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Greatest Hits - The Cure Review

Yeah I know, reviewing a greatest hits album is weird. But you know what? I AM weird! I don't think I'm going to bother to decide if it's a good selection either. I'm just gonna review this cause I recently bought it. I didn't know why I didn't have this, but just now I realized: Cause I've been wanting Staring At The Sea for years, and I haven't been able to find it! If you know where to get it, please let me know.

Boys Don't Cry
(From Boys Don't Cry) Ahh, one of the songs that make me run to the dance floor. Always a fun time! It's such a wonderful and cute song that makes you happy! Even though the lyrics are sad, haha.

A Forest
(From Seventeen Seconds) This has been one of my favorite Cure songs for a long time. It just gives me a really good feeling! I really love the instrumentals in this.

Let's Go To Bed
(From Japanese Whispers) Such a fun song! Really easy and fun to sing along to.

The Walk
(From Japanese Whispers) Another fun one! I really love the synth. The asian sound is cute too.

The Lovecats
(From Japanese Whispers) How can you not love this song? It's so cute and silly! I often get this song in my head, and have to sing it for a couple of days. The ''cat sounds'' are so funny. JUST SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME.

Inbetween Days
(From The Head On The Door) This has a very classic Cure sound. It's happy and upbeat, but it's not one of my absolute favorites. If you are a big Cure fan, you probably love this.

Close To Me
(From The Head On The Door) This is cute and happy, and I like those high pitched sounds, whatever they're made by.

Why Can't I Be You?
(From Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me) A very ''grand'' song. I think it's okay, I'm not that excited about it.

Just Like Heaven
(From Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me) Now this song I really like! It's so cute. Simen just sang along to it and gestured to me, haha.

(From Disintegration) Ahh, one of the goth classics. I'm not that fond of the music video since I'm terrified of spiders, but I like the song! It sounds so nice. The beat is simple, but the strings on top is just wonderful. And Robert's voice is just so mesmerizing!

(From Disintegration) I can imagine that this song is THE love cliché among goths. Come on, it's cute! Robert's wife must have loved it on their wedding day. And I have to admit, I want this song as the first dance song at our wedding - Just the Aurelio Voltaire version, since Simen is such a big fan of him and he is the reason we actually started to become interested in each other. We are actually singing this together as I type!

Never Enough
(From Mixed Up) I don't think I've heard this song before! But I like it! It's definitely more heavy and rock compared to the rest of their stuff. Really cool. I don't think I'm THAT familiar with newer stuff from them, I'm not completely sure. With The Cure I've only sat down and listened to some of the earlier albums (before the 90's, and album this is from was released in 1990, so), and the rest it's only been bits and pieces here and there. I don't like EVERYTHING by them.

(From Wish) I'm not sure if I have heard this before. I don't think it sounds familiar, but it does have the typical Cure sound, so I might have heard it before. It's not bad, but I prefer when their songs are more unique than this.

Friday I'm In Love
(From Wish) Who hasn't heard this? I almost never put this on myself, cause I get that ''Oh I'm so sick of this'' feeling (I guess the same with Boys Don't Cry), but when I do hear it in clubs or someone else puts it on, I do sing and dance, so I do like it. It's fun, cute and simple. Happy happy! His scream towards the end is always funny. The music video for this is also pretty cute and funny.

Mint Car
(From Wild Mood Swings) I actually have the single containing the radio mix of this, Home, Waiting and A Pink Dream. I don't really put it on much. It's an okay cute and happy song, but often it's TOO happy for me - and kind of that little ''typical Cure sound'' I get from some other songs.

Wrong Number
(From Galore) I don't think I've heard this before! It's different. It kind of reminds me of Never Enough, it's a little more rock and heavy, and sounds very cool. Me likey! I think I really need to check out Cure albums released after 1990, haha. Me and Simen just took a little silly dance to this. Ooo, I like the touch with the little spoken dialogue towards the end!

Cut Here
(Released as a single from this compilation) The title of this is an anagram of The Cure, haha. This song has a different sound, so it's pretty unique. This song is incredible sad, though! It's written in the honor of a friend that committed suicide. As I experienced that my friend and fellow band member died only a little over a year ago, I can really relate to the lyrics.

Just Say Yes
(Released with this compilation) What is this? Haha, this is weird. It's so simple. And I assume they made this at the same time as Cut Here? It doesn't really sound like it. So I'm not really sure if I like it. I can totally stand it, it's just meh, they could have done better. I don't get why they released this song with their greatest hits compilation.

That was 18 songs already! They have pretty short songs, so this cd was just little over an hour long. Like I said throughout, I haven't listened to The Cure THAT much - There's still a lot for me to discover. But I do know that I don't like everything they've made, so I don't know if I'd put them super high up in my book. I definitely enjoy their darker stuff more, but I do like the silly stuff. That's the thing with more post-punky stuff though, I have a hard time to really get into that feeling of ''now I want to listen to post-punk''. Goth rock however, I can do whenever, I'll love it. So yeah, that's why.
To me it's not the perfect compilation of their work, but I assume this is based on commercial success, maybe? I do like Staring At The Sea better. But I guess you can't make everyone happy with compilation cds. To me they're pretty much ''ok I can't really get their entire discography right now, so I'll get this in the meantime''. The only album I own right now is Disintegration, which is probably my favorite album by them (I haven't heard all of their albums, but I think it's a good chance).
So I guess the conclusion is that if you want to own some The Cure, but their discography is overwhelming, or you just don't like everything they've put out, this is definitely worth checking out.


  1. Great review. I am a huge fan of The Cure. Very nice.

  2. Er stort sett dette albumet eg høyrer av The Cure, fordi det samlar fleire av favorittane mine ("A Forest", "The Lovecats", "Just Like Heaven", "Lovesong"). Tips: Sjekk ut Tori Amos sitt cover av "Lovesong"!


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