Sunday, July 30, 2017

Religious and Occult Symbols

Today I want to talk about something a little bit more serious. And that is the (mis)use of religious and occult symbols in subcultures, particularly in goth and black metal (as those are the ones I'm familiar with).
In black metal, it's always been the typical ''I didn't do my research'' (see failed latin album titles). It mostly has to do with being as shocking as possible. For most people it's just part of the image / on-stage persona, and has nothing to do with their own religious beliefs. But for some it does, and good for them, I guess.
In goth, I don't think there has been much misuse up until recently. Crosses and upward-pointing pentagrams have been quite common, the former wasn't necessarily connected to religion, but the latter definitely is, as many goths are Wiccans. But the past few years (I guess the years Tumblr has been popular), the trend of wearing clothes, jewelry or other things decorated with religious and occult symbols have exploded. It's pretty obvious that it is just an aesthetic (Tumblr people have ruined that word for me) thing, and has absolutely nothing to do with their personal beliefs.

The fact that a lot of people are wearing symbols that they have no idea what represents just because ''it looks cool or edgy'' or whatever, is just wrong - It might even count as blasphemy!

''Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence to a deity, to religious or holy persons or sacred things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable.''

That a trend like this has popped up in an alternative subculture (where people reject the mainstream), makes no sense. You're an individual, why would you follow a trend so cluelessly? That is very much like how mainstream trends work to me. So I definitely don't understand.
I guess there are young people who aren't really sure of themselves yet who just want to be tough and scare everyone who grabs all these things and use them like that. That definitely doesn't help any subculture, or the religion(s) that uses the symbol(s) they are misusing. So please stop it.


I personally only wear Wiccan symbols, since that's my belief. But I actually often don't want to, because of this trend. I don't want to give my money to companies that market their stuff to edgy, ignorant teens. If I see something when I shop that is nice, but has a symbol on it that isn't part of my belief, I don't buy it. Because I respect other religions, and even though I COULD wear their symbols, I won't. To me that's just wrong. I wanted to say that religion isn't an ironic t-shirt for you to wear, but OH WAIT - It kind of is now.
Same with that you wouldn't wear a shirt of a band you don't know - OH WAIT, that's a thing too. (Sidenote: It's common that metal band shirts and artwork include occult symbols, which is kind of a pet peeve for me, so I avoid it if I can.)
The latter isn't that serious though, but a lot of people in this world take religion very seriously, and it isn't something you should mess with or take lightly. It's very personal to people! Even if you don't believe in anything or are against them, you should still respect people and their opinions. Cause most likely, if you respect them, they will respect you - and isn't that something a lot of alternative people struggle with? We should all do our best to help our overall reputation.


I know this post has been very ''oh kids these days are stupid!'', but I just can't help it when people don't use their brains at all and don't do their research. So please educate yourself on the symbols you choose to wear! They are way more than just a decoration. Be your own unique person with your own opinions and beliefs! And be sure to do at least a little research on the things you choose to indulge in (I think that's fun, personally) - just a quick look through a wikipedia page should tell you the very basics about a topic. You kids today have high-speed access to the internet everywhere you go from a very young age, use it! It amazes me pretty often how little kids today use the amazing resources they have available to them. I feel so old and old school now that I'm gonna stop.


I guess I have made my point across! There's not really much to say about this, I just wanted to bring it up so that the people this concerns can stop and think, and actually do some research.
I have way too many things to complain about. My next post will be positive, I swear!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Haçienda by Peter Hook Review

After absolutely loving the Joy Division book, I ordered this as well as the New Order book - which I have already started before writing this review.

Now I didn't really know about the Haçienda before this. But I'm really interested in Joy Division and New Order and their history, as well as Peter Hook's writing style, so why not.
I already knew that this was going to be the story of a trainwreck - but I had no idea how bad it was going to be. The prologue tosses you into a night at the club in 1991, and my god, it was crazy. I had to read out loud to my partner about three times just from those few pages, cause it was just unbelievable. And there was even more to come.

Each chapter is about a year in the life of the Haçienda. It was a club that was way ahead of its time. It had influences from New York, and everyone involved were so ambitious and had no idea what they were doing. It's funny to read, and you get a lot of insight, but you can't help but being in complete disbelief at all the things that happened.
At the end of each chapter there's a calendar with what was on at each night at the Haçienda, as well as miscellaneous quotes and facts, ''business talk'', and lots more.
In the middle you will find 16 glossy pages of color photographs from the time.

It was really cool to read about what the scene was like back then - especially since Hooky tells it in his way (like a friend sitting with you at a pub). But as I got further through it, it kind of dragged on a bit, I'm not really sure what exactly made me lose a little interest, but maybe it all just got TOO crazy, I don't know. But it ended nicely and on a good note, so I'm at least left sitting with a good feeling. He also recommends media where you can research more at the very end.

Unless you are a VERY big fan of Peter Hook, I wouldn't really say this is an essential read for Joy Division or New Order fans, as it doesn't have very much to do with the bands - He has written books about them now anyway. But if you are interested in the Manchester scene in the 80's and 90's, this is definitely for you!

Here are my favorite quotes from the book: 
“Like the time I threw out Pete Murphy of Bauhaus for saying those six immortal words to Slim when he'd forgotten his backstage pass: 'Don't you know who I am?'
'Ha, ha, yeah, I do,' I said, 'You're out, arsehole'.” 

“Now I don't know why, but Morrissey had always hated Joy Division. Maybe Rob got it right when after a lively debate as the cameras were turned off he turned to Morrissey and said, 'The trouble with you, Morrissey, is that you've never had the guts to kill yourself like Ian. You're fucking jealous.' You should have seen his face as he stormed off. I laughed me bollocks off.” 

“The barrels were on a platform and to keep the platform level someone had shoved a quarter-inch tape box underneath it.
I pulled it out. Covered in old beer and sweat and condensation, it was one of the master tapes of Joy Division's debut album, Unknown Pleasures.
It made me smile. It was an absolutely perfect metaphor for the Haçienda.
Joy Division had held the whole fucking thing up.” 

“Adidas produced a limited-edition pair of Haçienda trainers, designed by Yohji Yamamoto (Saville has worked with Yohji since the late 1980s, creating his catalogues and advertisements).
They retailed for £345 but people queued up from midnight just to be first through the doors to buy a pair. The shoes disappeared in twenty minutes - all soled out.” 

Click here to buy the book!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

All The Happenings!

Hello, hello, hello! It's been a while since my last personal post. Most of my previous posts were written a while before they were posted, and some were even posted later than planned. We have to go back two weeks for me to tell you everything that has happened lately!
Simen's family had this huge family meetup, so we drove the six hours or so to his parents (this included two ferries and two underwater tunnels). His family is a crazy bunch, I love them!

Mats and Christine's cat is so weird.

My dad-in-law has now made this the official family song.
You will only get it if you're norwegian, but it's fucking hilarious.
(...if you have dad-humor like I do.)

Let's get the party started!
Me and Simen were glamping with his parents.
Everyone else slept in tents, the peasants.
We had a very cozy time!

I have the worst mother-in-law ever.
LOL JK I love her <3
When she showed up like this I laughed so hard I cried!

More weird cat. Jesus christ! Kids these days and their technology.

Idyllic photo on the way back home...

...and less than three hours later.
Literally minutes after this it was sunny again!

When we got home I got the two other Peter Hook books in the mail!
Don't tell me this is excessive, haha.
Review on The Haçienda will be my next post!

The day after we got home (so a week ago today), I started a new job. I now work at a bookstore, so we'll see how that goes! So far it's been good, I like it, even though it's kind of quiet these days. But I don't mind re-organizing all the shelves in the store, I'm such a nerd. So that's what's been keeping me busy lately! I've felt very disconnected to the internet, which I don't really mind.

Outfit from last weekend
Modded t-shirt - Outfitters Nation, I believe
Underbust corset (that's too big) - Xtrax (now EMP)
Pencil skirt - Gina Tricot
Stockings - Pierre Robert

My family just got home from the Philippines, so we went to visit them!
We stopped by at a little filipino store that has opened nearby them.
Simen needs a little taste of filipino in his life! I don't make much food, LOL.
My uncle and aunt were also there, so I'll be seeing a bunch of norwegian family this weekend.
Can't wait, cause it's been a while! I will also be trying my grandmother's national costume (bunad).
At my parents' house we mostly just ate, and played board games with my sister. Fun!

I don't feel fancy and entitled enough to wear all white, but here goes.
T-shirt - Monki
Slip - Thrifted
Stockings - Dracula Clothing

Today was so hot! 26 Celsius!
It's been like 12 C for months.

I wanted to wear a corset with this, but I guess it's too hot.
Necklace - Alchemy Gothic
Top - JSFN
Skirt - RQ-BL
Stockings - Dracula Clothing

And the after work summer version! 
Shorts - Victoria's Secret
Garter belt - H&M

10 minutes before my shift was over today, Simen walked into the store! He was so nice and decided to surprise me by picking me up. We went shopping around the mall, and afterwards we went to IKEA. It's really nice, we basically agree on everything when it comes to interior design, haha. We also tried out the bed that we want, and loved it! We had dinner there, of course. We only bought a few small things, the typical boring small things you forget that you even need until you see it.
And on the way home we drove through the city with the roof down, all cool in his Mercedes.

So that's it for now! I feel personal stuff is so boring to blog about, so I kind of prefer doing recaps - Though maybe not as big as this. Coming up on the blog is a lot of book and music reviews. I don't feel so bad for doing only that anymore, I like doing it, sharing what I like, and you guys seem to like it too! If there's anything else you like to see (or something you'd like me to review), just say so!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DIY Marathon!

If you saw my DIY Weekend post, you saw most of the DIY projects I have gotten started with lately. For now, they are finished! I'll probably add more to them later as I collect more stuff, but for now I'm pretty satisfied. So here comes piece-by-piece add-ons plus finished projects! *Image heavy*

Under Love Will Tear Us Apart on blazer

Under Siouxsie And The Banshees on blazer

Under Unkown Pleasures on blazer

Front of vest

Front of vest

Leather jacket collar

Front of vest

Top of back on vest

Bottom back on vest

First patch on my leather jacket!
I used polyester thread and a leather needle.
The needle was already bending with this patch.
I also used a thimble and gloves to make the sewing easier.

Second patch!

And the third.
I don't have enough patches for the back yet.
I can't use a back patch, they're too big!
After this patch my needle was almost bent 90 degrees.

Finished leather jacket for now!

And the very empty back, but oh well.
My hair covers it all anyway.

Finished vest for now!

This will be a general metal vest.

The other vest that's finished for now!

A little mash-up, but I guess it's pretty gothy.

And my favorite!

I really love what I did to this!

What did you think of my projects?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Music Tag

I was watching ReeRee Phillips' video doing this tag, and I really liked it! It's very rare that I do tags, I think they're just really uncreative. But this one has some really interesting questions that I can actually give answers to! I hope you don't mind that basically all I blog about nowadays is music. I want to be more well-rounded, but I guess sometimes my life revolved more around one thing.

So let's just jump right into the questions!

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?

Definitely Darkthrone. I have all of their albums, even some duplicates, and some have a second disc, so that's a lot of CDs.

2. What was the last song you listened to?

''All My Colours'' by Echo & The Bunnymen.

3. What’s in your CD player right now?


4. What was the last show you attended?

Ministry here in my hometown. Read all about it here!

5. What was the greatest show you’ve been to?

I always want to say the last show I've been to, since it's fresh in memory. So I'm going to say The Mission, even though that's kind of cheating too, since that was a little over a month ago. But I was so happy that I cried for the last three songs, and I've never cried at a show before, so that's got to count for something. Read about that show and the rest of the third day of WGT here!

6. What was the worst show you’ve ever been to?
There's not really anything that comes to mind that was BAD.
When I saw Immortal once their pyrotechnics set off the fire alarm, and the concert ended early.
When I saw Mayhem it was tame compared to what I thought it would be, so that wasn't GREAT.

7. What is the most musically involved you have ever been?

Not sure what this question means, but I guess the last two bands I was in. I was the vocalist, using both clean and growl vocals, writing lyrics, and even started writing violin parts (from guitar, converted it to piano and then to violin).

8. What show are you looking forward to?

In about a month I will hopefully / most likely see Peter Hook & The Light, playing a Joy Division set! It's at this tiny festival I had never heard of, and they are the only band I'm going to see, haha.
Later in august I'm going to a festival in my city where Mayhem will play De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety, and Enslaved will play Vikingr Veldi in its entirety. That will be interesting!
I'm also looking forward to seeing Satyricon later this year at a bar I used to work at.

9. What is your favorite band shirt?

The vast majority of my band shirts are bought at shows, so they all represent a memory to me. But I think the most special one is this surprise I got for Yule from Simen. We were both at the show, but he managed to sneak away, buy the shirt, and give it to someone who got the band to sign it, then give it to someone else who kept it for him so I wouldn't see it before we went down to his parents for the holidays. When we arrived, I went to the bathroom, and he gave it to his mother so she could wrap it. Could you imagine my reaction?! Now I knew why he wanted to get that specific CD for me (I knew about that one). The funny thing is that when we were walking home from the show, I realized that I forgot to buy a shirt! So I've definitely found the right man.

Let me also mention that his favorite shirt is his Raised By Bats (Aurelio Voltaire) shirt, as that shirt was the reason I finally noticed him as more than just a colleague. He calls it his lucky shirt now!

Last WGT I saw and met Voltaire and told him about it. I made him record a video message for Simen too! That was probably the thing that inspired him to give me this shirt. Already early on in our relationship we're trying to out-do each other with presents. Well fuck, how do we top this?

10. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?

I can name several! Wayne Hussey, Alice Cooper, Fenriz, Peter Hook, Al Jourgensen and Dave Vanian.

11. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?

Oh shit, that one is hard. There are SO many bands I listen to that don't exist anymore.

12. Who is one band/ artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to?

Cradle of Filth.

13. Name four or more flawless albums

Audrey Horne - Selftitled
Cradle of Filth - Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
Darkthrone - Goatlord
Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

14. How many concerts have you been to, total?

Yeah no, I'm not even gonna try. That's even harder than how many times I've dyed my hair! I could MAYBE count big shows, but when you start counting in festivals and local shows, it just becomes impossible.

15. Who have you seen the most live?

I'm not gonna count local bands (bands I know and norwegian black metal), cause I can't even keep track of that. So when it comes to big shows, I've seen Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold twice.

16. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) by Francis Ford Coppola composed by Anton Coppola immediately comes to mind. There are probably other ones I like, but I can't remember any right now.

17. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wisened up?

Metalcore or whatever it's called. It's pretty silly.

18. What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ that you hate to admit liking?

I don't think I have any, I think the ''worst'' is some bands that I don't listen to anymore but used to, so when I listen to them it's more a trip down memory lane than actually enjoying the music.
I love stuff like Lily Allen and Shania Twain, and I'm not afraid to admit it!
Musically I'm all over the place. What I've found out is that the genre doesn't really matter, as long as there's a certain atmosphere / feeling it gives me. To me that's what music is all about! The soundtrack of your life.

If you haven't watched ReeRee's video yet, here it is!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Unknown Pleasures - Inside Joy Division by Peter Hook Review

My third book about Joy Division. I found it at a booth selling cds during Wave Gotik Treffen, and I'm so glad I bought it. I immediately loved it. The difference is obviously that it's written by Peter Hook, the bassist of Joy Division. The two other books I have are not written by members of the band.

Peter Hook writes like he's your friend who is telling you about the ''good old days'' - but he makes you feel like you were there. He says he doesn't remember much, but there is so much detail to the story. He takes you through everything, from before the start to after the end.

Content summary:
The prologue is about their first gig as Joy Division.
Part 1 - Insight takes you back to Peter's childhood and up to 1976, when Sex Pistols changes his life.
Part 2 - Disorder starts with a famous Sex Pistols concert, and Joy Division (Warsaw) is formed.
Part 3 - Transmission tells many crazy stories the band went through.
Part 4 - Love Will Tear Us Apart tells more band stories, and Unknown Pleasures is released. It includes a track by track commentary of the album.
Part 5 - Ceremony is when things get really bad for Ian. Up to this point I had read quickly through it, but now I had to slow down, cause I knew what was to come.
The epilogue is after Ian's death.
The postscript is about what happened in recent years regarding Joy Division (dated 2013).
Then we have a track by track commentary of Closer.
After each part there is a timeline that summarized everything that happened in that part.
The back of the book has tons of black and white pictures.

Like I said the book is very detailed, it includes pretty much everything that happened with the band. No one else could tell you this except the band themselves! Joy Division has this huge reputation and they're very glorified, but when you hear Peter Hook's version, you realize they were just kids, they had no clue, they just wanted to play gigs and have fun. It wasn't glamorous. You really get a good insight into how it was back in the day, and how lucky they got, becoming so big. This book makes them seem so human, and you definitely see another side to Ian Curtis.
I loved reading every single story and detail and Peter Hook's tone throughout the book - So I already have his two other books on the way!

If you're a fan of Joy Division, you NEED this book! Click here to buy it!

Read my review of the two other Joy Division books I own here.

I'm trying my best to be able to attend that concert.
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