Monday, May 15, 2017

I Shaved My Boyfriend's Head, WGT Packing & More

Hello! Since last I haven't really done much, but I thought I'd come with a small update anyway. I put up this video of me doing Simen's hair - Funny thing, I went to bed as it uploaded, and woke up to 80 views! Now it has about 650, that's crazy! I guess people like Simen better than me, hahahah.

Necklace - The Pumpkin Coven
Morticia top - EMP
Tank top - Pierre Robert
Corset - Xtrax (now EMP)
Tulle skirt - H&M

Our living room is a mess again, cause now we've BOTH started packing! I have all of my outfits fully complete now, I just need to pack clothes for the days after the festival and toiletries. We did a weight check, and my outfits only weigh 13 kg, and my shoes only weigh 10 kg. Regular luggage allowance on flights is 20 kg. Do you see why I always am overweight TO WGT?! I even only picked 4 pairs of shoes this year! I'm also for the first time going to bring my every day 1-inch ankle boots, for my poor ''Treffen feet''. It will be nice to NOT travel in my heaviest platforms this time!
Only a couple of weeks left, oh my god! We're so excited. Can't wait for the full festival schedule!

Bat halloween shirt - Walmart
Jeans - JAG

My next blog post will probably be about Norway's national day, which is on the 17th! I'll show you my cute dress and how patriotic us norwegians are! See you then!


  1. I've always wanted to visit Norway (and particularly Oslo) on Nasjonaldagen, I heard there's always a lot going on.

    1. There really is! My newest post is what I did here in Bergen yesterday. And there's WAY more happening, from 7 AM to about 11 PM!

  2. You should do a whole post or video with all your outfits and shoes!

    I always envy the men who only need a pair or two of shoes and they're set for every occasion!

    1. I'm planning to do one post per day of the festival. I have been thinking I should share my boot collection as well, but we'll do that later xD
      Simen does want to get more shoes, so he's a little fancier than the average man! He wore his corset yesterday, and he got lots of compliments on it.

    2. That's Nice! My boyfriend couldn't care less about what he wears as long as he doesn't feel under/over dressed! Personally though, I feel men with alternative clothing styles are a lot more rare to see than women, so its nice to see them being appreciated! Boot collection would be fun to see though!

  3. If you are in the scene, you'll see it's at least 50/50 with men and women. With (especially black) metal, it is more male dominated.
    The thing is that men aren't as active as social media, take selfies or are as vain as we are - That's why you don't see them online, even the alternative ones


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