Sunday, May 21, 2017


It's sunday, why not blog? I haven't really done anything since last, I think. Nowadays I'm just excited for WGT! I just saw on facebook that She Past Away, Gene Loves Jezebel, The 69 Eyes, The Mission AND Skinny Puppy are the sunday line-up at Agra! I can't believe it. So I'll be spending most of that day there! It's gonna be so great! Everything is pretty much ready for the trip now, even though we don't fly down until the 1st. Now I'm just waiting for the full schedule so I can make day schedules! It should be published next week, unless they're complete bastards. I have also finished the german course on duolingo now! It took me exactly two months to complete. I'm a little bummed cause I missed ONE DAY and lost my 63 day streak. But oh well. I thought it would be useful to actually learn german since we're traveling there soon. I have been able to understand a little in the past, but not super much. Now I at least can say I have basic knowledge of german! Go me.

Simen just made us a wonderful dinner of steak and.. cream-gratinated potatoes with cheese? Is that a thing in other places in the world? So I'm really full. Other than that today I'm doing laundry, and earlier I exercised, and pampered myself with Lush products afterwards. I've also packed clothes I don't want anymore to give to Christine (Simen's brother's girlfriend - they're coming with us to WGT). Nobody else is even close to my size! So it's nice that I can give clothes from alternative brands to someone who will appreciate them.
Oh and I have also updated my WGT albums with more photos and videos I found! Click here to look through them - I have made those albums public.
Speaking about facebook, I also have a question for you guys on my facebook page - and another one on my make-up facebook page if you would like to help me out with that.
Now let's toss in some outfits! A nice one and a really boring one.

Lace collar - Ebay
Halterneck top - Mango, I think
High-low skirt - Darxity (Burleska)

 Necklace - Gift from Simen (Alchemy Gothic)
Neseblod shirt - Neseblod / Helvete in Oslo
Skirt - Pull & Bear

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you next time (the question on my facebook page is about that, by the way). Until next time, take care!

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