Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DIY Marathon!

If you saw my DIY Weekend post, you saw most of the DIY projects I have gotten started with lately. For now, they are finished! I'll probably add more to them later as I collect more stuff, but for now I'm pretty satisfied. So here comes piece-by-piece add-ons plus finished projects! *Image heavy*

Under Love Will Tear Us Apart on blazer

Under Siouxsie And The Banshees on blazer

Under Unkown Pleasures on blazer

Front of vest

Front of vest

Leather jacket collar

Front of vest

Top of back on vest

Bottom back on vest

First patch on my leather jacket!
I used polyester thread and a leather needle.
The needle was already bending with this patch.
I also used a thimble and gloves to make the sewing easier.

Second patch!

And the third.
I don't have enough patches for the back yet.
I can't use a back patch, they're too big!
After this patch my needle was almost bent 90 degrees.

Finished leather jacket for now!

And the very empty back, but oh well.
My hair covers it all anyway.

Finished vest for now!

This will be a general metal vest.

The other vest that's finished for now!

A little mash-up, but I guess it's pretty gothy.

And my favorite!

I really love what I did to this!

What did you think of my projects?


  1. Interesting diys I love a good diy espcially when comes to clothing.

  2. Slit'an ;) Likte spesielt godt den siste jakken!

  3. That's a really joy to look at some gothic DIY. Here where I live "gothic outfit" is all about dressing up with some "ready out of the shop" clothes from "gothic stores". That results in people dressing all alike. It poduces overall "costume" feel, rather than proper "day to day" "natural" look.

    1. That is so sad! I'm a leader in Gothic Amino, and all I see is talk about these clothing brands. It's really worrying! So I'm trying my best to teach kids that it's about the music, and if they want to dress goth, they can just go to any store, buy some basic clothes and put them together to make a gothic outfit - and DIY, of course.

    2. Yup. In my country it seems that it should be even more natural to buy regular clothing or go to thrift store and do some DIY out of them. Why? Well if we compare average salary here we are about 4 times more poor than Germans are. Yet still people are trying hard and buy those clothes - that typically means you have to pay german price + shipping costs. Results are well umm mixed. As they can't try how does clothing fit on them online they often end with somewhat "not their size" piecs. Another issue is when they buy several different pieces and then wear as many as they can at once it tends to result in "awesomness overload". They often "dress goth" just for one main festival in a year. So they obvously suffer from lack of ocassions to shape their style into something more harmonic. We all know that it takes time. When you put your "gothic wardobe " on once a year results are quiet predictable. Another issue is the quality of the fabrics from such shops - they have so high percentage of synthetic fibers it's ridiculous for their prices. I often can afford hand made pieces of clothing from my country "formal wear" (business suits, shirts, coats that kind) companies made of high quality cotton and linen for same or similar price. That's simply insane.

      To sum up people seems to try hard to follow trends and to "show off" (Hey! Look! I can afford this extra expensive bondage pants form X or this insanely covered in occult symbols blouse! I'm so much goth I puke bats!) instead of just let themselves wear what fits their taste and liking. Dang, it's like they are participating in some sort of competition for people with inferiority complex. I may sound cruel but I can not explain this phenomenon in any other way.

    3. Wow, that is such a shame! It DOES seem like a beauty contest these days - and very brand-obsessed. I'm glad that my style is very picky, and that I don't care what others think. I thought that was the whole point of being a part of a subculture, you're an individual doing your own thing, not doing the exact same thing as they do in the mainstream...


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