Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm 23!

One of the first things I woke up to was Peter Hook following me on Instagram! How's that for a birthday present? I did my make-up with the Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette that my sister gave me the day before (make sure to check out my last post!). I love it! See more looks below.

Simen was nice and picked me up from work so I could transform before Sandra arrived.

Work look:
Blazer - DIY
Modded Aeternus shirt - Gig
Oriental tights - Bat Attack / Xtrax / EMP

Evening look:
Dress - H&M
Fishnets - Leg Avenue
Boots - Demonia

Sandra presented me with this silly wrapped present!
Inside was this Adventure Time mug

And this card! She managed to top the classic Immortal one, hahah!
Posing it with my lovely candle of Fantoft stave church.

And lastly, this album, which I for some reason didn't have!
My likes are all over the place, can you tell?

Then we went to Royal Gourmetburger & Gin!
I had never been, so it was time to try it out.
Ordered a chocolate milkshake with Baileys.
It came with sour apple pop rocks!

My boring burger and fries, but I like it that way.

A fancy drink at Ujevnt called Into The Void!
So I overall had a pretty nice day. I don't really care about celebrating my birthday, but I guess it's an excuse to do SOMETHING. And I got to wear my new dress! I basically only wear dresses for birthdays. They're nice, but they're so simple, so if I want to REALLY dress up, I do something more ''complicated'', that's more me. It's kind of a pet peeve of mine when I get the compliment ''nice dress'', cause I get that all the time - but every time I hear it, I'm not wearing a dress. I put more thought into my outfit than that!

Chocolate Chip look 2!
The day after I got to wear my dress again, as we were invited out to dinner.
We had burgers AGAIN, and went out for drinks after again. It was nice!

Chocolate Chip look 3.
This didn't last long, cause I got an awful coughing fit on the bus and cried it into a mess. I couldn't breathe and was sweating a lot so I had to just get off the bus. I probably looked great in front of everyone on the bus and all the tourists on Bryggen. So yeah, I'm still sick. Fuck you flu.
Simen's dad came to town, so we went out for asian food. This week has been pretty busy, so this weekend I've been taking it easy so I hopefully can shake off the last bits of this flu. I don't really WANT to take it easy, especially since we're moving pretty soon. So I've still been doing stuff around the house, packed, dyed my hair, written blog posts, read and played games. I'm just a person who likes to do a million things at once, and the flu doesn't work well with that. Oh well, I'll live.


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