Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I'm In The News In Greece!

I got a huge and crazy surprise last week. I got a message from Necromancy Clothing on Instagram saying that I had made the news in Greece! I was like WHAT?! So I clicked the link and I saw this:

This photo is also mine, though they enhanced it.
It's in greek, but with a translator, you get the jist of it.

Other than that the past week hasn't been super interesting. I've been modifying clothes a lot, which I will show you in a separate post, as it is several garments, so it will be image heavy. You'll see some of the garments in the images below though. And as usual I've been listening to a lot of music and reading. I also just got some new clothes from H&M, and will be buying tons of CDs soon. So there are lots of reviews and clothing going on on my blog nowadays! Hope you don't mind.

Awesome tank top - Gifted
Hobble skirt - Thrifted

Love Will Tear Us Apart turned 37 on the 27th!
Review of this book will be up soon.

Modded Pretty Reckless shirt - VIP at gig
Distressed jeans - Blue Asphalt
Skelly socks - H&M

Some cool underwear!
Thought I'd awkwardly show off.

Sports bra - OOTD Leggings
(Use code ''carnivorous'' for $$$ off!)
Best panties ever - Gothicat
Garter belt - H&M
Stockings - Walmart around halloween

Modded blazer - WOW (tween store)
Modded Gorgoroth shirt - Helvete / Neseblod
Lace and tulle miniskirt - Don't even remember
Stockings - Walmart around halloween
My legs look so long in this photo!


  1. What are your favourite machines/staples to modify clothes? I love diy but I dont have space for my sewing machine anywhere.. any tips? Maybe a separate post on how-to?

    1. I sew by hand, and I have no idea what I'm doing xD I fail a lot when I sew, but I'm happy as long as it stays together! I don't look up how-to's or anything, I just wing it. I'll post a DIY post soon, and we'll see if I can be of any help to anyone!


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