Sunday, August 27, 2017

Concert Weekend

My weekend has been spent going to shows! Thursday I went to Hulen to see Heather, and they were great! If you like type The Birthday Party, you should definitely check them out! Isak sounds just like Nick Cave, I swear to you, it's amazing. Their clicky-links: Facebook Soundcloud Spotify Instagram 

Quick selfie before seeing Mayhem

This weekend Bergen has hosted the festival Beyond The Gates - this year's edition called Bjørgvin Black Mass. This is the first year where they have expanded from Garage to Verftet as well. I bought my ticket almost a year ago, when it was announced that Mayhem would play De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and Enslaved would play Vikingr Veldi - and that's what I ended up seeing. I honestly didn't know the other bands playing, so I took my time and didn't show up until a short while before they played.

The last time I saw Mayhem was in Stavanger around 5 years ago, and I was honestly disappointed. Everyone says they're either hit or miss live, so with this setlist I was expecting a hit - and I was right! They had an awesome stageshow and performance, and it was great hearing DMDS live.
Fun fact: I was born the same year as that album came out (1994) - I'm a little baby.

On saturday me, Sandra and Emma went to Verftet at noon to see screenings of an upcoming Enslaved documentary and one about BlekkMetal, an event that happened here a couple of years ago - I was in it for a few seconds, haha! This documentary can only be seen at screenings (this being the first screening in Europe), so we had to go. I also can't wait to see the Enslaved documentary when it comes out, Grutle and Ivar are the cutest and so hilarious.

Shortly before Enslaved
(Decided to not be like everyone else and wear a Mayhem shirt this day)

I forget how short gigs are when they play an album! But it was great. For me, Enslaved has kind of become what bands like Taake are for me, a band that plays here all the time that I don't bother to see anymore. But I love them! So I think I have to make sure to go to their release concert for their next album.

Even though I only saw two bands at Beyond The Gates, I still had a great time! Basically everyone in the Bergen black metal scene was there - band members and fans alike all over the place. I also noticed a lot of tourists (blackpackers), which always fascinates me. 

Oh, and I also got myself some merch! On friday I realized I needed to go home and check what I owned, cause I couldn't remember. So before Enslaved I got myself Venom, Immortal and Cradle of Filth patches, as well as some Cradle albums I for some reason didn't have. Now I think I can fill up the back of my leather jacket! I can't fit a regular backpatch on there, so I think 7 smaller ones will fit nicely on the center back. I still need more black metal patches, though! I'll probably show you an update later on when I get them on there.

Also, next week we're moving, so I might be a little quiet on here - But I have written a draft of a basic goth wardrobe post that I can probably find the time to finish and post before next weekend.
If you want, I can probably take pictures of our new apartment once we've settled in! Other than that, I'll keep on with the album reviews - I'm gonna review some The Cure next. So until next time, take care!

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