.

The book is barely over 100 pages, so it took me the duration of Unknown Pleasures (collector's edition) and Closer to finish it. I have to admit some of the parts in it were very dry. But I did enjoy most of it, reading about how the band has affected people and how the scene was at the time.
But I still feel the book is missing something. I can't quite put my finger on it, whether it is the academic approach to some of the content, the multiple contributors writing very short texts each, or if it's something else. I'm not sure what I expected, but this wasn't quite it.
I would only recommend it if you are a big fan of Joy Division, and definitely if you're the type who would write about them at university and likes that kind of reading material. Click here to buy it.

My favorite Joy Division song, probably. It's not on Unknown Pleasures, so wrong art.

I'm not going to tell you which book you should get if you were only to get one or anything like that. I think I favor Touching From A Distance more, since it's actually about Ian Curtis and Joy Division more up close, which is usually what I like in music books. But I do like reading about how local scenes used to be like then versus now. Us fans are incredibly important, and I love how much music can affect us, accompany us and help us. Especially us in the alternative scenes, it affects our lives greatly, even though the music can be older than ourselves. Because of it we connect with other people with the same tastes all over the world, and can meet at festivals in other countries, acting and dressing in a similar way.  It's amazing.

Have you read these? What did you think? If not, will you? And have you read other books about artists and their respective scenes? I would love some recommendations!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Make Your Own Tricorn Hat!

My boyfriend is almost ready for his first Victorian picnic at WGT! Well, a tricorn isn't exactly Victorian, but it looks really cool! It's surprisingly easy to make, and super cheap! Here's how:

Go to ebay and search ''felt summer hat'' or something like that. I ordered two for about 11$ from China (free shipping) - Click here for the one I bought. It took a little over two weeks to get here, but I guess that's not too bad. Our friend Didrik who is good at sewing basically made it for us, so thank you! The ribbon around it was removed, as well as the lining that you could tighten the hat with.

Fold the hat like a tricorn, and pin it in place, making sure the edges are somewhat even. We decided that it could only be worn ''one way'', so the back fold is a little longer than the sides. Sew where you have placed the needles. Then we wanted the front to be especially pointy, and Didrik sewed it together completely - it kind of looks like a raven's beak! The other ''points'' were left alone.

And there you have it! An awesome tricorn hat that's easy and cheap to make. You can also add feathers, hatpins, ribbons, a small ship, whatever you feel like! Fits well with any 1700's or pirate inspired outfit. Fancy with almost no effort!

We got the idea when Didrik showed me this video by Lindybeige, which will give you TONS of ideas for even more historical hats you can make with this same boring floppy summer hat.

Hope you got inspired! I would love to know / see if you decide to make some hats yourselves.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Black Metal Sounds Like Shit & Goth April Fool's Jokes

Hello! This is another ''oh my my life is boring, I have nothing to blog about'' - and then I realize that I do. My next post will be a tricorn hat DIY that we did earlier this week. So what I've been wearing:

Choker - EMP
Jack Skellington sports bra - OOTD Leggings
(use my code ''carnivorous'' for 3$ off!)
Gothic top - Thrifted
Corset - Dracula Clothing
Skirt - Thrifted
Petticoat - Hell Bunny

Awesome sleeved top - EMP
Black pants - ONLY
Skelly socks - H&M

Top with back detail - EMP
Oriental style leggings - Xtrax (now EMP)
Mickey socks - H&M

Can you tell that I love lace? Hahah. I went to a record store the other day, and in the book section I found two books about Joy Division for cheap! Can't wait to read them. Will post a review later!

So last night me and Sandra went to Garage for their Beyond The Gates kickoff event. There were 150 people there, so a decent amount. Hoest (Taake), Grutle and Ivar (Enslaved) were DJing. The sound was awful most of the time, but Garage's basement has a pretty shitty sound, they couldn't hear it because of no monitors and it's hard to DJ black metal anyway.

The main thing for this event was a black metal quiz where you could win two VIP tickets for the festival. Well you know that shitty sound? WE COULDN'T FUCKING HEAR THE QUESTIONS! Other people said the same. We couldn't even understand who won, cause technically it was Grutle (24 out of 45 points, lol), but of course he turned down the prize. Then we don't know what happened. By that time it was 1 AM, and since we are old ladies we decided to go home.

It was a nice time overall, but it was a shame we couldn't answer most of the questions cause we didn't hear the questions properly. Here are some photos I took!

Me being so trve kvlt with my drink.

A bowl made of a vinyl record with salt sticks!

I don't know what the bartender gave me.
I asked for an IPA, and the bartender was kind of lost.

The cute teddybears <3

I haven't been sleeping very well the past few days, I just can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time. So I woke up at 9:30 or so this morning, only having fallen asleep a couple of hours prior. So I didn't thing it was april 1st when I saw this picture below. It would be THE DREAM, but there's a reason The Mission exists, so... (they are playing WGT though).
But then I saw the comments...

This would be really fun though!

Honorable mention: Jack Daniels toothpaste!
I only included it because it's black, lol.

Have you seen some funny april fool's jokes today?
I personally don't think it's that funny, but oh well.
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