Thursday, July 6, 2017

Violet - The Birthday Massacre Review

I've been listening to Birthday Massacre for about 10 years, and somehow I didn't discover gothic music until years after. They're not exactly goth music, but they're definitely goth friendly! Their music is a very dark rock, with a lot of use of synth, with a cute female vocalist (she does try to sound all scary sometimes, but I'm not much of a fan of that).
Since I live in Norway I haven't been able to find their albums in person, so I've mostly been listening to them through Spotify. I've checked back with them every couple of years, and there would be a new album, and though I liked it, I still think TBM's music is very.. repetitive. But I found this album during WGT, so I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and review it for you!

Let me first talk about the artwork. This was probably what attracted young me, as my favorite color is violet. I've also always liked both dark and cute things, so a mixture of it is perfect! The music was great for me at the time, who was just starting to move away from mainstream pop/rock and into more emo / pop punk stuff, but hadn't yet discovered metal. My musical journey just got darker from there.

1. Prologue
A short intro to the album that has a spooky atmosphere to it. I probably thought this was SO cool 10 years ago! What I realized years later was that it doesn't matter what the genre is, it's the atmosphere and feeling it gives me. So I still think it's a pretty cool track, and definitely slides perfectly into the next song.

2. Lovers End
This song has a cute synth intro riff, and then gets harder when the guitars come in. Chibi uses a pretty deep and spooky voice for the verses, but goes into her classic cute vocals for the chorus. The lyrics are definitely very spooky in this one. If you already like this song, you're gonna like TBM.

3. Happy Birthday
Ah, the classic! Well, I probably think all of these are classics. This is maybe the first song I heard of them? Kind of weird lyrics, but you whisper / sing along anyway! I think the guitar and synth work together really well on this song, and I like the drums.

4. Horror Show
This one starts off with a fun synth riff! I really like the lyrics in this one. I also like the bridge part.

5. Violet
This song is adorable! It has this refreshing light atmosphere but still holds true to their sound. It has really good lyrics too.

6. Red
A short instrumental track with a calm atmosphere.

7. Play Dead
I'm pretty sure the younger me loved these lyrics. 

8. Blue
I love this song! Always have. It starts off so spooky and hard. The verse is more calm and high-pitched, and the chorus is back to the hard stuff again, and this time Chibi growls. I'm not much of a fan of her growling vocals, but this song is pretty much perfect for my soprano and growl voices.
But yeah, a really cool song! I definitely recommend it.

9. Video Kid
I have always loved the video game noises in the beginning and end of this - I just want to press those buttons! Another very cute song, but still kind of hard at the same time. Genius lyrics. I also like the ''ow ow ow ow ow ow ow'' add-on - it gives it an extra oomph.

10. The Dream
I love the intro, it's so unique! This song is slightly different sounding, and it's really sad.

11. Black
Another short instrumental. It's nice, I really like it. It's better than Red, but probably not better than Prologue.

12. Holiday
Another classic-sounding song! The synth is really good, and the rest of the instruments work well with it. I think the younger me might have liked these lyrics. Not so much now. Brings me back though!

13. Nevermind
Another cute song with the typical TBM sound! I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics in this one? Haha. It's not the most perfect album closer, I guess I would like something a little calmer?

Omg, SO 2000's, hahaha.

This was The Birthday Massacre's second album - I thought it was their first, but I'm glad I double checked! Nothing And Nowhere was their first, but some of the songs on the second release of this album was on that one as well. Confusing! I think I'm mostly familiar with their work up until Hide And Seek. I see they released Superstition in 2014 (don't remember if I've listened to that) and Under Your Spell this year, so I think I have to go to their Spotify after this!
I get so surprised every time I listen to them (every couple of years), cause I can still remember the lyrics! But I guess their lyrics aren't super complicated, they're kind of simple and cutesy.
I definitely recommend this band to kids getting into goth music, since they are usually into metal. This combines hard rock and synth, so I think it's a nice segway into goth rock, waves and post punk.
It's also both cute and spooky at the same time, which is something I definitely liked about it as a youngster. I probably liked the harder parts back then, now I prefer the softer parts, haha.


  1. I used to listen to TBM a while back and now I feel like I need to put a few songs in my playlists, I really like their sound. But I agree with you, a lot of the songs are kind of the same.

  2. Oppdaga ikkje TBM før i fjor, så ingen nostalgi her, men er blitt fan av den herlege stemninga i enkelte av songane ("Leaving Tonight" er ein av favorittane)!


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