Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Basic Goth Wardrobe

Blazer - DIY
Belt - ASOS
Skirt - Lindex
Fishnets - H&M
Sandal pikes - Second hand

First off, how you look has NOTHING to do with ''how goth you are''. You don't need to look like your idols to be a goth. Don't worry about ''not being goth'' cause your school / work has a dress code, or that someone will knock on your door to inspect you when you're in your PJ's at home! None of us look 100% spooky 24/7 - It's just that people don't exactly post selfies when they first wake up in the morning.

Belt - ASOS
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Second hand (Demonia)

Okay, so you need figure out what kind of style you like. Do you lean towards victorian, cybergoth or trad? Often your fashion style goes hand in hand with your music taste, but in the goth scene we have other aspects of the culture as well, so many get inspired by those too. Some of the styles are recognized by their elaborate and extreme aesthetics, and don't worry, you'll get there some day. Find out what fabrics and colors you like, or other details. Look for these things! It's much easier to shop when you know what you like and are looking for, than just being overwhelmed by a sea of black clothes.

Dress - DIY out of a second hand shirt
Blazer - DIY

Go thrift shopping! You never know what you'll find, trust me. If you're lucky, someone went through a goth phase and has now given their New Rock boots and entire wardrobe of brand clothes to charity! I have myself found an Alchemy Gothic bag for almost nothing, tons of clothes from ''normal'' stores that look super gothic, and there's always a million velvet blazers (too bad I don't like velvet).

Shirt - Gothicat
Belt - Custom by my friend Jez (Studio 777)
Pikes - Second hand

DIY. I know some of you might say; ''But I can't sew!'' or ''I'm not creative!'' - but I say the same things, and even I have managed to alter a few things! I try to post mine here when I do some. Even if it means just cutting and ripping and holding things together with knots and safety pins. Look for tutorials online! You will get many more goth points by making or altering something yourself than buying off the rack from the big goth brands ;)

Jewelry - My friend Ayame Designs
Lace collar thingy - Ebay
Skirt - Second hand (RQBL, I think?)
Stockings - Walmart
Joy Division boots - Doc Martens

When actually buying from goth stores and brands, don't buy something that's ''out of your level'', so to speak. What I mean by that is that if you have a wardrobe of band t-shirts and black jeans, maybe that elaborate and complicated strappy vinyl body suit isn't the thing for you just yet. Buy things that will go with what you already have, so that you can feel good about any outfit with it! My suggestion would be boots or a jacket / coat. These you can add to any outfit, and instantly feel better!
Also, shop smart. I see a lot of goth shops nowadays that sell the simplest clothes for ridiculously high prices just because it's a ''goth brand''. If you find something you like, do some research and see if you can find it at another site for cheaper (and preferably a site that has a warehouse close to you). A good rule of thumb is only to buy what you can't make.

Sleeves - DIY (old pantyhose)
Skirt - Thrifted
Stockings - H&M

Remember to be yourself! Buy things you genuinely like, and not cause they look cool and would impress your friends and anger your parents. You should be comfortable in what you wear, and not letting it wear you. Then it might feel like a costume. Of course some people feel this way when they first start looking goth - goth is an extreme style, and is a long step from the norm. Building a wardrobe and your own unique look takes time, so be patient and experiment! If you are like most people, you don't fall into one label. I for example can on different days dress trad goth, deathrock, victorian or black metal. It doesn't matter! It makes you you, and that is awesome.

Shirt - H&M
Jabot - Ebay
Skirt - Burleska

Below is a helpful checklist of items to get if you're looking to build up your goth wardrobe.
I definitely don't recommend going out and buying everything at once and immediately throw out everything you already owned - Unless you're really rich. No, but seriously. Not only will it be a weird shock for both you and everyone around you, but it just won't be.. genuine, in the lack of a better term. And who knows, maybe it will be just a *gasp* phase (which is okay). Then you'll just regret it. So ease into it, make it your own, and get to know yourself in a journey of self discovery.
  • Boots (for everyday, and it's also nice to have more sensible shoes, plus some fancy ones)
  • Stockings (that's what I personally prefer, but if you like socks, go for that. I think it's especially fun to buy childish socks, just to give outfits that whimsy contrast)
  • Blouses / shirts (black of course, maybe some jewel tones or even white)
  • T-shirts (I definitely recommend getting official band merch, and some funny shirts!)
  • Bottoms (black jeans / pants, skirts or shorts, so you have something for every occasion)
  • Dresses / suits  (be sure to have a nice dress / suit that fits you perfectly for effortless fanciness!)
  • Jackets / coats (for every season, depending on where you live. I also recommend having some you decorate to wear for alternative occasions)
  • Layering bits (vests, hoodies, corsets, whatever you like)
  • Other outerwear accessories for winter if you need it (gloves, scarves, hats, etc)
  • At least one belt (either for actual functional purpose or just for accessorizing)
  • Jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets and other things in designs you like)
  • Headgear (hats, headbands, headpieces, decorative clips, veils and so on, whatever you prefer)
  • Bags (I like having a shoulder bag, a handbag and a smaller bag for concerts)
I recommend having both plain and more alternative stuff, so you can tone it down and dress up if you need to for any occasion. I think that's all I can think of that will work for an alternative wardrobe, as well as for work or school dresscodes.

Bolero - Thrifted
Top - Spiral
Skirt - Thrifted

I hope that helped some of you! I know a lot of kids today are REALLY into the fashion and thinks that's what goth is all about, but it isn't. But I would like to give some advice on the fashion as well. The most important thing is to discover the culture, find out what you like, find yourself and get inspired. If you are sure of who you are and what you like, having your own style isn't hard at all.

Parasol and gloves - Darxity
Necklace - Darkling Beloved
Jabot - Ebay
Blouse - Retroscope Fashions
Pantyhose - Walmart

Post updated with photos in 2020, added ''sources'' where I remember

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Concert Weekend

My weekend has been spent going to shows! Thursday I went to Hulen to see Heather, and they were great! If you like type The Birthday Party, you should definitely check them out! Isak sounds just like Nick Cave, I swear to you, it's amazing. Their clicky-links: Facebook Soundcloud Spotify Instagram 

Quick selfie before seeing Mayhem

This weekend Bergen has hosted the festival Beyond The Gates - this year's edition called Bjørgvin Black Mass. This is the first year where they have expanded from Garage to Verftet as well. I bought my ticket almost a year ago, when it was announced that Mayhem would play De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and Enslaved would play Vikingr Veldi - and that's what I ended up seeing. I honestly didn't know the other bands playing, so I took my time and didn't show up until a short while before they played.

The last time I saw Mayhem was in Stavanger around 5 years ago, and I was honestly disappointed. Everyone says they're either hit or miss live, so with this setlist I was expecting a hit - and I was right! They had an awesome stageshow and performance, and it was great hearing DMDS live.
Fun fact: I was born the same year as that album came out (1994) - I'm a little baby.

On saturday me, Sandra and Emma went to Verftet at noon to see screenings of an upcoming Enslaved documentary and one about BlekkMetal, an event that happened here a couple of years ago - I was in it for a few seconds, haha! This documentary can only be seen at screenings (this being the first screening in Europe), so we had to go. I also can't wait to see the Enslaved documentary when it comes out, Grutle and Ivar are the cutest and so hilarious.

Shortly before Enslaved
(Decided to not be like everyone else and wear a Mayhem shirt this day)

I forget how short gigs are when they play an album! But it was great. For me, Enslaved has kind of become what bands like Taake are for me, a band that plays here all the time that I don't bother to see anymore. But I love them! So I think I have to make sure to go to their release concert for their next album.

Even though I only saw two bands at Beyond The Gates, I still had a great time! Basically everyone in the Bergen black metal scene was there - band members and fans alike all over the place. I also noticed a lot of tourists (blackpackers), which always fascinates me. 

Oh, and I also got myself some merch! On friday I realized I needed to go home and check what I owned, cause I couldn't remember. So before Enslaved I got myself Venom, Immortal and Cradle of Filth patches, as well as some Cradle albums I for some reason didn't have. Now I think I can fill up the back of my leather jacket! I can't fit a regular backpatch on there, so I think 7 smaller ones will fit nicely on the center back. I still need more black metal patches, though! I'll probably show you an update later on when I get them on there.

Also, next week we're moving, so I might be a little quiet on here - But I have written a draft of a basic goth wardrobe post that I can probably find the time to finish and post before next weekend.
If you want, I can probably take pictures of our new apartment once we've settled in! Other than that, I'll keep on with the album reviews - I'm gonna review some The Cure next. So until next time, take care!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Vision Thing - The Sisters Of Mercy Review

Ok, last one! Vision Thing from 1990. My least favorite, but for the sake of consistency and completion, I'll do it anyway. There are some fun and good songs on here, though maybe a little different than the classic Sisters of Mercy songs.

When it comes to the musicians on this, I have no idea who they are. Whoever Eldritch could get after Patricia left, I guess! As far as I know, this album took a long time to make. I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with that they were under contract, but Eldritch didn't want to do another album? So this definitely isn't the best SoM album. But let's delve into it and see.. ehh.. listen!

Vision Thing
A dance favorite - But goddamn, the lyrics are silly! They don't really make sense to me, but the song is fun, so whatever, haha. The chorus is fun to sing along to, at least!

A different sounding song, it has quite a unique atmosphere and sound. I guess more rock n roll and sexy. The lyrics are pretty good too!

Detonation Boulevard
Another classic track. I like the beat (as usual), and the guitars are okay, even though they're a little too simple (at least there's a cool solo). I like the lyrics! The female vocals are okay I guess.

Something Fast
This song isn't something fast, ironically. It has acoustic guitar, which goes very well with Eldritch's deep voice. The lyrics are beautiful, especially the chorus! I love the touch of the female vocals.

When You Don't See Me
We are brought back up with the rocking guitars and beat of this song. I actually really like the lyrics, they really get me for some reason!

Doctor Jeep
Another dancy track! Not my kind of lyrics though, but as I said before, I kind of drown out Eldritch's words. I don't really get the add-on of female vocals, but okay.

One of the SoM songs I always have to sing along to. Pretty good lyrics too. The instrumental part can get a little repetitive, but the piano in the end is very refreshing.

I Was Wrong
Another acoustic track, but more upbeat. I don't really feel like they fit with the lyrics, which are pretty sad. But hey, at least Eldritch admits he was wrong, LOL! Not the song for me though.

You Could Be The One
I'll include this song, it's a bonus track on the 2006 reissue CD. A danceable track, but I don't think it had much success - It was released on the More single anyway. I'm not really impressed with the lyrics. There's some decent rock n roll guitar on it.

And there we have it! I still have some other bonus tracks on my CD, but it's songs from the album anyway. So what I look for when an album ends, is how it leaves me - I want either a feeling of completion, or be ready to listen to another album of the same band. This one doesn't do that. I basically feel ''meh''. The two last songs weren't really all that for me, but the rest were fine. This album is probably more for the people who know they like Sisters of Mercy, versus someone trying to get into them - cause even though you still feel the SoM vibe on some of the songs here, some of them don't. You're better off listening to the other two albums, or the compilations. So I guess that's it! I didn't have much to say about this, and now you know why. I'll leave you with the rest of the band photos from the booklet!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Floodland - The Sisters Of Mercy Review

Okay, moving on to 1987, to SoM's second studio album. Everyone except Eldritch had left the band after the last album was released, so Eldritch got Patricia Morrison to join him. Now, I don't know the truth, but he claims she basically didn't contribute at all to the album (while she says she did, but he recorded over her parts), and basically was just a model (just take a look at all the photoshoots, music videos and other appearances the two of them did). I think she DID contribute, but the booklet doesn't say shit, and on wikipedia is says that she played bass and vocals. I want her to write a book sometime and tell the truth about this - and talk about all the other bands she's been in - especially The Damned!

This is the first (studio, at least) album I got by Sisters of Mercy. It's pretty iconic, and very classic goth rock. The cover art, how Patricia Morrison looks... And it has some fantastic songs. The album title is pretty fitting, as water is mentioned a lot in the lyrics of the album. This time around I will review the bonus tracks I have on my 2006 reissue CD, as I adore those too. So let's have some fun!

Dominion / Mother Russia
An instantly recognizable song, and one of SoM's most famous songs. I love everything about it! The beat, the twinkly guitar, the vocals... I always sing along to this. Plus it has a saxophone solo!
Then it goes over to the Mother Russia part, which is pretty cool. It ends really well too.

Flood I
A fitting title, cause it really has a flowy, watery vibe if you can say that! Eldritch's voice really contributes to that feeling. Eldritch says the word flood is a metaphor for sex in the two songs, but I try not to think of that, I just cringe when I think about the sexual references in goth songs. Anyway, the instrumentals in this are pretty different, very electronic, I don't really know how to describe it. But it contributes to the atmosphere of the song.

Lucretia My Reflection
Like Dominion / Mother Russia, instantly recognizable, and one of their most famous songs.
I should never have watched the music video, cause my head always twitches sideways at the thought of that thingy (I don't know what it's called, okay) that is shown at the beat of the snare drum.
Eldritch wrote it about Patricia to welcome her into the band, because he thinks of her as a femme fatale, as Lucrezia Borgia is said to have been. I like the lyrics a lot, I always have to sing along to it! And dance after ''dance the ghost with me''.

A calm song about Eldritch's birth year. Beautiful and sad.
Though I feel the piano could have been better, it doesn't really sound that good.

This Corrosion
Then we're lifted up into another classic SoM song! I love the vocals in this, and can never decide which to sing along to, haha. It's so fun and dancy! The lyrics are kind of silly, but they're meant to be a parody of Wayne Hussey's lyrics, which can be pretty.. cliché. I still love it (and The Mission)! Excuse me while I break into song and dance for the next 10 minutes. Good guitar solo too, btw.

Flood II
A continuation of Flood I (duh). This is more upbeat, and more.. singable, I guess. I like this one much better, it's a nice part two. Fades out into the next song pretty well.

Driven Like The Snow
It has a one minute long pretty quiet intro, before getting into a pretty groovy beat. Eldritch says this is kind of a part two of Nine While Nine. Musically it isn't as good, but lyrically, it's much better. The lyrics aren't so gooey, they're actually pretty okay. Couldn't he have just merged the two?

Never Land (a fragment)
A very atmospheric song. The drums are strong, but it's still very calm. I don't know what makes that sound (you know what I mean), but it's pretty cool! It gives that extra oomph. A pretty cool piece. I remember this song was featured on the Hotel season of American Horror Story, along with a bunch of other gothy music. On the vinyl, this is where the album ended.

Another calm and atmospheric song - It kind of has that aquatic feeling again. I really like the lyrics. Again it has this weird sound that I don't know what is, that gives it the little extra. But yeah, a beautiful (and probably underrated) song.

Another atmospheric song that's pretty calm. The drums are a little more upbeat, and it features some really cool synth. I've zoned out completely while listening to this now. Then it fades out to nothing. On the original CD this is where it ended. A pretty good ending, I have to say.

Never Land (full length)
And now we're back to Never Land. This version was previously unreleased until the 2006 reissue CD. You're kind of floating in space in this song, and I think that's what Eldritch meant by this song.

A seriously underrated song that I adore. It's so beautiful and sad. The instrumentals go really well with it, and it's overall really well made. The emotion in his voice, especially towards the end is just perfect. It's originally by Hot Chocolate, which is good, but not quite my kind of music (and it's definitely not sung with feeling there).

So that was quite a journey! The majority of this album is pretty atmospheric, but it also has some of SoM's most famous songs, so it's a pretty well rounded album of dark music. This is the first SoM studio album I got (I'm not sure if I got A Slight Case Of Overbombing before this), so I'm kind of emotionally tied to it. Fuck it, I'll say it; It's my favorite SoM album! I think most people like FaLaA the best, and it's good too, but I just have to say that this is better. What kind of sucks with SoM is that they only have three studio albums, but they have so much more material than that. Luckily they have compilation albums (I still need to get Some Girls Wander By Mistake!). I'm a studio album person, so it kind of annoys me when bands don't put all their stuff on albums (I'm looking at you, Joy Division / New Order!), but with Sisters of Mercy it's fine, since it's not THAT much.

Those were my thoughts, and I'd love to hear yours! I love hearing people's special relationships with music, from how they discovered it, to what they associate it with, and other things. Music is a huge part of my life (I guess you can tell from the amount of album reviews I've done now), and I love to share it with other people. If you haven't heard this album yet, do it now! It's definitely a classic in the goth community. If you're getting into Sisters of Mercy, maybe the compilation albums are good as a first taste of them, but I'd say if you can, get all of them! Cause you're gonna get hooked - I definitely did. SoM is probably my favorite goth rock band, mostly because I always sing along to their songs. Sure, many bands have that atmosphere that gives me that certain feeling I associate with goth, but if I can feel it, dance to it AND sing to it, perfect! And that's what Sisters of Mercy is to me.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

First And Last And Always - The Sisters Of Mercy Review

Today I'm going to review another classic album, from 1985 - I feel like I've reviewed a lot of albums from around then, but I guess that's when great music was made! So this is The Sisters Of Mercy's first studio album. I love them, so I will probably review their two other studio albums after this. Their first two are definitely great classic goth rock albums. I know, Eldritch would probably smack me if he read this, but whatever! We all know that the ultimate stage of gothness is denial ;)
Anyway, let's travel back in time into the darkness and enjoy this album!

Black Planet
Immediately gives me a good retro vibe. I love the guitar (love you, Wayne)! Eldritch's booming voice sounds lovely, though the lyrics are just okay. I guess kind of typical goth lyrics, haha. But you always have to sing along with the chorus!

Walk Away
Again, love the guitar in this! It makes me think of what The Mission will create shortly after. I guess the lyrics are slightly better in this one, and the chorus is definitely even more catchy.

No Time To Cry
Instantly recognizable intro. Now this I can say I like the lyrics too! An overall pretty well made song.

A Rock And A Hard Place
I don't think I can say enough how much I love the guitars - I love Wayne Hussey too much. Good lyrics, and definitely a great chorus! It's pretty good, and probably a little underrated.

Marian (Version)
Oh my fucking god I love this song. It's been one of my favorites from early on, and I definitely think it's underrated! I was lucky enough to hear this when I saw The Mission at WGT this year - I cried. Again, great guitars, but the lyrics are just absolutely beautiful. It gives me shivers! Wayne Hussey also released his own version of it pretty recently, which is much calmer, which fits, though I like this version better - simply cause it's goth rock. Also, the german verse gives it that extra oomph!

First And Last And Always
Ah, the twinkly guitar! The lyrics are okay, but for this to be the title track, it's not that good. There are much better songs on this album!

This one is a little different, this has piano, and the guitars aren't that prominent (though still good further back in the mix). The lyrics, though... No thank you, haha. When I listen to this I just zone out and drown out his voice, mostly listening to the piano.

Nine While Nine
Another song that you instantly recognize from the first note of the guitar - and then the drums come in and you just want to dance! It's one of those perfect goth dance songs. The lyrics are okay I guess, but I have to say there's too much of them. It doesn't really need them, I feel with this instrumental. But like some of the other songs I just drown out what he's singing, haha.

Amphetamine Logic
And then we go into another dancy song! I like the chorus.

Some Kind Of Stranger
Is it only me, or do I get a kind of.. underwater vibe off of this song? Hey, this should be on Floodland! The lyrics are kind of gooey, but I don't really mind. Anyway, the instrumentals are good, and the synth is a great touch. I think the last part of the song is beautiful (lol), and a great way to end the album.

I have the 2006 re-issue CD, so I have the bonus tracks that make it 30 minutes longer, but I'm not going to bother to review those. I think the original tracklisting is great, and most importantly, it ends well - I hate it when albums don't. Though with the CD you go from Some Kind Of Stranger to Poison Door, which is much louder and more upbeat, so it kind of smacks you in the face.

Anyway, the album itself is great, it has many great and classic songs that most goths love and sing along to all the time (or am I just speaking for myself here?). I love this incarnation of Sisters Of Mercy, together they made some really good music! The lyrics aren't perfect, but when it comes to goth, they often aren't. To me at least it's the feeling the music gives me that makes me love it.

So that's what I think of it! I'm sure most of you reading this have heard this album, but if *gasp* you haven't (I guess babybats wanting to get into goth), go listen to it right now! I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm going to put on Floodland now and review that, so be sure to check back for that!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Substance - Inside New Order by Peter Hook Review

Lazily copied this from my Goodreads review:

Wow, that was quite a journey! Almost 30 years compiled into one book, which explains why it's over 700 pages long - So I spent a while reading it. Prior to this I read The Hacienda (review here), and before that Unknown Pleasures - Inside Joy Division (review here). Those were really fun reads, and so was this, but this takes you on a huge rollercoaster.

After Ian Curtis' death, the rest of Joy Division decide to go on as New Order. This book tells you the entire story; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the utterly insane! Just like in his other two books, Peter Hooks tells the story like he's your friend right there with you. He pretty much leaves nothing out! All the crazy stories from tours which I loved reading - Especially when he mentions other celebrities. He also tells a lot about his own personal life - women, family, his struggles. He didn't go as deep into that in his other books, and it made me feel really connected to him with this book.
He also includes funny top ten (or accidentally more) lists, album track by tracks, and useful timelines. There's also 3 sets of glossy pages of color photographs in the book.

Even though this is a brick of a book, it's not that hard to get through because of the writing style and the way it's built up. So I definitely recommend reading this book if you're a fan of Joy Division / New Order / Peter Hook!

While I was reading this I also had the pleasure of seeing him play a Joy Division set live! An amazing opportunity I never thought I'd get. Plus, on my birthday he followed me on Instagram!

What an awesome guy. Hooky forever!

Click here to buy the book!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Phantasmagoria - The Damned Review

I have finally obtained this album! I've adored it for years, but for some reason it's hard to find on CD here in Norway. Last month I finally found it! I also ordered a bunch of other CDs along with it, so there will be a bunch of album reviews up in the near future.
So this album is probably not what most people think of when you say The Damned (well, maybe in the goth community). They are a punk band, but we all know that Dave Vanian is goth as fuck. I'm not sure if he was heavily in charge of this album, but it does seem like it. The album is very gothic!
Also fun fact: The model on the cover is Nick Cave's wife!
I'm just going to review the main nine songs of the album. I have the double disc deluxe edition, but it's mostly remixes and stuff, so I'm not going to bother.

Street Of Dreams
The album starts off with a sexy saxophone, before exploding into a pretty grand atmosphere. Oh I just adore Dave Vanian's deep voice. I love the vocal melody, it's so easy to sing along to. The backing vocals and instruments back it up really well, giving the song a great atmosphere. It's not your classic goth rock song, but I like that it's different! I love the sexy more quiet part and the over the top outro. It's such a grand song overall, but without being too much!

Shadow Of Love
That sound at the very beginning is kind of weird, but the rest of the intro I love. The vocals and instruments work together really well in this. I especially love the twinkly guitar! So I sing along to that too, in addition to the lyrics. The other day me and Simen were kind of making fun of the line ''I experience the most exquisite pain'' - cause it's such a squeeze to sing! The rest works really well though. It fades out well, although too soon!

There'll Come A Day
This song starts off more straightforward, and has really cool keyboards. I absolutely adore the chorus on this! Did I mention how much I love Dave Vanian's voice? I don't think I can say that enough. He was also really adorable around that time!

Sanctum Sanctorum
This is the longest song of the album, starting off with a mostly instrumental atmospheric masterpiece of an intro. You feel like you're inside a gothic church while there's a storm outside. Then it calms down to piano and Dave Vanian's lovely voice and sweet lyrics. It rises for the chorus, and then calms down again to a little bit of that same atmosphere from the start. The next verse has strings added. The outro is lovely. Overall it's a very beautiful song, and leaves you with a great feeling.

Is It A Dream
Then you immediately perk up to this great song! The lyrics are kind of silly, but I like it! Really fun to sing along to. I also love the solo. It's a shame the song is so short! It feels kinda poppy because of it.

Grimly Fiendish
And then we jump into another fun song! Who doesn't love to sing along to ''bad-lad-bad-boy''?

Edward The Bear
More saxophone! This one is different, Dave Vanian doesn't sing on this one. Kind of weird lyrics, with a really obvious english accent, haha. But the chorus is easy to sing along to, and the instrumental parts fit well with the other songs on the album.

The Eighth Day
A beautiful intro! And immediately back to Dave Vanian's voice. Another fun sing-along chorus. The reason why I love this album extra much is the lovely melodic vocals (and backing vocals)! There's some great guitar-work on this song too.

A decent instrumental piece, but not quite my style, so probably my least favorite song on the album. I like it much better from when the saxophone comes in. I think I'm glad this isn't the end of my edition, cause that would have been a little boring when the rest of the album is so fantastic.

So while I listen to all the bonus tracks, let's summarize! The instrumental work on this album is absolutely excellent and unique. While it's not your typical goth rock, it's definitely gothic! It has a great atmosphere. Then we also have the upbeat melodies and vocals that makes you sing along, and that's a huge bonus for me! Atmosphere and melodic vocals is what I appreciate the most in music, so when something has both, I absolutely love it!
I don't think I could compare this album to anything else, it's so unique. It doesn't really sound very 80's, goth rock or punk. But I'm sure fans of that type of music would like this album! Hell, maybe even other people who aren't used to dark music. This is probably a good starter album for getting into gothic music. And even if you're not a punk fan, I definitely recommend checking out The Damned's other albums! I'm not really into punk, but I like them. Probably mostly thanks to Dave Vanian. So check out this album if you haven't already! You won't regret it.
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