Friday, June 30, 2017

The Goth Label

Today I want to talk about something I've seen a lot in the online goth community, especially with teens - and that is the use of the goth label. What I mean here is slapping the goth label on anything and everything in your life (when they have nothing to do with goth culture), just because you identify as a goth.

I bet there will be some people who will toss around the term ''elitist'' at me now (I'm not even going to go into the misuse of that word), but if I am considered ''elitist'' by saying this, I'm fine with that.
We need someone to say that ''No, your my little ponies aren't goth just because you're a goth''.
If everything is goth, goth is nothing.
It has evolved and expanded like everything does, and of course we all have outside interests. But goth culture means a lot to many of us, and it shouldn't be watered down by external things.
People can like whatever they want, it doesn't take away your precious goth points or whatever!

Goth is not a competition. A lot of people say they were ''born goth'' because they liked halloween, Tim Burton, Scooby Doo or whatever as a kid. Who didn't? Lots of people loved those things as a kid, and didn't turn goth. That's because these things aren't really gothic. Sure, goths can like these things, but it's definitely not the only thing that makes them a goth.
Everyone spends most of their first 25 years in life discovering who they are. Some find out sooner, some find out later. It's not always we are exposed to something that makes us feel at home from the get-go. It's totally fine! I think I really got into goth rock and all that at around age 16. I had spent the 3 years prior delving into darker and harder music, and found goth through metal / industrial. It was great to finally find out where I fit in - Somewhere inbetween. But would I change my course? No. Everything you have done in life has given you experiences to make you the person you are today. There is no need to say you have been goth for so and so long or kids to say they aren't baby bats because they liked to dress up as a witch or vampire since they were 4. Goth is so much more than that, so don't over-simplify it like that. It's no wonder that the mainstream media misuses the label! Everyone wants to be a special snowflake, but it just seems like kids today are trying too hard to be accepted. I'll get more into that further down in this post.

Goth is just a label that summarizes your interests and hobbies into a quick little package. I use it as a quick way of summarizing what music I listen to, what books I read, how I look, what I find appealing and so on. I didn't actually start using it until more recently, as the internet made it explode, pretty much. I still feel kind of weird saying I'm goth. But I am, and it's a big part of my life, so the word gets tossed in there when I / others describe me.

The main thing that has probably led to this annoyance (I'm sure I'm not alone in this), is mainstream media, especially the past years. Fashion trends come and go, and every now and then anything dark is described as for example goth. It doesn't mean that it is. So don't be as stupid as these outsiders, and educate yourself if you are actually interested in the culture. Anyone can slap on some dark make-up and wear black clothes, it doesn't make them a goth. It's your interests that does.

Let me also mention that you definitely don't have to label yourself! You can definitely be into goth culture, but still not label yourself as such. There are several people who do this, and some (including me) joke that this is the ultimate stage of gothness; throwing away the label. Goth icons like Andrew Eldritch, Peter Murphy, Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux have all denied that they're goths. Funny though, they all contributed to create and define the music genre and subculture.

Another thing I see a lot is younger kids thinking they have to ''pick a style'' and stick to it. I'm sure everyone has seen Trellia AKA Megan Balanck's illustrations of goth stereotypes. Us who have been around for a few years know that it's just a joke - Come on, we're goths! We can be so cliché that it's impossible not to laugh at ourselves sometimes. And that's what newcomers need to learn. Stereotypes are stereotypes - Not some sort of goal checklist. Being a goth is about being different and being your own person, so why would you ever do what everyone else is doing? It makes no sense to me. I know kids just want to find a group to belong in, but if you aren't yourself and try too hard, that won't happen. Your teenage years are meant to be the years where you find yourselves, and you will fuck up, it will be hard, and you will definitely cringe only a couple of years later. That's how it's supposed to be! But hopefully you could listen to my advice. Relax, and fuck what everyone else thinks. But respect your elders though (goths and others)! We were there once too, you know. We're not trying to yell at you or anything, we have just learned from years of experience.

An addition to that: Don't overlabel yourself. Oh, you don't fit a certain stereotype? So you make up your own. I get it, you're that special. But honestly, it seems like people are trying WAY too hard when they come up with these mash-up special snowflake labels. So don't do it, cause what's the point? Do you HAVE to put everything you do and like into a box? I think it ruins the individuality, once it is given a name. This goes hand in hand with what I said at the beginning of the post, because it usually incorporates some element outside of goth culture. You are allowed to like different things! You are an individual, and there are SO many things that make you who you are. Let those things be, and stay unique.

I think that's enough for now. Finally, let me remind you that these are my opinions. Agree with it or not, take it or leave it. I don't really care, but if you at least consider it, that's great. I'm just kind of sick of seeing these misconceptions over and over again, and I really want to help the babybats of the internet! So I'm hoping (*cough* ranting *cough*) writing it all down will help at least SOME out.
If you have any questions, just ask anywhere you can find me online! I'd be happy to help.
Thank you for reading, and if I helped, you're welcome, and if I pissed you off, you're also welcome.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gods Own Medicine - The Mission Review

Since I last reviewed The Mission's newest album, why not review their debut album as well? Now this one I've listened to many times, and I love it. The cd I have is vintage, so I think it's actually from 1986. So I don't have the 2007 re-release with the bonus tracks. So this has 12 tracks.

Probably the very first The Mission song I heard! I think it was a newer version though. It's a pretty sexy song, with a lovely riff. I really like the echo-effect on the last ''Wasteland'' in the chorus. It gives the song an extra oomph! And damn, that bridge! It's just so good! This will forever be a classic goth anthem.

Bridges Burning
Ah, this song is so cute! The riff just makes me so happy. The lyrics of this aren't that good, kind of typical, I guess? But the song has a fantastic atmosphere, and that's what I'm all about!

Garden Of Delight (Hereafter)
If you're a new listener, this song might come a little unexpected. It's really different. Slower, with strings and piano. It gives a very grand atmosphere even though there's not much to the song! And as always, Wayne's voice makes the lyrics sound oh-so-sexy!

Stay With Me
Another sexy song, but it SOUNDS more romantic! ...until you hear ''take me deep inside''.
And as always, the twinkly riff is so cute! Overall a lovely song.

Blood Brother
Once again a lovely riff, though a little different, as this song is a little heavier.
It's pretty empowering! It ends sad though. I read somewhere that this is about Wayne and Ian Astbury (The Cult). How cute.

Let Sleeping Dogs Die
A slower song, with a classic The Mission riff. It's a really beautiful song. If I'm not mistaken, it was written by Wayne to Eldritch and all the problems between them. It does seem like it, at least.

After the last song, this hits you in the face! With the title, it's kind of obvious what the song is about. That and drug use. It's an ok song, but at least it sounds good!

Dance On Glass
I'm really getting a Sisters of Mercy vibe off of this. Maybe even some The Cure in there too? Other than the vocals it doesn't sound that much like The Mission - The lyrics MAYBE, I'm not sure.

And The Dance Goes On
You'd probably look at the track listing and go ''two songs containing dance right after each other?''. But this one definitely sounds like The Mission, in contrast to the last song. Kind of seems like their version of a ''sex, drugs and rock n roll'' type of song.

One of my favorites. A classic, timeless and beautiful song!
Now this is goth rock - at least to me. The vocals are just absolutely beautiful!

Love Me To Death
More of the 12-string twinkling! I love it. Another romantic sex song. Wayne must have gotten a lot of ladies in his time! ''My love comes all over you, my love comes for you'' is kind of cringey though.

Island In A Stream
A slower song to close the album, still with the classic The Mission sound.
I think it's a really nice and refreshing song, and a very good album closer!

So that was an hour spent back in time! I really love this album, I will never get sick of it. It's such a classic! It's an album that is really easy to like. You can put it on at any time, whatever you're doing, and suddenly you find yourself singing along. The choruses are really catchy!
I don't think The Mission is considered to be one of the "big / basic" goth bands, which is a shame, cause they are fantastic! But I guess that's what happens when all goth rock bands share members. So if you want to discover more goth music, just look up the band members in bands you like, and you suddenly have tons of new bands to listen to!
I really think with this album, they nail what goth rock is supposed to sound like, cause other bands in the genre are often not very rock - just goth. If you're into goth rock and still don't own this yet, GET IT NOW! Especially if you like Sisters of Mercy. 

What do you think about this album?

Monday, June 26, 2017

DIY Weekend

Hey! Thought I'd share my weekend with you guys. Maybe not super exciting, but I finally got around to start on the DIY projects I've planned for a good while now! Because of WGT and stuff I didn't have time to start until now. So check it out!

Outfit friday
Leather jacket (to be customized) - Poizen Industries
Mayhem shirt (halfway customized here) - Don't remember
Skirt - Hell Bunny
Underskirt - Poizen Industries
My everyday boots - Some cheap shoe store

Me and Simen started watching American Gods as I customized the shirt I was wearing. It was WAY too wide, and I don't know why I didn't fix that before, as I have already customized the neckline and sleeves of it. American Gods is okay so far - I think it's a show that could work for most people, and I kind of got the same vibe when I started reading the books around 5 years ago. It's okay, but what I like about it (and the books) is the mythology. With the show I appreciated they gave Laura a backstory - and she's played by the girl who played Violet in A Series Of Unfortunate Events! The characters are really quirky, and damn, Crispin Glover never ceases to be creepy as fuck! We've only seen 5 episodes I think, so I might update later. I wanted to wait until the entire season was out, that's why I haven't seen it until now. There's also a bunch of other shows I'm waiting for!

Anyway, here's how the shirt turned out. Perfect!

Then I got started on my vest.
It's so tiny!

The first addition to my blazer.

This one looks so great!

Hard to take a photo of, but an Emilie Autumn patch.

The last things I did on friday night.
First thing I did on saturday was to sew that patch on.

Outfit rest of the weekend
God I love this shirt.
Anyone else who likes Adventure Time?
Gunther shirt - Official AT merch
Jeans (why do they look blue?) - JAG
Red socks - Gifted

On saturday I read book the fifth in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (what the Gothic Amino book club is reading nowadays). It was really short, so this meant that I could start my new Joy Division book! I really love it so far, and will definitely put up a review when I finish it. And of course, the entire time I've been listening to mostly goth rock.

Now for the back of the blazer!

The top of it done

This went under Bela Lugosi's Dead
Then I pinned in place the others I wanted on there.

The bottom is way too thick to sew through, so I jammed these through.
I guess it works! Then I pinned in place patches on the front.
Still need to figure out what more to do with this vest.

When I woke up on sunday I decided to clean the house a little, so we did that. Simen surprised me by making buns! I'm usually the baker (and asian cook), while he's the usual cook. I spent the rest of the day reading some more and doing some CD shopping! There's gonna be a lot of album reviews coming up. Hope you don't mind that! I'm actually gonna go do one now. See you soon!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another Fall From Grace - The Mission Review

This came out last year, but I didn't buy it until after I saw The Mission live during WGT 3 weeks ago. I have listened to it before, and I liked it. Now that I own it and have listened to it more properly (on my walkman, haha), I like it even more. Wayne Hussey himself has described this as the missing link between First And Last And Always (Sisters of Mercy) and Gods Own Medicine (The Mission). I agree! I really love both those albums, and I think this one reminds me of both of them.

Another Fall From Grace
The very beginning of this pretty much is a sped-up version of Emma (Sisters of Mercy). But then Wayne comes in with his classic 12-string twinkling, and the song lifts up more. It's a beautiful song, and you really just want to shout along with it!

This one sounds a lot like Dominion (Sisters of Mercy), but both me and my boyfriend agree that this one is better! I love the lyrics - I really like the whole reflection of time, life and change in it.

Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful)
This one featured vocals by Gary Numan! It's a really cool and unique song. Calm, but still grabs you and makes you want to sing along.

Blood On The Road
A really cool song - I just don't know how to describe it! Modern rock, maybe? But it's not like really ''in your face'', but of course more power in it than the last song. I love Wayne's voice so much.

Can't See The Ocean For The Rain
A classic Mission-sounding song. Really good lyrics. The chorus is so beautiful! Another song that's easy to sing along to.

Tyranny Of Secrets
Now let's get a little heavy here! And oh my god I love the way he says ''secrets'' in the chorus.

Never's Longer Than Forever
Starts with a classic The Mission riff. A calmer song with beautiful vocals.

Bullets & Bayonets
I love the instrumentals in this. Beautiful vocals, and reflective lyrics.

A spoken word track. Very haunting and beautiful.

A slower, classic Mission-sounding song. Really beautiful overall!

Only You And You Alone
If you liked the last song, you'll like this one too. I think I like this one better, I'm not quite sure. I at least want to sing along to this more!

Phantom Pain
A very chill and beautiful song, very unique. A perfect album closer.

So that was the 12 tracks on this album, lasting for slightly over an hour. I like long albums, I don't know about you, but often the longer, the better. The Mission is a band I really love, since I'm very into the classic goth rock sound. And with this album they really bring it back! So if you are into The Sisters of Mercy and early The Mission, you'll probably love this!
I was thinking I'd review Gods Own Medicine next, since I recently bought that too, if that's okay with you. I also have a couple of more albums I'd like to review. I will probably buy even more CDs very soon, I'm in one of those periods where I buy a lot of music. Hope you don't mind! I'm going to try to blog about other things in between as well. I think I'm gonna start my new Joy Divison book this weekend, and hopefully DIY some more. If there's anything you want to see, let me know!

What are your thoughts on this album?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ministry At Ole Bull Scene In Bergen, Norway

There I am to the right - With my phone in front of my face... Typical!

I was pretty shocked when this concert was announced. Ministry - in my city?! For only 350 NOK, no less! So when we got home from WGT, I bought tickets. Surprisingly the tiny venue wasn't even sold out. We got there only minutes before the doors opened, and we were 4th and 5th in line.

My make-up

The outfit
Collar - Some booth at the WGT black market
Top - Xtrax (now EMP)
Skirt - Aderlass
Boots - New Rock
I also had a small round Alchemy Gothic bag.
Forgot to show that, sorry - Maybe some other time!

I got carded and called ''really old''

I took way more photos than I thought, so warning; image heavy!

The man, the legend!

He would never stand still

He's looking at me!

The show was FANTASTIC. The venue is really small and intimate, but the sound was good and LOUD. I was in front center as you probably can tell, and it was crazy being so close to them! They put on a great show, and Al was amazing and funny. They didn't play that many of my favorites, but they have a huge discography, so.. It was really great anyway! There was never a ''just okay'' moment. They played 18 songs, but it didn't feel that long, I had so much fun! It felt really good to headbang again, by the way! It's been a while since the last metal show I went to, and I still got it! My neck kind of hurt the day after, but that's how it's supposed to be! Now I can't stop listening to them. Ministry is one of those bands that I'm never really in the mood for, but when I hear them, I love it! I guess that's how it is when you have a big CD collection - and the internet available.
But I have more excitement for you! Have a looksie:


He had to throw two times, but I caught it!

Is this real life?! YES IT IS.

This also happened!
I don't even follow Combichrist, haha.

The daytime version
Headset - AKG (and iPod Classic)
Lace blazer - Thrifted
Bride of Frankenstein bag - Universal
Boots - Funtasma

So what do you think?!
Are you a Ministry fan?
And do you have any great concert stories to share?
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