Saturday, May 27, 2017

Huge Collective Haul! DIY Supplies, Victorian, Music, Patches & More!

Oh my gosh you guys, I have bought SO much stuff lately! I've gone ebay crazy, so much that there was a week where we had to go to the post office every single day. I think they know me pretty well there by now. It's mostly smaller and cheaper things, so I thought I'd compile it all into one post!

Let's start small! Just a chain to attach to one of my blazers.

100 safety pins!

Adorable tiny sewing kit!

Cute Victorian apron!
Used the sewing kit to shorten the X in the back.

White jabot and cuffs

Black jabot

Black lace collar

White lace collar

Simen's first corset!
You saw this in my may 17th post, along with my new hair color.
I wanted to make a separate post about it, but he's been lazy with training.
He has come a long way though, especially since he's gained weight in the stomach area.
I probably could have made a post about my hair too, but I wasn't happy with it.
I have re-dyed it now though, and it's much better.
Pictures of that at the bottom of the post!

Simen needed something to wear for the WGT fetish party!

Bought adorable chocolate notebooks at Flying Tiger Copenhagen!
Thought I'd take this ridiculous chocolate-themed picture.
I also bought some nice pens.
I don't know what do write in them yet, though!
If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Cds! Reviews here, here, here and the last coming on monday.

And last but not least, in this neon pink envelope...

So these are going on my leather jacket, a blazer and two vests.
I'm gonna have months worth of DIY projects here!
I will of course show you when I'm satisfied.
I will probably keep adding more to them, so.
But I won't have time to even start before WGT.
And who knows, I might find more stuff while there!

I THINK that was all? I didn't even take pictures before the patches came on tuesday. So yeah, mostly small things to improve outfits and clothes with. Some of these things I've wanted for years, but I've never gotten around to order. Now I finally have! If you want links to where I got these, let me know. Now for some outfits, cause why not. You can also see my new dark purple hair color!

White longsleeve - H&M
School uniform - Filipino department store
Mickey socks - H&M

Jack Skellington sports bra - OOTD Leggings
(Use code ''carnivorous'' for $$$ off!)
Svartediket shirt - Musical merch
''Pleather'' leggings - Bik Bok
Skelly socks - H&M

Steampunk kitty shirt - Dracula Clothing
Gangster prankster mini skirt - Lip Service
Underskirt - Poizen Industries
I put on stockings and a garter belt later.
But here I'm showing off my freshly shaved legs!
I just spent an hour in the shower shaving my body.
Gotta get ready for WGT and summer!
I don't care about body hair any other time.

What did you think of my haul? :D


  1. I got admit I went through an ebay junkie phase..partically when comes to lace or item for jewellery making.
    I am excited about the new fabric I 've ordered

  2. I'm a Flying Tiger addict! I can go in and not need anything, and still end up with loads of stuff.
    The jabots and lace collars are lovely, can't wait to see what you're going to wear them with.

  3. Wow, what a haul! I really liked all the patches, did you buy them one at a time or in chunks? I'd love to go all crazy on ebay with patches but only seem to find one in each auction from different seller = a lot of shipping costs =S

    1. All of the patches are from Lord Of The Left Hand on Etsy :D
      It cost me 500 NOK for all, and 100 NOK for shipping

    2. Awesome! Thanks for the tip =)


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